Papa John’s CEO Apologizes and Vows to Move the Company Forward

Steve Ritchie, CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, has stepped up to the plate to offer an apology for its past leadership. He makes it clear that offensive and insensitive language have no place at the company. Papa John’s has 120,000 franchise team members and corporate employees. The company’s employees come from all backgrounds and are committed to making sure the company provides the best pizza service.

These owners and employees are also active in their own communities. This is why rallying everyone around a common cause of customer service is so important to Steve Ritchie as per As a result, the following actions are taking place.

  1. Papa John’s will rely on the insights and advice of outside experts who can help audit the company’s culture. This can help identify strong or weak areas of the company.
  1. Papa John’s is sending their senior management team on the road to listen and learn. This is a major attempt to keep the company moving in the right direction.
  1. Papa John’s will embrace transparency at every step along the way. The company wants everyone to know what happens when it happens.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s will lead the efforts to regain the nation’s trust. He knows that earning damaged trust is always a challenge. Steve Ritchie also knows that Papa John’s is only in business as long as they can continue to provide stellar services to customers. Steve Ritchie feels that an apology works best when it is given point-blank. People like to know that an apology comes from the heart, and there is no better way to give one than to give it directly. Ritchie said that he will be rolling out a diversity training to its employees.

Steve Ritchie has also made it clear that Papa John’s is far bigger than just one person. Ritchie believes in accountability and is committed to leading the way. His actions mark a turning point for the company. Hopefully there will not be another misstep that takes the company off track.

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Facts About Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser

Unless you have tried Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser, you will not understand the overwhelming hype of this skincare product. Personally, there is satisfaction when using this highly recommended Ceramic Slip — say goodbye, pesky pores. This cleanser gets down to the nitty-gritty unlike most cleansers. The price point is even affordable for the amount of product (30 ml) that you receive.

You will easily fall in love with this Sunday Riley cleanser whenever and wherever you need to cleanse your face. The convenient packaging allows you to transport it wherever your daily adventures may take you. The simple ingredients include neroli — an essential oil aiding in a quench of hydration. Being recently revamped, Ceramic Slip contains only necessary ingredients for even healthier skin.

Sunday Riley offers subscription boxes that include the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser. This subscription box allows you to try out the cleanser for a fraction of the price — along with multiple other high-quality, beneficial products as well. The $300 retail cost of the subscription box is only $95.00. The wellness edition 2018 includes the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser as well as other energy and natural health products.

Ceramic Slip has not always been for all skin types; it used to be catered only to us oily-skin gals. Now all skin types from dry-to-oily may benefit from the clay cleanser by Sunday Riley. Finding a holy grail cleanser takes a lot of time and money; however, this Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser will blow you away with its deep-pore minimizing technology. If you suffer from sensitive skin, try this product. You will not be left disappointed like you are from most other harsh facial cleaners. Sunday Riley is a growing brand, and we will likely see it thriving more and more each year once others finally discover the heavenly goodness.

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Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade’s Idea Alters the Course of Brazil’s Automotive Sector

The Brazilian automobile sector had always below per with most of its citizens relying on imported products but Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade sought to change this. During a 2012 interview with a popular car talk radio show TV program host, Boris Feldman, Dr. Carlos promised to help rewrite the history of Brazil’s automotive sector.


Like most Brazilians, Borris though the idea of manufacturing the different components in-house and assembling it in the country a farfetched one, a pipe dream. But Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade had a plan that involved copying the plans of an existing car model from the market and tweaking to come up with a more efficient engine, similar to what Koreans did to Japan car models.

Boris Feldman goes on to admit that Dr. Carlos has since proved him and numerous other Brazilians wrong by taking over Cherry, maintaining good rapport with his Chinese associates and seeing to the continuation of the production of his models in Jacarei and Annapolis as well as those of Hyundai. The medical doctor by profession has gone on to succeed in a field that Chinese companies and other local brands like such as Puma, Mario Araripe and many others tried and failed.

According to Dr. Carlos, this success couldn’t have been possible were it not for the continued dedication of his team at the CAOA company. Their input has seen the brand emerge as the largest manufacturer and distributor of automobiles in Brazil and Latin America.

About CAOA

The CAOA was established in 1979. It started off relatively small but the past four decades that have seen it experience exponential growth in operation capacity, allowing it to supply over one million cars to the Brazilian market. Today, thanks to Dr. Carlos visionary leadership, the company has an extensive network of dealerships throughout the country. As per, it has been the sole importer of Hyundai and Subaru car models into the country. Most of the CAOA operations are centered on their Anápolis (GO) assembly plant where it produces the Tucson SUV’s, IX35, and Tucson car brands.

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Victoria Doramus Finds Success As Creative Marketing Professional

As a professional marketing consultant, Victoria Doramus knows that it takes a lot of hard work and preparation in order to succeed within her field. Doramus has worked at some of the highest levels of her industry and she has collaborated with some of the brightest minds in the field today. Doramus has worked for Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics and even the iconic Hollywood director, Peter Berg. As a graduate from the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO, Doramus came to her field with plenty of education and preparation. Let’s learn about Doramus in order to see how she has turned into the successful entrepreneur that she is today.

Working as an entrepreneur means that you always need to be prepared to take down a concept in order to put it into reality. For Doramus, this concept takes the form of a hand-written list that she carries with her everywhere that she goes. Doramus made an explicit decision to make this list handwritten rather than digital because the act of writing is at once old school and more memory defining. You don’t easily forget the things that you write down, but can you remember the last text message that you sent?

Even though Doramus has had plenty of success in her career, there have still been times where she fell short of her own standards and ambitions. Doramus believes that failure is important and she believes that, more important than failing, you have to learn to take responsibility for yourself when you come up short. Once you acknowledge that you’ve failed, you can grow from the experience. Along with that same tangent, Doramus wishes she could go back in time in order to advocate for her younger self to be more confident in life and to slow down and take time to appreciate the little things.

Outside of her work in the marketing field, Doramus is active as a philanthropist. Doramus dedicates both her time and her money toward supporting the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room To Read and the Women’s Prison Association among other things. Doramus believes that her philanthropy is a huge part of her career and finds it incredibly important to her work.

Marc Beer Uses Renovia to Help People

When Marc Beer started working with Renovia, he knew there were things he could do that would make the company better. He also knew he could do different things that would allow him to increase the revenue so he could make more money for the business. Since he started working with Renovia, he’s had the chance to reach out and help more people than ever before. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn


Funding is an important part of any company, but it’s especially important for companies that might struggle to make money. Medical companies and other businesses that don’t have the ability to start profiting immediately might need some help with funding. Marc Beer knew this and also knew he could make more out of the business if he helped with funding. He learned all the financial ins and outs of running a business and applied those to Renovia. By doing this, he set the company up for success in the future.


Incontinence is a serious issue and it has an effect on people all throughout the world. Marc Beer knows this and pushes to make sure Renovia is available to those who need it. As a solution for incontinence, there are many things the device can give back to people who previously struggled. Marc Beer wants to make sure people have access to the device when they need it so there are fewer worries about what they’re able to do and how they’re able to handle different situations. Learn more:


Thanks to Marc Beer’s hard work, the company has grown exponentially since he started working there. He knows what he can do to help people and how he can make a difference for all of them. He also knows there are opportunities he has that others might not be able to have since he spent so much time learning about the business and learning how to run a business. For Marc Beer, the point of doing this is so he can make things easier for people who need the device and who need to make things better. It’s his goal to continue growing the company the way he has since starting with them.


As Marc Beer continues on this path of growth with Renovia, he has big plans for the future of the company. Marc Beer knows what people want and plans to give them all the options that might help them in the future. By doing this, Marc Beer gives himself the options that might make it easier to come up with solutions for other problems like incontinence. There are many ways Marc Beer plans to bring attention to these issues while also helping other people realize they have someone who cares about the problems going on in the medical community.


Jacob Gottlieb back to investment with Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb is a successful investor in the healthcare sector. He is popular for leading one of the most successful investment firms in the country known as Visium Asset Management. Jacob Gottlieb is a mogul in the healthcare investment sector. He is now back in the industry after maintaining a low professional profile for the past few years. He has created another firm known as Altium Capital. Gottlieb was the Chief Investment Officer of Visium. Altium Capital is the form that will see him come back into the industry after spending the last couple of years shutting down the operations of Visium that was hit by allegations of insider dealings. Several rogue fund managers engaged in activities that contravened the regulations leading to an inquest by the SEC. During the Struggle, Jacob Gottlieb managed to come out unscathed. He was not involved in any way in the activities of the rogue employees.

Jacob Gottlieb wanted to be an investor from an early age. He made his first attempt in the industry while in his teenage, he won a stock investment contest that was held in his school. He received great support from his parents who were professionals in the healthcare and economic. He was also a very hard working young man. He tried his best and pursued education with a passion.

Jacob Gottlieb graduated with a degree in economics from Brown University and later an M.D from the New York University Medical School. He had interests in medicine and found an internship opportunity with the St. Vincent’s Hospital. He later realized that medicine was not what he really wanted to do with his life. He decided to use the knowledge in something else. He moved to Wall Street and started a career as a financial expert in the field of healthcare.


End Citizens United on Election Reforms

In 2010, the Supreme Court verdict is what brought the new perspective in politics. Part of the ruling of the court that read “corporations are people” is part of what raised the political temperature, and End Citizens United could not sit at the back and see the manipulation of election systems. The court’s declaration meant that organizations and groups would use the money to buy the elections for particular gains. Also, the usage of money and its source could not be questioned, which was a clear indication that the U.S. elections would no longer be democratic.

End Citizens United came into existence on March 1st, 2015 to prevent substantial political funding trend which had the hidden agendas in the country’s electoral system. As per the verdict, those favored and voted, would, in turn, favor certain groups and organizations that boosted their campaigns financially. ECU is financed not by huge funds, but through simple donations by supporters of democracy at the ground. Visit their page on Facebook.

End Citizens United is dedicated that apart from attempting to stop Citizen’s United, there was also the need to stop pro-reform politicians from being elected and bring to an end the act of dishing out money in politics. ECU has supported pro-reform Democrats to date, and that’s not going well with the critics.

End Citizens want it to come to an end so that they can support candidates who only target the non-financed reforms. For Republican or Independent candidates who are against the buying of elections, End Citizens United is ready to support them. In the group’s website, supporters can see what the committee does, and that includes the news of the organization.

Besides, End Citizens United has a page for candidates who advocate for pro-reforms and a contributions page. In the site, there are clear directions on how to stop the activities of Citizens United. ECU supporters can create private groups in social media, share the messages in their websites or use other platforms to stand with the anti-pro-reform candidates who should be elected. Today, ECU prides in bringing vital changes in the United States electoral system, whereby the changes have been boosted recently by renown politicians joining the movement.



Borrowing a leaf from Guilherme Paulus’ Journey to the Top

The award winning entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus is a man full of ambition and zeal to succeed in anything he does. He has been able to establish a business empire based in the hotelier industry. Guilherme has made this possible through his company GJP Hotels and Resorts. This is a hotel chain company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company started off small and has been able to grow immensely over the years to become the largest hotel chain in Brazil. Other than that, Guilherme runs CVC Brasil Operadora, a tour company based in Brazil.

In an interview with Inspirery, Guilherme Paulus talked about his journey, investments and his personal life. During the interview, Guiherme revealed that the co-founder of CVC Brasil Operadora, Carlos Vicente, came up with the idea of establishing the tour company. Guilherme explained that the two met in a ship and Carlos proposed the idea. Since Guilherme did not have the funds, the two agreed that Guilherme would put in the work and Carlos Vicente the investment.

Mr Paulus, a man who starts his day by giving thanks, stated that the use of technology to manage his daily activities is one trend that excites him. Guilherme said that one thing that makes him more productive as a business man is engaging with his customers and employees. Mr Paulus stated that he occasionally uses Google to research. In conclusion, Guilherme Paulus is a self-driven investor motivated by the quote “Prizes are my rewards, obstacles are my challenges.”

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949. After completing his high school studies, he joined college and studied business administration. It was after that that he decided to venture into tourism. After years in the industry Guilherme became a member of the National Tourism Council.In 2005, he merged his business skills and the experience he had gained while working in the tourism industry and founded GJP Hotels and Resorts, a powerhouse in the Brazilian Hotel industry. Due to his impeccable entrepreneurial skills, Guilherme was recognized as the Entrepreneur of the year in 2017.

The American Institute of Architects and Robert Ivy

The American Institute of Architects is a professional organization based in Washington D.C. of the United States. It serves as an entity to help architects enhance their knowledge, skills and career prospects. With the American Institute of Architects, professionals in this field will have the opportunity to learn more about a number of important issues about architecture. These issues include the environment, immigration and building regulations. There are a number of benefits to joining a professional organization such as the American Institute of Architects. Professionals in this field are able to enhance their credibility and recognition in the field as well as get involved in more networking opportunities. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy is one of the top leaders of the American Institute of Architects. Ivy took over the as the chief executive officer of the organization in 2011. Since joining the AIA, Robert Ivy has proven to be a highly effective leader. As the chief executive officer, Robert Ivy has helped expand the organization to multiple countries all over the world. This has helped increase the awareness of the organization as well as expanding its influence in the field. On a daily basis, Robert participates in setting goals and developing policies to make sure that the American Institute of Architects remains as one of the leading professional organizations in the world. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Before Robert Ivy became the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects, he was involved in the media field. He spent many years in both writing and editing. As a writer, Robert Ivy would compose new articles about the newest trends in the architecture field. This allowed him to educate and inform a number of professionals and enthusiasts in the field. After a while, Robert became an editor in chief for major architecture publications. As an editor, Robert participated in the evaluations and publishing of architecture articles about some of the key topics of the field. Prior to starting his career, Robert completes a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University. This gave him the fundamental knowledge to be both a practicing architect and also a journalist in the field.


A Guide To Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

One of the most caring, compassionate and well-trained plastic surgeons in the city of Dallas is Sameer Jejurikar. This particular man works at the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and he has provided a number of services via medical-aesthetics. Dr. Jejurikar attained his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School. After graduating from this institution, he would relocate to New York City to work at Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. This phenomenal doctor has put in up to two decades worth of actual work, and he has received the Most Compassionate Doctor certification.

In addition to his work at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, he also provides his services at Pine Creek Medical Center and at Dallas Medical Center. This man is always on the go. Dr. Jejurikar has a high rating on numerous medical-related charts, and he has co-authored many successful publications. Thanks to being so ambitious and passionate for this particular subject, Jejurikar has obtained a medical license in a number of states, including Michigan, New York and Texas. On top of that, he has been certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

What more could anyone ever want in a plastic surgeon? It would be extremely hard trying to find another plastic surgeon who’s as caring as this guy. Jejurikar has a long list of happy patients, and everyone one of them will attest to these claims. For those who aren’t ready to undergo medical-aesthetic procedures, Dr. Jejurikar has a line of medical-grade products that proficiently erases the signs of aging.