End Citizens United on Election Reforms

In 2010, the Supreme Court verdict is what brought the new perspective in politics. Part of the ruling of the court that read “corporations are people” is part of what raised the political temperature, and End Citizens United could not sit at the back and see the manipulation of election systems. The court’s declaration meant that organizations and groups would use the money to buy the elections for particular gains. Also, the usage of money and its source could not be questioned, which was a clear indication that the U.S. elections would no longer be democratic.

End Citizens United came into existence on March 1st, 2015 to prevent substantial political funding trend which had the hidden agendas in the country’s electoral system. As per the verdict, those favored and voted, would, in turn, favor certain groups and organizations that boosted their campaigns financially. ECU is financed not by huge funds, but through simple donations by supporters of democracy at the ground. Visit their page on Facebook.

End Citizens United is dedicated that apart from attempting to stop Citizen’s United, there was also the need to stop pro-reform politicians from being elected and bring to an end the act of dishing out money in politics. ECU has supported pro-reform Democrats to date, and that’s not going well with the critics.

End Citizens want it to come to an end so that they can support candidates who only target the non-financed reforms. For Republican or Independent candidates who are against the buying of elections, End Citizens United is ready to support them. In the group’s website, supporters can see what the committee does, and that includes the news of the organization.

Besides, End Citizens United has a page for candidates who advocate for pro-reforms and a contributions page. In the site, there are clear directions on how to stop the activities of Citizens United. ECU supporters can create private groups in social media, share the messages in their websites or use other platforms to stand with the anti-pro-reform candidates who should be elected. Today, ECU prides in bringing vital changes in the United States electoral system, whereby the changes have been boosted recently by renown politicians joining the movement.

Read: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/12/05/democratic-pac-end-citizens-united-names-big-money-20-targets-2018/918680001/ 


Borrowing a leaf from Guilherme Paulus’ Journey to the Top

The award winning entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus is a man full of ambition and zeal to succeed in anything he does. He has been able to establish a business empire based in the hotelier industry. Guilherme has made this possible through his company GJP Hotels and Resorts. This is a hotel chain company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company started off small and has been able to grow immensely over the years to become the largest hotel chain in Brazil. Other than that, Guilherme runs CVC Brasil Operadora, a tour company based in Brazil.

In an interview with Inspirery, Guilherme Paulus talked about his journey, investments and his personal life. During the interview, Guiherme revealed that the co-founder of CVC Brasil Operadora, Carlos Vicente, came up with the idea of establishing the tour company. Guilherme explained that the two met in a ship and Carlos proposed the idea. Since Guilherme did not have the funds, the two agreed that Guilherme would put in the work and Carlos Vicente the investment.

Mr Paulus, a man who starts his day by giving thanks, stated that the use of technology to manage his daily activities is one trend that excites him. Guilherme said that one thing that makes him more productive as a business man is engaging with his customers and employees. Mr Paulus stated that he occasionally uses Google to research. In conclusion, Guilherme Paulus is a self-driven investor motivated by the quote “Prizes are my rewards, obstacles are my challenges.”

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949. After completing his high school studies, he joined college and studied business administration. It was after that that he decided to venture into tourism. After years in the industry Guilherme became a member of the National Tourism Council.In 2005, he merged his business skills and the experience he had gained while working in the tourism industry and founded GJP Hotels and Resorts, a powerhouse in the Brazilian Hotel industry. Due to his impeccable entrepreneurial skills, Guilherme was recognized as the Entrepreneur of the year in 2017.

The American Institute of Architects and Robert Ivy

The American Institute of Architects is a professional organization based in Washington D.C. of the United States. It serves as an entity to help architects enhance their knowledge, skills and career prospects. With the American Institute of Architects, professionals in this field will have the opportunity to learn more about a number of important issues about architecture. These issues include the environment, immigration and building regulations. There are a number of benefits to joining a professional organization such as the American Institute of Architects. Professionals in this field are able to enhance their credibility and recognition in the field as well as get involved in more networking opportunities. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy is one of the top leaders of the American Institute of Architects. Ivy took over the as the chief executive officer of the organization in 2011. Since joining the AIA, Robert Ivy has proven to be a highly effective leader. As the chief executive officer, Robert Ivy has helped expand the organization to multiple countries all over the world. This has helped increase the awareness of the organization as well as expanding its influence in the field. On a daily basis, Robert participates in setting goals and developing policies to make sure that the American Institute of Architects remains as one of the leading professional organizations in the world. Learn more about Robert Ivy at zdnet.com.

Before Robert Ivy became the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects, he was involved in the media field. He spent many years in both writing and editing. As a writer, Robert Ivy would compose new articles about the newest trends in the architecture field. This allowed him to educate and inform a number of professionals and enthusiasts in the field. After a while, Robert became an editor in chief for major architecture publications. As an editor, Robert participated in the evaluations and publishing of architecture articles about some of the key topics of the field. Prior to starting his career, Robert completes a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University. This gave him the fundamental knowledge to be both a practicing architect and also a journalist in the field.

Check: https://discoverorg.com/directory/person/robert-ivy/7029647

A Guide To Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

One of the most caring, compassionate and well-trained plastic surgeons in the city of Dallas is Sameer Jejurikar. This particular man works at the prestigious Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, and he has provided a number of services via medical-aesthetics. Dr. Jejurikar attained his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School. After graduating from this institution, he would relocate to New York City to work at Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. This phenomenal doctor has put in up to two decades worth of actual work, and he has received the Most Compassionate Doctor certification.

In addition to his work at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, he also provides his services at Pine Creek Medical Center and at Dallas Medical Center. This man is always on the go. Dr. Jejurikar has a high rating on numerous medical-related charts, and he has co-authored many successful publications. Thanks to being so ambitious and passionate for this particular subject, Jejurikar has obtained a medical license in a number of states, including Michigan, New York and Texas. On top of that, he has been certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

What more could anyone ever want in a plastic surgeon? It would be extremely hard trying to find another plastic surgeon who’s as caring as this guy. Jejurikar has a long list of happy patients, and everyone one of them will attest to these claims. For those who aren’t ready to undergo medical-aesthetic procedures, Dr. Jejurikar has a line of medical-grade products that proficiently erases the signs of aging.

Users Review of the Newswatch TV Site

Because there are lots of different news sources out there, it can sometimes be difficult to find a website that you can trust to bring you the latest news without having lots of varying opinions attached. This is why so many users have been utilizing the Newswatch TV platform and have found it to be one of the best options available to them. The Newswatch TV platform gives you only the latest and breaking news that pertains to you and will help you to stay abreast of what is going on around the world.

Due to their award winning nature and the fact that they work diligently to bring you the latest news, it is no wonder that Newswatch TV is one of the most trusted sources for those who want a solid news source and need to know that the information they are receiving is reputable and reliable. There are also a myriad of options available with the Newswatch TV, such as an app that you can download to a smartphone device as well as a newsletter that you can join if you want to receive alerts of breaking news.

The Newswatch TV has been designed with lots of different people and users in mind. It gives you the chance to find out more about different news happenings throughout the world without you having to spend a small fortune to be able to obtain this information. Now that you know about Newswatch TV and what it can do for you, it is time to give it a try and see for yourself why this is something that is sure to be of importance to you in your life. You will love what Newswatch TV is able to do for you and the quality of news that it will provide to you.

Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Drive InnovaCare Health To Higher Rankings

Healthcare provision in the U.S. is a broad area where different private institutions work with the government to offer easy access to healthcare services. The installation of Medicare Advantage offered better services and increased access to new services that are designed to offer users cheaper and quality access to healthcare services. Across all states, one can easily access healthcare services even when they are not members of Medicare Advantage. This growth in the provision of quality services can be attributed to the introduction of new policies to govern healthcare.


With these new provisions, several companies came up to offer healthcare services. InnovaCare Health, which offers managed healthcare services, is one of the few companies that came up after the introduction of the new policies to make healthcare provision easier. The company is among the most established in North America and its services have been attracting people from Puerto Rico and neighboring regions. For more details visit Crunchbase.


With great leadership, InnovaCare Health has managed to grow to its current level to be placed among the best players across the country. Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto are the two professionals whose presence at the company helped to bring changes in the management process, thereby inviting new leadership and better ideas.


Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

From 2012 onwards, Rick Shinto has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health. His leadership has proved reliable because it is during his tenure that InnovaCare Health managed to grow from a struggling level to a strong provider of healthcare services.


He previously served at Aveta Inc., as their CEO and his insight placed the company on a good platform to compete. He works with Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer of InniovaCare Health, to instill new measures and ideas to enhance growth and performance. Penelope also worked with Rick at Avata but he was the deputy of Shinto at the time. For more details visit LinkedIn.


About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a popular healthcare provider based in Puerto Rico that specializes in physician practice services and managed healthcare. The company has been working with users of Medicare Advantage by offering them easy access to plans and healthcare services. InnovaCare Health uses modern technology to improve the provision of services and in this pursuit the company has been able to offer affordable yet quality care. They have been attracting people from the entire North America and the number of Medicare Advantage users has increased from mere 10,000 to over 250,000 within less than 10 years.



Click here: https://ideamensch.com/penelope-kokkinides/


Metal Pricing Low and the Trade War is to Blame

At the beginning of 2018, the United States began placing tariffs on Chinese imports in retaliation for their unfair business practices, which have included government subsidized industries and intellectual property theft. China immediately retaliated, and a trade war between the two countries has begun. Throughout the year, tariffs have increased and as the U.S. and China have become further embattled in a trade war, metal prices, both base and precious are at an all-time low, Matt Badiali warns. Although fears of a large U.S economic impact have not come to fruition, certain commodities, particularly metal and some agricultural goods have been affected.

However, the tariffs enacted by both governments have diminished Chinese imports and have weakened the Chinese economy, Matt Badiali has noted, pointing to the low performance of the Shanghai Composite Index and the value of the Chinese Yuan. Conversely, the United States is enjoying the effects of a strong dollar and booming economy. A strong U.S dollar impedes the value of precious metals. Most investors chose to rely on the value of their currency while the dollar is robust, glutting the market with an excess supply of precious metals, particularly gold.

While platinum and silver both have industrial uses, particularly in automotive manufacturing and in electronics, the slowdown of Chinese manufacturing has lessened the demand for industrial uses of those metals, particularly within the solar panel and electronic exports. Matt Badiali blames these factors for the depressed value of precious metals and the lack of interest in metal investing. Although investments in industrially used metals, including the precious metals platinum and silver, can still be a viable option, Matt Badiali thinks there are other commodity markets in a better position for wealth gains. Noting to the rises in Brent Crude and the booming hemp market, the opportunity to take strategic advantage of these commodities is better. Source of the article : http://www.talkmarkets.com/member/Matt-Badiali/


Malcolm CasSelle is serving as the president, furthermore the Chief Technical Officer of Worldwide Asset Exchange. The organization was formerly called the Tribune Publishing. Adding to his success posts, he was the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media at Seachange International.

This company was had acquisitions from Timeline Labs in which he was the Chief Executive Officer. It was good at the discovery, display, and measurements of content based on social signaling. He has further engaged himself in start-ups in the digital industry.

These may include MediaPass, Xfire and Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China. MediaPass deals with the digital subscriptions solutions and Xfire deals in a gaming network of around twenty-two million.

Malcolm CasSelle is a bachelor’s degree holder from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree from Stanford University, and they are both of Computer Science. He has a nature of speaking Japanese and Mandarin.

He also co-founded PCCW from Hong Kong. Malcolm Caselle’s gaming industry could ignite the world of Cryptocurrency. He is the CIO of OPSkins, which is a leading global company in sales of in-game virtual assets.


The creators of OPSkins were commencing on a new blockchain platform for virtual asset trading which is recognized as Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX). WAX solves fragmentation and fraud, which are disturbing in the virtual asset marketing.

By this WAX enables a simple blockchain widget, letting users buy and sell virtual goods without problems.

There is a launched application that the WAX Token created to eSports that enables the market to allow buyers and sellers to tokenize and sell assets on a no-fraud blockchain efficiently.

The gamers also can buy and sell gaming assets without the clicking of their screen which is powered by WAX platform. The fragmenting geographical problem is also an issue. However, with WAX Token it provides a common currency for all gamers to destroy FOREX problems that disrupt the virtual asset markets.

The WAX blockchain is powered by its Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. The WAX Tokens tells on the stored value for acquiring in-game items.

WAX blockchain gives fraud and security solutions. OPSkins have made a fraud-proof purchase or sale of a virtual asset by establishing a small contract which guarantees delivery of the asset.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Sets His Sights On China And Diversity

Throughout history, Arabs have been known for their talents as merchants and traders. Hussain Sajwani further proves this this stereotype through his successes as a businessman of real estate and real estate development.

As a man who is not in his older years, he has seen the United Arab Emirates become built up from the bottom up. The 20th century and 21st century have been times of great development for the country, especially for Dubai.

Hussain Sajwani is a native of the UAE. He has developed luxury real estate there and all throughout the Middle East. Now, the DAMAC owner is setting his sights on business with China. China is a very powerful country that is emerging as a force to be reckoned with. There is an emerging middle class there due to the immense economic growth that has gone on within recent decades. Much of this growth has to do with the massive amounts of industrialization that has sprung up there. Of course, there are many concerns following industrialization that people discuss, such as pollution, questionable working conditions, questionable wages, the borrowing of ideas from the West and counterfeit goods. However, nonetheless, China is emerging as a respectable world power with great wealth.

Hussain Sajwani also believes in diversity when it comes to his workforce. There are people from seventy-seven different countries that work for his amazing company. According to Sajwani, he believes that there is a lot of value in diversity because people from different places bring different perspectives. It also makes the workplace more inclusive and accepting of all types of people. It is great to be inclusive because people are pitted against one another and feelings of hostility are avoided.

DAMAC has developed so many homes that the DAMAC owner believes that it is high time to start looking for business outside of the Middle East. This is part of the reason why he is looking into doing business with the Far Eastern country of China. Unlike most companies in the Middle East, DAMAC has built upward of 20,000 homes.

Visit Hussain’s official website: https://hussainsajwani.com/ar/

Stream Energy Philanthropic Projects

Stream Energy is an energy selling company, which also embrace corporate philanthropy. In Texas, the company started Stream Cares as its vehicle to deliver community-based services to the needy an initiative that the company held in the last twelve years. When Hurricane Harvey swept across Houston where many people died and many destructions witnessed, Stream Care came in to help the victims as other organizations watched helplessly. The company helped the victims through all means apart from money. Through Stream Care, the company can give back to the community and at the same time deliver its other services because it operates Stream care in a different philanthropic arm. Just like Stream Care, American companies are very generous when it comes to philanthropy. The organization works in conjunction with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

Hope Supply Co. is another philanthropic project sponsored by Stream Energy. It involves bringing homeless children together. The most notable event was at the annual Splash for Hope, which included 1,000 Texas homeless children. Stream and Hope Supply company employees sponsored the trip. The children visited Water Parks and given presents. The initiative covers for the supply of clothing and diapers and school supplies to the homeless children under the sponsorship of Stream Energy for more than for years.

In 2016, Tornadoes hit Texas just after Christmas and Stream rushed to help the victims. The employees worked hand in hand with the Salvation Army and helped to raise money for the victims. Thousands of dollars raised helped the ones who lost their businesses and homes. On top of that, Stream Energy matched the donations by doubling the amount, raised by the associates.

Dallas area veterans together with their families were not left behind by Stream. A project dubbed Operation Once in a Lifetime involved supporting of veteran military workers and their families where they were taken out for a special December lunch at a recognized Texas hotel. Everything including transport was catered for by Stream. After serving the veterans, the next day was the turn for ten daughters of military members who were taken for lunch at the American Girl Café.