Adam Goldenberg Drives JustFab in Becoming A Global Leader In E-Commerce

Adam Goldenberg has been an entrepreneur from a very young age. At age 15, Adam founded his first company, Gamming Alliance, which focused on advertising networks of gaming sites. The company was later acquired by Intermix Media, the parent company to Alena and MySpace. Before graduating from high school, Adam Goldenberg becomes a Vice President of Strategic planning at Intermix. Later, Adam was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer. This was impressive feats of achievements that made Adam the youngest COO of a public traded company.

At Intermix, Adam Goldenberg met Don, his long-time business partner and a friend. Intermix was bought by News Corp. in 2006. Soon after, Adam and Don launched their first new venture, Intelligent Beauty. The company established several beauty brands as market leaders. This was achieved through providing new kind of shopping experience that combined social interaction with creative fashion at an affordable price. The two partners operated under the principle that online business needs to be social, fun, and highly engaging. Moreover, through personalized platforms and affordable subscription model they prepped a significant expansion of the company.

Currently, Adam Goldenberg is the Co-CEO of JustFab, an online style community where its members receive accessories tailored to reflect their style and sense of fashions. In about 60 months, JustFab has become one of the biggest subscription e-commerce with over 35 million members. Recently, the company has expanded beyond the United States into France, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and more.  Further, the company has instituted attractive subscription model that enable personalization. JustFab is the parent company to ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and FabKids.

JustFab has attracted the fashion icon and prominent businesswoman, Kimora lee. JustFab is her official fashion home. She was intrigued by what Adam Goldenberg and his partner Don were doing after attending a JustFab function. Moreover, Kimora joined the company as the president and a creative director. Further, Josh Hannah, a seasoned entrepreneur and co-founder of BetFair joined JustFab as an investment partner. His history of success and personality fit JustFab culture perfectly, thus making him an ideal match. Adam is renowned for bringing in together the right people and makes a team that accomplishes common goals. Moreover, he has a contagious enthusiasm that motivates the team to succeed. See:

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