The Early Life and Career Journey of John Goullet

John Goullet served as a computer consultant before switching to an IT staffing officer. Working as an IT staffing professional and computer consultant gave John a broad perspective in the world of IT staffing. Consequently, he founded his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies in 1994. At Info Technologies, Mr. Goullet focused on understanding the corporate IT staffing industry as well as specific clients’ needs. He would match the skills, personal attributes, and work style of his staff to build a strong team. Through his excellent efforts, Info Technologies grew to an award-winning organization, having ranked as one of the nation’s fastest growing enterprises.

Where did you find the idea of DIVERSANT?

Although John Goullet has been in business for over 22 years, he came across the idea of starting an IT staffing firm 24 years ago. It came after realizing that IT staffing was a low-barriers-to-entry industry. The fact that many people had succeeded in the industry before gave John Goullet faith that he could as well succeed.

How does John Goullet’s typical day look?

Mr. Goullet starts most of his days with workouts in the gym from 6 am to 7 am. After that he makes his way to the office by 8 am and leaves at 6 pm unless he has a dinner appointment.

How John Goullet brings ideas to life?

Mr. Goullet brings his innovative ideas to light by paying attention to the current market trends. Having realized that the U.S. does not graduate enough IT staffing professionals, Mr. Goullet embarked on starting an IT staffing firm to build a pipeline of IT staffing skills as required by the clients.

What is one trend that excites you?

The fact that technology is ever-evolving and an increasing part of the GDP excites John Goullet. As the demand for technology increases comes the need for technologists. Therefore, the future for Diversant is brighter as long as the firm commits to delivering the best IT staffing professionals to its clients. As the technology industry experiences drastic growth and increased competition for IT professionals, Diversant helps its customers to acquire the right IT professionals.



Thor Halvorrsen’s Fight For Justice

The fight against poverty does not end when an individual brings a meal to a homeless person. It does not end when justice is done against a fugitive. The conditions that caused this problem in the first place are still present. If an individual wants to fight against homelessness, starvation, or injustice, they need to address the conditions and the core of the problem. Thor Halvorrsen believes that it should start by addressing the government. Systems of government, such as capitalism and socialism, are not abstract thought experiments. They have true consequences. Having seen many of these consequences first hand in his native home of Venezuela, Halvorrsen has several reasons that he is adamantly opposed to socialism.11)

The Tax Rates Are Too High

When the government begins talking about several free benefits that the people are entitled to, what they are not telling them is that these benefits are not truly free. The government is essentially taking their money and purchasing something for them at an outrageously high price. It really is the ultimate sales pitch. If a manufacturer sold the product at these prices, the people would be appalled. But when the government says that it is free, the people gleefully oblige – until they are taxed into oblivion.

A Socialist Government Does Not Trust Its’ Own People

Often promising benefits for the poor, a socialistic government would be sending a powerful message to its’ people. They are not very charitable. They are not kind-hearted enough to donate money to the poor. They are not responsible enough to save their money so that they can give it away of their own will. The only way to help the poor is to take money from them by force. Halvorrsen finds this message disturbing. Rather than telling the people of the governmental benefits for the poor, they should be proclaiming the need for the average citizen to donate freely and provide resources for those in need.

These are but two of a host of problems that Halvorrsen has with a socialistic regime. A government that benefits its’ people is a government that trusts its’ people.

Former Atlanta Hawks owners file a lawsuit in Danny Ferry buyout

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment,(AHBE) LLC, has filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company. The former NBA franchise is accusing the insurance company of breach of contract.

The former owner of AHBE, Bruce Leveson was included in this lawsuit, however, the current owner, Tony Ressler, was not.

Claiming that it was insured for a policy for coverage for certain losses, ABHE have notice to AIG (The insurance Company) on April 2, 2015 that claims have been asserted by Ferry that believed it was covered.

The June 2015 Forbes covered buyout between Ferry and Hawks ended the 6 year relationship that began with an 18 million dollar contract. The sale of the franchise received approval two days after the buyout on June 24.

A spokesperson for the Hawks says that they are aware of the complaint and that the parties involved will no longer have connections to the Hawks Organization.

The amount of the claim is confidential, according to court documents. The lawsuit says that the the confidential limits of liability are enough to play ABHE’s claim. It also states that AIG is refusing to acknowledge the lawsuit.

Another 50 percent penalty is also being seeded to makeup for unpaid loss and attorney fees.

Bruce Levenson is the Atlanta Hawks Managing Partner. In 1977 United Communications group was founded by Levenson and Ed Peskowitz. Leveson was also one of the Shareholders of TechTarget. He worked there until 2012. Currently, Leveson and a partner founded DOT, a cookware company.

Bruce and is wife, Karen, are avid philanthropists, and have founded a group called The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.




Securus Defends Itself Against GTL’s Accusations

Securus Technologies recently issued a press statement in reaction to GTL’s accusations towards it. GTL had issued a press release on 7th June 2016 alleging that Securus had profited from unethical business practices. According to Securus, the press release was not only misleading and malicious, but also inaccurate. The company consequently released its own press statement in a bid to counter GTL’s accusations.


The Response


There has been a long-running patent dispute between the two inmate communication firms. The issue is still pending before the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board. In response to GTL’s claims, Securus points out that the litigation approach that its rival used to solve the patent dispute was taken in bad faith. Securus Technologies’ CEO, Richard Smith asserts that his company will continue defending itself from GTL’s attacks while affirming its own patents. This is because has a more comprehensive patent portfolio, which is unquestionably superior.


Mr. Smith similarly states that Securus is ready to take part in a bake-off challenge with GTL. Securus has offered to reinstitute this severally. However, its attempts have largely been unsuccessful since GTL has never responded to the firm’s technology challenge. This explains why it has been releasing press statements incessantly in order to tarnish Securus’ reputation in the inmate communications industry.


Securus Technologies in Brief


The firm is one of the most recognizable players in the inmate communications industry. Its products and services are available in more than 3400 law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies in North America.


Securus serves more than 1,200,000 inmates. It provides emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, information management, inmate self-service, and communication services to these facilities. Its objective is to make the world safer by connecting what matters. The company recently received accreditation from Better Business Bureau for its exceptional services. Besides this, it acquired JPay Inc. in a deal that will see it digitize payments.


Avi Weisfogel’s Interests

Avi began work as a dentist with a New Jersey dental office called Old Bridge Dental Care. While working here, he achieved celebrity for his determination and success so that he was awarded the Best Dentist award severally. He studied psychology and biology at the Rutgers University before proceeding to New York to study at the Dentistry College.



Decay of the teeth is as a result of poor health as Avi Weisfogel points out. There are many who feel that regular brushing of teeth is enough to keep the germs away, but Avi recommends flossing as well. There are areas that the tooth brush may not reach, but with a good nylon floss, it is impossible for food particles to hide and cause cavities and gum problems.






Avi established the dental sleep masters, a program that provides solutions to breathing that is disturbed by sleep. This problem has been linked to cardiovascular disease, chronic heart failure, stroke, depression, work place injuries and metabolic syndrome among other ailments. The Dental Sleep Masters model guarantees a good environment for patients and physicians, DME providers, dentists, the secondary care personnel and certified sleep medics.The team of dentists joining the program is growing steadily. This new model which combines clinical support and education with innovative business approach is transforming many dental practices and hence its popularity.






Avi is passionate about music and football. He is a hip-hop fan and has a dope beat that he shares with fans and admirers. On Soundcloud there are a number of people who follow his music and keep him motivated to make more sounds. Apart from music, he also enjoys watching his favorite football team: New York Football Giants.






On GoFund Me, Avi has initiated a fundraising page for a charity project: Operation Smile. Avi is excited about the work this organization does and is therefore out to help them achieve their goals. The founders of the project were just ordinary people who were overwhelmed by the great need there was in their community for surgery. This is how the project was started by an ordinary doctor and his wife: a nurse.



Employ The Services Of The Leading Program Management Professionals

IAP Worldwide is a superior facilities management, technical support, and global response team. They have been proudly serving the needs of the general public for over 60+ years. Thousands of people around the world know IAP, as a name they can trust, during a crisis. IAP Worldwide Services proudly have 2,000+ men and women on their team. They’re currently hiring brave adults that want to feel passionate about their work. They equip all of their hires with the necessary skills and training to perform their job. You can learn more about their available positions by visiting their website and browsing career opportunities.

A recent PRN News article, did in depth coverage on a recent article about an acquisition between DRS Technologies and Tactical Communication Solutions (TCS). The goal is to expand the manpower of their network, focus on long-term growth, and improve their response time. Surprisingly, TCS will contract aircraft to IAP Worldwide Services, to work towards the advancement of improving their response time globally. In fact, IAP would like to expand their international ties and contract more advanced government projects. Both companies, will contribute additional logistics, program support, and resolution strategies. Together, they will double the men and women associated and employed by IAP.

Read more:
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.
IAP Worldwide Services Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

IAP has been awarded a $170 million dollar contract with the U.S. Navy. Their goal is to provide technical support, advanced logistics, and assist the program manager. This contract is on a contingency basis and expected to last indefinitely. IAP Worldwide Services consider this a great step towards their long-term initiative. They plan to operate from the Dallas, Texas area, alongside the program manager and operations team. They caught the eye of the U.S. Navy, by their recent actions concerning Hurricane Matthew. They were able to restore electricity to thousands of homes, by equipping many families and state service buildings with generators. They were able to provide emergency services when the state crisis center was immobilized.

IAP Worldwide Services is striving to build professional relationships with like minded corporations to employ key executives that can contribute to advance strategy solutions. IAP started as an independent corporation with a goal to expand their services including crisis management solutions. After, their first job, they began to grow internally and the body of professionals on their team. They have grown to be one of the industries largest response teams, with the ability to respond in a moment’s notice, on a global scale.

Read more about IAP Worldwide Services on Monster

What Happened With Devco And The Heldrich Hotel?

Devco, the New Brunswick Development Company, is always making the pressofatlanticcity news. Devco recently signed a deal with Rutgets University for a $300 million project. That alone should tell people interested in learning about Devco a lot about the company. Devco has also been in the news in regards to a loan intended to finance a New Brunswick hotel dubbed The Heldrich.

The Press of Atlantic City reports Devco developed the plans for The Heldrich. The hotel and conference center was intended to be extremely impacting on business and tourism in the New Brunswick area. Things, however, did not work out as planned.

Devco helped put together a massive loan of $20 million Casino Reinvestment Development Authority loan that was directed to the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. Loans, of course, do have to be paid back. The repayment of this loan has turned out to be problem-plagued.

The Improvement Authority really does need to improve its approach to paying off debts. The entity has not made timely payments in about five years. It has reached upwards of $7 million in missed payments. Such news hardly speaks well of the borrower.

The Heldrich Hotel opened in 2007 to much fanfare, but very few guests. The economic collapse of 2008 created the perfect storm for fiscal troubles. The hotel was never able to book enough guests to remain solvent. As a result, repaying the hefty loan proved very difficult.

A rebound does not look likely, but things can change unexpectedly. New Brunswick’s real estate market and business community has proven to be dynamic in the past.




Lower Your Monthly Car Payments Fast By Refinancing With Ignition Financial

It feels great to go out and buy a new car. You probably have gotten real tired of driving around in an old unreliable vehicle. Before you go to the car dealership, you probably have a good idea about the type of car that you want to buy. You also have a ballpark figure in your mind about how much of a monthly car payment you can afford. However, you probably didn’t give much thought to how you are going to finance the car. This is probably because all car dealers promise quick and hassle-free financing for everyone. So, you just have to choose the car that you want and let the dealer handle the financing. While this seems like the right thing to do at the time, it can come back to haunt you later.


While getting car dealer financing is easy, it can be very expensive. When a dealer gets a loan for you, he has a deal with the lender that allows him to add on some extra interest for himself. This extra interest on the loan is called the “contract rate.” The car dealers make a great deal of money from this lucrative financial system. The problem is that every extra interest point is costing you a great deal of money over the term of the loan. It is also why your monthly car payments are higher than some other peoples’ payments are on a similar vehicle.


Once you realize that you are paying to much interest on your car loan, you may start asking friends: How can I slash my payments? You will find out that the best way to cut your payments is to refinance your car with Ignition Financial. When you refinance your car you will immediately realize the benefits. First, your monthly car payments will be greatly reduced. This will leave you with extra money every month that you can put to good use. You may choose to use the money that you have saved to pay your car off early.


Another option that you have when you refinance your car is to shorten the length of the loan. This will allow you to pay your car off early and save a great deal of money at the same time. Any way you look at it, refinancing your car at a lower interest rate is the right thing to do in your situation.


EOS Shakes Up the Oral Care Industry

Just as Chapstick and Blistex were getting comfortable, EOS (Evolution of Smooth) emerged to shake up the oral care industry. Co-founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller saw an opening in the lip balm market and immediately swooped in to fill it. “It appeared to us that everybody in this category was being lazy. That was an opportunity,” Teller said.

Taking the number two spot behind Burt Bees, Mehra and Teller shared how they shook up the multibillion-dollar oral care industry with Fast Company. Before EOS lip balm, price points drove the industry. In their research, the company found that women used lip balm out of necessity. In other words, it was part of their daily routine. They didn’t care much for the ingredients, taste, or its packaging.

Mehra and Teller knew women would take pleasure in applying a salve to their lips that enhanced their routine. As a result, they came up with a soft, colorful orb that smells good and tastes delicious.

That was seven years ago. Today, EOS moves over a million units a week at stores like Walgreens, Target, and Walmart. It has the stamp of approval of beauty editors at Cosmo and Allure. And had feature spots in videos of big name celebrities like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus.

EOS continuously adds products to its repertoire to keep the industry on its toes and keep millennials happy.

For more information. visit the EOS Facebook page and website at

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FreedomPop Now Has A Wi-Fi Calling Plan For Only $5 Per Month

Whoever thought that a company would be brilliant enough to save their customers money by allowing them an option to use Wi-Fi service to make phone calls, send text messages, and to use the Internet? FreedomPop is that company because they’ve implemented a new plan that allows users who want to pay very little or nothing for their cell phone service to get it directly from FreedomPop Wi-Fi. A FreedomPop review still shows that they have the free cell phone service that will include talk time, text messages, and data. The fact that the data is limited to 200 MB may turn some people off.

Even with limited data, anyone can choose to use Wi-Fi in order to get the extra data that they want on their phone. If Wi-Fi is not available to a person, they can either get the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop or can choose the FreedomPop Wi-Fi calling option. Both the Wi-Fi service, as well as the Wi-Fi calling option, is only five dollars per month, and the service is completely unlimited, which allows its user to use as much Wi-Fi as they want. There are currently over 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots that FreedomPop has.

Anyone who doesn’t feel like they want to deal with Wi-Fi services can always choose to get the unlimited service from FreedomPop, which is a mere $19.99 per month. The unlimited service will use cell phone towers to bring service to the user’s phone, which means they’ll always have access to the Internet, even if they don’t have Wi-Fi on their phone. The unlimited plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and web, but expect to have 3G speeds after the 1 GB of 4G LTE data is used up.

There is also a plan that’s in between the free plan and the unlimited plan, which is the paid plan that only costs $10.99 per month. The paid plan will have unlimited talk, as well as text messages, but the data is limited to 500 MB unless the user is able to obtain more by completing offers. Using Wi-Fi service while being on the paid plan is also another way to gain access to additional data, without having to worry about going over the 500 MB limit. Those who do go over the limit and have their automatic top up turned off will have to pay $0.02 cents per megabyte for more data.

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