A Review Of The Progress And Achievements Of The ClassDojo Application

Since 2011, ClassDojo has been offering teachers, parents and students a perfect platform on which they can share to make the learning process seamless and easy. The application is designed to offer easy sharing of videos and images, something that allows teachers to send information about their students to parents. Parents on the other hand can respond to the information to help in the nurturing process of their kids. ClassDojo is basically creating a community where people in the circle can benefit and make learning an enjoyable process.


More than 85,000 schools in United States are using the application and most of those who have tried it are finding it easy to manage their classrooms and prepare their students for the future. Through the interaction teachers are having with parents, it is now easier to come up with solutions that will enhance the attainment of success among students.


Communicating through the year and making sure everything that happens within the learning environment is shared between the three parties makes the lives of the students better and easy. Students are able to get in touch with their parents through photos and images and the text messaging feature available on the application.


The security features used in the ClassDojo application are also a reason why the system has grown into one of the most appreciated platforms in teaching circles. The company uses high-end encryption systems that secure the information of users from access by unauthorized individuals.


One is also offered several privacy features that make it possible to customize preferences to avoid getting information stolen and used in ways other than what is meant is right according to the terms of the company. With the round B funding that ended in 2015 after raising $21 million, ClassDojo is set to heighten these security measures to benefit users even more.


About the ClassDojo application

ClassDojo is simply offering an easy way to come up with a classroom community that is amazing and beneficial to all members. Students have for a long time been looking for ways to voice their grievances and this seems like the best time since ClassDojo is offering them an opportunity to express their needs more candidly.


The application allows parents to get in touch with teachers and receive real-time feedback about the progress their children are making in the classroom setup. They can review the activities the students are engaging in and help in the development and learning process.


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