Securus Technologies; a leading Justice Technology Service Provider

When it comes to criminal and civil justice technology solutions, I would say that Securus technologies are best suited for the job. Securus is entirely dedicated to enhancing maintenance of law and order so as to ensure that the innocent are well protected. As a result of empowering legislation and law, Securus technologies have proven to be among the best service providers when it comes to corrections, investigation as well as monitoring facilities which are used in prison.

We all know that keeping in touch with family and friends is vital, even if they may have crossed paths with the law enforcement personnel. Also, the security of family as well as friends within the prisons is of utmost importance. Personally, I feel that Securus Technologies have shown dedication when it comes to keeping inmates, the society, parole officers as well as families safe. As a beneficiary of the services offered by Securus Technologies, I can certify that their technology as well as modes of operation is very efficient.

As a law enforcement officer, it has been my duty to ensure that everything in the prisons functions accordingly. In prisons, things such as phones as well as contrabands are prohibited. Apart from preventing such goods from finding their way into the prisons, Securus Technologies also offer a communication system that allows the prisoners to keep in touch with their families and friends.

The technology provided by the Securus is of a quality standard to the extent that even the calls made are recorded. A continuous form of information filtering is also put in place. All the information that goes in and out of the prisons is always monitored. Hence, as a law enforcement officer, the technology has proved to be of great significance. I have been able to uphold the law and also maintain order, thanks to Securus. As a result, safety and security have been among the major things that I have been upholding.

The technology firm has also been able to enhance the area of investigations. The forms of the research carried out by the company have attained a high-quality standard. As a result, securities in jails, as well as illegal smuggling of contrabands are monitored in an effective manner. I have been able to interact hand in hand with the services offered, and I must say that I am very contented. I highly recommend Securus Technology as the service provider of choice when it comes to enhancing security in jails. Securus Technologies should keep up with the good work.

Timothy Armour Leads Capital Group

Timothy Armour has a lot of experience in management and investment. He has over thirty years of expertise in the field of investment.

He is the current Chief Executive Office of Capital Group. Because of his advanced leadership skills, he can work with other great leaders to ensure that the company succeeds and it can achieve its missions.

With great leaders such as Rob Lovelace and president Phil de Toledo, they will all carry the undertakings of the group and guide it to the required level. Armour has had to dedicate his time and energy to achieve such success. He began his vocation with the Capital Group in 1983.

He began from a humble beginning as the Associate. He worked hard and finally took over as the chairman when James Rothenberg died in July 2015. He was the former director, and demise gave way to other talents such as Tim Armour. James Rothenberg was also a dedicated leader and served the company in 1970 and was the one who helped the company to be known globally. Timothy Armour was in a good working relationship with the former chairman, and he was hard saying that they were all deeply grieved by the death of the colleague and mentor. In another statement, Armour was also clear that the success of the company came from the effort of everyone who worked as a staff.

With the dedicated team and strong leadership, he is sure that they are going to make it. The capital group is a company that was launched in Los Angeles, California in 1931 and it has served people for a long time. It is known as the oldest and yet largest investment company in the world. Apart from the United States, it has other officers across the world in cities such as Tokyo, Sydney, and London. They are working strategically even after the death of their chairman and currently had a deal with Samsung Asset Management and wants a collaboration on global investment and asset management products for the market of Korea.

The two companies have two areas where they will focus their attention. They include; products supervision, investment administration, support for distribution and retirement organization. Armour was heard saying that the Korean market faced challenges that are statistical and there was a financial requirement because its population was aging. The company intends to help Korean market to co-design the results of investment. Capital Group has to be rated excellently by global analysts, including private analysts such as Yang who gave the company an A rating.

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Cyber-bullying Victims Get Lasting Help from Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management offers a wide array of services to a variety of clients. With the uptick in cyber-bullying incidents occurring, these victims are now finding vital help from online reputation management and repair companies. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Glass, China, and Reputation, are easily cracked, and never well mended.” But with the help of online reputation management, victims of cyber-attacks are getting a change to mend their reputations in cyberspace.

The internet is making the term global community an everyday reality. The importance of a person’s reputation is one of the most valuable commodities they can have. According to an article published by, a negative report online can restrict future earnings from jobs and severely impact social life. Oftentimes when you first meet someone it is a habit to check them out online. More and more companies are relying on the internet to help narrow down the field of job candidates. Cyber-bullying has made it so the character of the person seen on the web is a grotesque parody of who they are. It can be difficult to track who is behind a malicious post or opinion online and that fact means many act with impunity to damage others. Some twisted individuals almost see it as a sport to disparage an upstanding citizen or business. No more is there innocent until proven guilty, now it is innocent until searched. Even a flash in the pan story can be the lasting thing people see when they look up information online. The contamination can spread its tendrils all over the world leaving the victim with very little recourse to defend themselves. Their reputation is continually eroded with each click. The only way to contain this damage and expunge the internet record is through professional help.

Online reputation management companies use several tactics to combat cyber bullies. They can work with companies to get malicious content out of the limelight. They also can help rebuild a reputation by promoting positive stories about their clients. By giving their clients a chance to tell their story they take away the microphone from cyberbullies and allow the victims to be heard.


U.S. Money Reserve And Updating The Site

Online businesses always need to update their sites so that they can continue to provide great experience to the user and customers. While many webmasters would be content to just updating the content on their site, every once in a while, there needs to be a complete overhaul of the site. For one thing, there are plenty of advancements being made in technology. Therefore, it is important for the webmaster to take advantage of the available technology in order to bring forth the best possible experience to the user. Other websites are constantly updating with the technology as well. So it is important to keep with the competition.


U.S. Money Reserve is one of the companies that have updated its website. It has given everything an overhaul. One of the first things that one would notice about the new website is that the color scheme and the overall look of the site is a lot different than before. Also, the display of the commodities on the site are more animated than before. The images of the commodities being traded are also a lot clearer and with better detail. This gives customers a better look at the items they are going to be investing in.


However, the most important aspect of the site that should be considered when updating it is how easy it is to use. When users have an easy time navigating a site, they are going to be more inclined to return to the site as opposed to leaving for good. There are many ways that websites are updated. In some cases, a lot of the main pages of the site are updated with some of the pages retaining the earlier form of the website.


One of the best reasons to update a site is to maintain its status on search engines. Search spiders examine the site in order to give an overall experience of the site. While great visuals are helpful, the most important thing is going to be the content and what the site offers the user. The better sites that offer users what they want are going to rank higher for the keywords used.

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Reputation Management Is Important In Today’s Business Environment

Are you in need of expert reputation management service? Do you want to take control of your online reputation and build a successful business? If you want to ensure protection of your brand image and achieve the success you desire, it is highly recommended that you have a reliable online reputation management system.

Today, there are countless people around surfing the Internet for information as well as details regarding a wide array of subjects, including details regarding individuals, business and locations. Do you like how you are presented to potential customers and other Internet users?

It can be exceptionally frustrating to get up someday as well as find maligning statements appearing online, particularly when the posts or remarks include horrendous accusations as well as slanderous or even disparaging remarks. Also even worse, the adverse content or testimonials are generally on sites that appear in top placements in online search engine, so people performing a search on the business or company owner will probably see them.

A bad testimonial, or bad comment, can hurt your opportunities for attracting clients and customers, while a positive evaluation can produce massive sales as well as increase income in your company. It is suggested by to take proactive actions to make certain that only beneficial web content regarding your company is shown online while any kind of adverse evaluations are pushed down to where potential consumers and clients could not view them.

Currently your excellent name or profile can get tainted by individuals you don’t even recognize or cannot know their whereabouts. Whether the statements or remarks are true or not, these bad search results are damaging to your online reputation. It is extremely important that you enlist the services of well-established online reputation management professionals.

Look for a firm that has a team of highly experienced and dedicated reputation management professionals. A reliable team of experts will take the time to evaluate your current situation and then work closely with you to determine the best approach for your online reputation management system. A good team will help you maintain an impressive reputation.

Benefits of Cleansing Conditioners

Cleansing conditioners are great for people that enjoy using products that are two-in-one. They can be used combined with a regular shampoo or instead of a traditional shampoos. They usually do not lather up as much because of the sulfate but rest assured that hair is well cleansed. If the product doesn’t lather up chances are that its sulfate-free. This would make the product healthier because of less chemicals. Anyone with damaged hair would be thrilled at the benefits of strengthened hair. The ability of the cleansing conditioners to protect colored hair without washing out dye is amazing.

People that use cleansing conditioners notice a difference in as little as two weeks. WEN conditioners are good for removing daily buildup on hair especially for people that workout daily or work in conditions that cause buildup on their hair. This type of product will protect the hair from the sun and not only are women using it but men are too. Los Angeles celebrity stylist Chaz Dean developed a Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner. This is a low-lathering conditioner that works well on all hair types. Its blend of cucumber extract, sweet almond oil, and aloe leaf juice are just the ingredients needed to strengthen hair and give it an amazing look and smell.

WEN conditioner is great because it won’t strip hair from its natural moisture plus is a detangler and leave-in conditioner. The hair is not only stronger but more manageable. Chaz Dean believes in a more holistic natural approach to hair care. He doesn’t believe in using developer with bleach or high levels of peroxide when coloring hair. He believes in educating clients and developing only the safest products for hair. Wen developed a passion for hair during his photography career. His passion blossomed into a professional career specializing in coloring and cutting hair.

While working in a salon, he also helped a very successful company develop their product line. This is where his interest of developing his own line came from. Chaz quickly climbed up the latter of success and became the manager of a Bel Air salon. He later purchased the salon and relocated his celebrity salon to Hollywood. It was there that he gave the salon a different name. He named the salon Chaz Dean Studio. His salon offers celebrities a place to escape the paparazzi in a professional atmosphere.

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How Does Nationwide Title Clearing Help Private Customers?

There are quite a few real estate investors in America who are renting homes they chose on their own. They create a profit from rent payments, and they may add homes or properties to their businesses at any time. The purchase of each property comes with a bit of trepidation that is associated with the title on the property, and this article explains how small investors may use Nationwide Title Clearing.


#1: Placing Online Orders


Nationwide Title Clearing takes online orders every day, and they read about the orders before they begin research on each new title. The orders placed in the system are titles that may be attached to potential purchases, and small investors must understand who currently owns the property. They may notice a claim on the property, and the claim must be cleared before the investor may make their purchase.


#2: Checking On Properties That Were Inherited


Inherited properties come with their own problems as they may not have been bought or sold under the proper terms. There may be properties that has multiple claims on a single title, and the titles must be cleared to the most-current information available. The titles may be adjusted using information provided by Nationwide, or they may do their own research on the property. There are quite a lot of interesting facts that may come to light, and the facts will change the nature of the title.


#3: Small Investors Need Not Wait


Small investors do not have much time to wait to hear about their cleared title. They know they must complete a sale or purchase as soon as possible, and the Nationwide staff ensures the investor does not wait for more than a few days. They may produce cleared titles in a shorter period of time when the titles are not complex. Their staff will move quickly to help each client, and they will save clients quite a lot of time and money by offering results faster than anyone else.


There is a report including all the research for the title for every customer, and the customers will find it much simpler to wait for a short amount of time while Nationwide does their work. They will know the nature of the title on every property, and they will never go into a sale or purchase uninformed. Nationwide Title Clearing’s online order system is perfect for those working on a small scale.

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The Early Life and Career Journey of John Goullet

John Goullet served as a computer consultant before switching to an IT staffing officer. Working as an IT staffing professional and computer consultant gave John a broad perspective in the world of IT staffing. Consequently, he founded his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies in 1994. At Info Technologies, Mr. Goullet focused on understanding the corporate IT staffing industry as well as specific clients’ needs. He would match the skills, personal attributes, and work style of his staff to build a strong team. Through his excellent efforts, Info Technologies grew to an award-winning organization, having ranked as one of the nation’s fastest growing enterprises.

Where did you find the idea of DIVERSANT?

Although John Goullet has been in business for over 22 years, he came across the idea of starting an IT staffing firm 24 years ago. It came after realizing that IT staffing was a low-barriers-to-entry industry. The fact that many people had succeeded in the industry before gave John Goullet faith that he could as well succeed.

How does John Goullet’s typical day look?

Mr. Goullet starts most of his days with workouts in the gym from 6 am to 7 am. After that he makes his way to the office by 8 am and leaves at 6 pm unless he has a dinner appointment.

How John Goullet brings ideas to life?

Mr. Goullet brings his innovative ideas to light by paying attention to the current market trends. Having realized that the U.S. does not graduate enough IT staffing professionals, Mr. Goullet embarked on starting an IT staffing firm to build a pipeline of IT staffing skills as required by the clients.

What is one trend that excites you?

The fact that technology is ever-evolving and an increasing part of the GDP excites John Goullet. As the demand for technology increases comes the need for technologists. Therefore, the future for Diversant is brighter as long as the firm commits to delivering the best IT staffing professionals to its clients. As the technology industry experiences drastic growth and increased competition for IT professionals, Diversant helps its customers to acquire the right IT professionals.



Thor Halvorrsen’s Fight For Justice

The fight against poverty does not end when an individual brings a meal to a homeless person. It does not end when justice is done against a fugitive. The conditions that caused this problem in the first place are still present. If an individual wants to fight against homelessness, starvation, or injustice, they need to address the conditions and the core of the problem. Thor Halvorrsen believes that it should start by addressing the government. Systems of government, such as capitalism and socialism, are not abstract thought experiments. They have true consequences. Having seen many of these consequences first hand in his native home of Venezuela, Halvorrsen has several reasons that he is adamantly opposed to socialism.11)

The Tax Rates Are Too High

When the government begins talking about several free benefits that the people are entitled to, what they are not telling them is that these benefits are not truly free. The government is essentially taking their money and purchasing something for them at an outrageously high price. It really is the ultimate sales pitch. If a manufacturer sold the product at these prices, the people would be appalled. But when the government says that it is free, the people gleefully oblige – until they are taxed into oblivion.

A Socialist Government Does Not Trust Its’ Own People

Often promising benefits for the poor, a socialistic government would be sending a powerful message to its’ people. They are not very charitable. They are not kind-hearted enough to donate money to the poor. They are not responsible enough to save their money so that they can give it away of their own will. The only way to help the poor is to take money from them by force. Halvorrsen finds this message disturbing. Rather than telling the people of the governmental benefits for the poor, they should be proclaiming the need for the average citizen to donate freely and provide resources for those in need.

These are but two of a host of problems that Halvorrsen has with a socialistic regime. A government that benefits its’ people is a government that trusts its’ people.

Former Atlanta Hawks owners file a lawsuit in Danny Ferry buyout

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment,(AHBE) LLC, has filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company. The former NBA franchise is accusing the insurance company of breach of contract.

The former owner of AHBE, Bruce Leveson was included in this lawsuit, however, the current owner, Tony Ressler, was not.

Claiming that it was insured for a policy for coverage for certain losses, ABHE have notice to AIG (The insurance Company) on April 2, 2015 that claims have been asserted by Ferry that believed it was covered.

The June 2015 Forbes covered buyout between Ferry and Hawks ended the 6 year relationship that began with an 18 million dollar contract. The sale of the franchise received approval two days after the buyout on June 24.

A spokesperson for the Hawks says that they are aware of the complaint and that the parties involved will no longer have connections to the Hawks Organization.

The amount of the claim is confidential, according to court documents. The lawsuit says that the the confidential limits of liability are enough to play ABHE’s claim. It also states that AIG is refusing to acknowledge the lawsuit.

Another 50 percent penalty is also being seeded to makeup for unpaid loss and attorney fees.

Bruce Levenson is the Atlanta Hawks Managing Partner. In 1977 United Communications group was founded by Levenson and Ed Peskowitz. Leveson was also one of the Shareholders of TechTarget. He worked there until 2012. Currently, Leveson and a partner founded DOT, a cookware company.

Bruce and is wife, Karen, are avid philanthropists, and have founded a group called The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.