Organo Gold is a market networking company that has a presence all over the world. The company specializes in premium teas and coffees that contain Ganoderma.

This unique ingredient is the backbone of the renowned Organo Gold products. According to the brand this key ingredient has been used since time immemorial in Asian cultures as a beneficial herb. It is defined as a type of a mushroom which is an adaptogen. The global network company avails premium products to their clients. It is these products that ensure that different people from all walks of life achieve balance, wellness, and freedom in their lives. These products are known to keep various conditions at bay and even assist the body in achieving the best balance. In addition to this, Organo Gold provides a flourishing business opportunity to the individuals who sell and stock it globally. View Organo Gold’s profile on


Organo Gold was started in 2008 by in Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand. The company’s products which include various beverages, personal care items, and nutrition items are available in more than 50 countries globally. Moreover, the brand has a customer’s program that promotes the products through discounts, samples of the products, shipping and sales.

The best part about being a distributor of Organo Gold distributor is that you get to have flexible hours of working. You also get the unique chance of getting a lucrative business opportunity that pays you according to your effort. The Organo trademark has also collaborated with renowned Napoleon Hill Foundation. This foundation’s popular book, “Think and Grow Rich”, has been the driving force behind many entrepreneurs who have been successful.

Organo Gold corporately sponsors the OG Cares Foundation. This non-profit organization was started with a mission of empowering youth from all over the world. Consequently, the foundation supports young people and gives them the chance of being productive. As a result, they influence other youth and members of their communities to become industrious and dynamic. This cycle will eventually propel the world’s upcoming generations towards living in a safe and positive environment. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.


Some of the products that Organo Gold provides include Black Ice, King of Coffee, Red Tea, Café Mocha, Gourmet Black Coffee, Café Latte, Hot Cocoa, Green Tea, and Café Supreme. The brand’s body management products include Grape Seed Oil, Mycelium, FENIX DX, Spore Powder, Creamy Vanilla from OGX FENIX, FENIX XT, and Ganoderma Lucidum. Organo Gold personal care products include OG Smile and G3 Beauty Soap.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco – Redesigning Bradesco Bank

Bradesco bank is one of the most influential banks in Brazil which is successfully conducting business from 1943 to date. Recently, the bank’s nonagenarian president, Lazaro de Mello Brandao passed on the reins of the company to his successor, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Mr. Brandao superbly led the bank for more than two decades and felt it was time to make way for new leadership.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco will soon take over as chairperson of Bradesco bank which is one of the largest banks in Brazil. He received his education from Sao Paulo where studied Philosophy and Social Psychology. His professional journey began at Bradesco more than seven decades back. He has functioned in many roles such as Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer, and Investor Relations Officer for various divisions of Bradesco.

Mr. Brandao’s resignation has fuelled talk about who will overtake Luiz Carlos Trabuco as Cheif Executive Officer (CEO). Many promising candidates are eligible for this post, from within the company’s own executive management. These include Josue Pancini, Mauricio Minas, Domingos Abreu, , Marcelo Noronha, Octavio Lazari, Andre Cano, and Alexandre Gluher. Luiz Carlos Trabuco said that he prefers to seek candidates for the post of CEO from within the organization, rather than bringing in executives from other firms. He further noted that the company has diverse operations and structure and the candidate selected to take over as the new CEO will be one who understands this.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the bank of Bradesco in 2009. He has performed successfully in multiple executive roles. These include leading the Brazilian Association of Real Estate and Credit and Savings Entities, Odontoprev S.A., National Association of Private Pensions, National Federation of Supplementary Health and National Confederation of Financial Institutions. He is also an active board member of the National Confederation of Companies in General Insurance, Private Pension and Life, Supplementary Health and Capitalization and ArcelorMittal Brasil.


Bradesco bank has a long history of excellence in banking beginning from its inception in Marilia. Under the direction of its creator, Amador Aguiar, the bank’s mission was to spread its services to all people, irrespective of social or economic background. The bank focused on helping people deposit money in their bank through the provision of education about their services. In 1950, the bank designated Sao Paulo as the location of its head office. The next step was the initiation of the Bradesco Foundation that promotes education. The year 1960, saw significant technological advances with the bank’s pioneering use of the computer. The bank saw a major expansion in the next decade, with an outreach of a 1000 branches and a phenomenal 1 million account holders. The Bradesco bank continued to lead with its emphasis on technology through the 1980s and 1990s. Some examples of the advancements include the introduction of online banking, automated phone services, use of lasers, optics, and data and audio integration.

Bradesco stands out for its dedication to sustainability which began in the year 2000. It developed multiple initiatives such as Banco do Planeta and aligning itself to Global Impact, Equator Principles, and the Corporate Sustainability Index. Bradesco has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. This is exemplified by the initiation of 1000 divisions from 2011 onwards and initiation of a biometric system to securely open new accounts.

At its current position, Bradesco bank has a massive clientage of 55 million. Over 24 million people own accounts at Bradesco bank, which completed 70 years of remarkable service in 2013. Bradesco stands at the brink of even greater success under its new leader, Luiz Carlos Trabuco.


Jason Hope and the Importance of Biotechnologies

Jason Hope is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs to come out of Arizona over the past decade. Hope attended Arizona State University where he would graduate with a focus in finance and his MBA. He would leave school and immediately begin to focus on the burgeoning world of mobile technology. After finding success in this field, Hope would expand his horizons in order to broaden the focus of his work. This naturally led Hope to acknowledge one of the most consistently growing and innovative tech fields in the world: medicine. Hope has become focused on the work he can do in the field of biotechnologies and as a result, he has partnered up with the SENS Foundation in order to try and make some very real and very important changes.

To fully understand the work that Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation are undertaking, we must take a closer look at what the SENS Foundation has always been focused on. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit research facility based out of California that has been focused on developing and promoting cures to various age-related illnesses. Among those that the SENS Foundation will be targeting is diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even Parkinson’s. Led by CEO Mike Kope, the SENS Foundation was recently a recipient of an incredible $500,000 donation from Jason Hope himself.

Jason Hope, much like every other entrepreneur in the field, has been focused on working within industries that seem to always be developing. Medicine, as is abundantly clear, will be a field that always requires more focus and more work and for that reason Hope found it to be an invigorating field to approach. Hope came to like the SENS Foundation after a ton of research that led him to the facility and the lead researcher, CSO Aubrey de Grey. Hope says that finding Aubrey De Grey is one of the most exciting moments of his career, and we don’t blame him.

Hope had his donation announced at a big charity event in San Francisco known as Breakthrough Philanthropy. The event was held and hosted by Peter Thiel and the Thiel Foundation. Aubrey De Grey was in attendance and he took time to point out that Hope’s donation will be used to help research Arteriosclerosis specifically. Arteriosclerosis is the hardening of our arteries as we get older and it is a serious problem for people of advanced age.

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Clay Huston : Stage And Sound Experimenter Perfectionist

Clay Hutson has gained a successful career as a tour manager through innovative use of equipment across his stages. Huston manages stage production among other tails of show production including sound. His success is visible with the brand of names he has worked with throughout his career. Recently, he managed One Republic’s 2017 tour in which they optimized a new automatic stage system. Hutson introduced VER to everyone, an automated rigging system promising to perfect lighting and movement on the stage. VER is an automatically precise remote with the elevation and descend of ceilings and ropes avoiding any minor errors and increasing safety measures. VER also provides a greener option for less overall power usage. VER is able to decrease the number of ropes used across the stage. Every stage movement is now tightened through the effect of using one rope to control the others. As the sound manager for many past noted artists Hutson has also been known to use the DiGiCo mixing systems. In addition to VER Huston uses DiGiCo SD7 a newer mixing console model in concerts featuring Rihanna and U2 among others during his stage managing years. Hutson has been impressed with the speed and grand ease of the SD7 console and in trying to vocalize his vision, the SD7 delivers exact vocal capability. Many names such as David Payne who has worked mixing for Taylor Swift also regards the SD7 unlike any other sound console ever met before. He commends Clay Huston for his choice to put such a machine on stage.Huston has often been clear about wanting to branch out and experiment with different models of sound and stage, choices that larger production companies steer away from. With or without economic means, Huston’s show managing is of a true perfectionist. On his company web site Clay Huston displays all the many branches of work he does for showbiz. He also offers it all for a reasonable cost. Huston has made himself available from the most famous of stages to offering local service. His reputation goes beyong money and more towards executing a note-worthy show. Learn more:

Market America’s 25th International Convention Kicks Off In Greensboro

Market America, a popular global e-commerce company, is scheduled to kick off its 25th annual international convention in Greensboro Coliseum, North Carolina. According to the company, more than 20,000 entrepreneurs, as well as celebrities and friends, are expected to attend the event. Marc Ashley, the company’s chief operating officer, has hinted that the 2017 event will a memorable one.

Henri Fourrier, the president and CEO of the Greensboro Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, has projected that the scheduled event will bring about $15.7 million in revenue to the city. It is reported that Market America’s management intends to use the platform to give updates about the firm, including the company’s new products, initiatives, and technology.

The 2017 winner of the Triad Business Journal’s Family Business Award, the company’s 25th anniversary is hinted to host Fat Joe and Jamie Foxx among other celebrities. Ashley also hinted that the company is scheduled to declare Malaysia as its 10th market country. This implies that Market America will increase its presence in the area, putting up an office, a distribution center, and a website. The Malaysian branch will employ about 25 people bringing the company’s staff tally to around 900.

The COO projected that the event will bring an economic impact of about $20 million to Greensboro. He further added that franchise owners, and distributors from Canada, Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, and others parts of the world will form part of the crowd. On the last day of the convention, visitors will have the opportunity to tour the company’s local headquarters along the Pleasant Ridge Road.

Market America Acquires

Market America has confirmed that it has purchased for an undisclosed amount. The company will, however, continue to operate separate from Market America, retaining its two locations in London and Pasadena. The acquisition is a move aimed at expanding the company’s market presence.

Founded in 1992 by JR Ridinger, the company has grown to become a global e-commerce industry leader with over $6 billion in sales. Currently, the has more than 3,000 suppliers and enables consumers to access over 80 million different products. Via twitter

The Launch of the Brown Modeling Agency

The latest in the modeling industry is that Heyman Talent-South has acquired Wilhelmina Austin. Now it is launching it as The Brown Agency. This way two of the largest and best talent agencies of this region have come together. This way the unique capabilities and characteristics of both these entities will be coming together with each one leveraging the other. This way The Brown Agency will become the only agency in Austin providing complete services. It will also become one of the few ones offering this in Texas.


Justin Brown is going to be at the helm of this agency. It was in 2010 that Wilhelmina Austin was launched in Austin. Today it is among the most respected modeling agencies in Texas.


Heyman Talent-South has been able to become one of the most successful agencies promoting acting talent in Austin. Once these two companies combine and launch the new company by the name of The Brown Agency, the clients will get access to a much wider portfolio. They will be able to provide greater opportunities to the experienced talent all across the country this way.


This agency will have its headquarters in Austin. Besides, it will have offices in Dallas and Los Angeles too.


Earlier, Justin Brown was heading Wilhelmina Austin. Now he will lead The Brown Agency as its CEO and President. Michael B. Bonnée who was the founder of Heyman Talent-South will now look after the theatrical division of this new modeling agency.


Justin Brown considers this merger with Heyman Talent-South as an integral part of their growth strategy. Now The Brown Agency will become a full-service agency. This will help in their commitment to serve their talents as well as clients in a much better way. Both these agencies are focused on finding and selecting the best talent. They would like to prep them up on a much larger market. This way they would be able to deliver talent that is professional, and elegant besides being dependable too. After the merger, it would become possible to do all this on a much larger scale.


Michael B. Bonnée is looking after the growth of The Brown Agency’s theatrical division. He is excited about it as he knows that this combination of talent and expertise is going to give rise to a lot of exciting opportunities. Check out for more.



There is going to be a formal celebration of the launch of The Brown Agency. It is being planned for early December.


The Brown Agency will be a leading commercial talent as well as a modeling agency. It will be based in Central Texas. The Brown Agency will provide its clients with a wide range of talent options. Besides, the talent will get exposure to the largest brands in the world.





Fabletics Pushes Towards Worldwide Success

Kate Hudson is part owner of a company that has made its presence felt in the retail industry. Fabletics pushes the boundaries of marketing techniques and brings his products to millions of customers around the world. Fabletics is primarily an e-commerce based business that has grown exponentially. It is now an international brand that is opening brick-and-mortar stores in strategic locations so that it can expand its reach throughout the industry. Fabletics offers a unique line of women’s athletic wear that is appealing and useful. The shopping concept is what makes the company stand out and drive its sales to even higher success.

Fabletics was founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The two businessman had no previous experience in women’s fashion. However, they saw an opportunity and noticed a segment of the market that was not being catered to. Don and Adam created Fabletics as a way for consumers to shop and acquire their products comfortably. The customer is now able to browse the website and select from a number of different fashionable concepts. However, they are encouraged to become members of the organization and experience next level benefits. The available products are offered at a discount price to members only. There is a monthly fee for the membership. Each member’s account is also catered to their shopping tendencies as they participate on the website over time. The brick-and-mortar locations are designed to operate in the same fashion as website. The stores will identify each person as a member and have items presented to them that cater to their established taste.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler became successful at a very early age in business. Adam Goldenberg was the COO of a large company at age 19 after he sold his startup business to the same organization. He met Don Ressler who had a similar background. The two decided to venture out on their own when their parent company was sold to another large enterprise. They began the journey of creating Fabletics and has now made it an international organization.

The leaders at Fabletics believe that 50% of all shopping will be done online in the upcoming years. However, they understand that the desire for the physical shopping experience will never completely dissolve. Fabletics plans to participate in all aspects of marketing and selling their products to potential customers. The company has continued to select new regions of the world that will expand its market share. Other major retailers have begun to study their successful business model.

Learn About Mark Mofid And Why You Should See Him For Plastic Surgery

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon based in San Diego, California. If you’re thinking about plastic surgery, then consider seeing him. Below is information about the surgeon, and then you’ll see why you should go to him.

About Mark Mofid
Mark Mofid is 46-years-old and he is a renowned plastic surgeon. He has been practicing since 2004, which means he has over 13 years of experience. Throughout the years Mark Mofid has received extensive training and he has kept up to date with technology and changes in the industry. Through hard work and dedication, he has built a reputation and now he is one of the most sought after surgeons in the area.

The surgeon was educated at Johns Hopkins University. He attended medical school there, as well as his internship. He also completed both his residency and fellowship at the university.

Procedures He Performs
As for procedures performed, Mark Mofid performs many, including chemical peels, breast implant removal, breast augmentation and facial plastic surgery. Others include liposuction, laser peel, laser surgery and various cosmetic procedures. Microsurgery, skin grafts, dermabrasion and reconstructive surgery are other procedures he can perform.

What Makes Him Different
The plastic surgeon is known for his compassion and he provides personalized care right from the initial consultation right up until the patient has fully recovered. He conducts careful evaluations when he first meets a potential patient because he wants to know what their goals are and what their concerns are before he discusses which treatment plan is best for them.

If you’re interested in plastic surgery and you’re in the San Diego area, then contact Mark Mofid to schedule a consultation. He is a highly experienced surgeon who cares about his patients and his work is beyond exceptional. Feel free to visit his website and look at testimonials and before & after photos.


James Dondero is Known as One Leading Businessman

James Dondero is known for being the president and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. During the week of Oct. 7, 2016, the company had announced that they had awarded, to help The Family Place, a $1 million challenge. This is an organization that is known for helping support victims that come from family violence. Visit Nexbank to know more about James.

The Family Place has already been able to raise well over $200,000 since October 4. The funds will go to help the Legacy Campaign and is also going to be matched with $100,000 that is going to be all thanks to the Highland’s Grant. Currently, there is only $2.8 million needed in order to be able to meet the campaigns fundraiser goal that is set at being $16.5 million. Regardless, the grant that was proudly given by the Highlands is going to make it to where The Family Place is going to be able to have a strong finish in the campaign.

According to James Dondero, the grant has been able to be a call to action by Dallas Police Chief David Brown and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, which will make it to where the community can now help to solve the life-threatening issue that Dallas has. The Family Place Legacy Campaign has been a huge support when it has come to the operations and the construction of the new Central Dallas Counseling Center. This will be a center that will be dedicated to family violence victims and will be named in honor of Ann Moody.


With the building, the center will be able to serve well over 2,000 victims a year. This will also include critical emergency space for any of the victims. At the build, Ann Moody is planning on also hosting the agency’s Be Project, which is a program that helps to provide teen dating violence and bullying prevention education that will reach more than 6,000 students per year. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Rocketship Education: Revolutionizing American Education

Rocketship Schools have been training their students to become the best. Recently, students who hailed from Rocketship Schools have posted the highest performance, when compared with other schools that are chartered by the government to be used by poor American communities. The students who are studying under the supervision of Rocketship Schools have proven that poor people can also excel academically. Rocketship Schools is the product of Rocketship Education, which aims to provide quality education to children who are living in poor communities. The way that the Rocketship Education works is different from the mainstream American schools. At Rocketship Schools, the parents have a special role in teaching their children. They would have to teach their children some things they can be used later in life.

Rocketship Education is considered as a provider of quality education, and the teachers who are working for the school have been noticed by some people, describing their methods as focusing to a single student to improve their learning. The teachers wanted their students to excel, and for them to do it, they are volunteering to offer after-school meetings and discussions on how they can be helped for a particular subject where they do not excel. The teachers do not focus their attention on how they are going to get their salaries and incentives later on. They are focused on how they can transform the mind of the individuals so that they can also do community work and cooperation with all of the people living in a particular neighborhood.

The Rocketship Educational system is keen on making each school session as a fun day for the children. They are encouraging the teachers to pick the best time for them to speak with the children and to provide the minor requests coming from the teachers and the parents themselves. The Rocketship Education system is one of the best in the United States, and more children from poor communities are expressing their thanks because of giving them the chance to go to school. Today, Rocketship Education keeps their scores high, because it would be humiliating if their performance would dip down quickly.