Technologist and Philanthropist-Erick Pulier

Since a young age, the author, humanitarian and a well-known businessman in the United States of America knew what he wanted in life. Erick Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey where he attended school. While still in fourth grade Erick began programming computers before establishing his first business in High School which was a Database computer company. His devotion and knowledge gave him a golden opportunity to join one of the most prestigious Universities in the world; Harvard University where he studied English American Literature. While still at the University, Mr. Erick Pulier was a publisher of the institution’s column known as the Harvard Crimson, and also took some extra classes in the nearby educational facility MIT. In 1988 Mr. Pulier graduated with a Magna Cum Laude.

Many will describe Erick Pulier as technologist, publisher, public speaker, and a philanthropist. The American entrepreneur has created more than 15 firms which are doing well in the market. In 1991 immediately after his graduation, Erick established People Doing Things one of the unique organizations which have been addressing issues and challenges faced by sectors including; education, health care, and other sectors where he has been using technology. Being a go-getter Erick did not rest there instead he went ahead to create yet another firm in 1994; Interactive Agency Digital Evolution. The Interactive Digital Evolution later merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. Erick Pulier has founded several other firms among them; ServiceMesh, Desktone, Akana, Enterprise Leadership Council among others.

Erick Pulier is a well-known philanthropist who has been funding charity organizations as well as no-profit organizations across the world. He was at the forefront of creating Starbright World which is an organization that offers children with chronic illness to chat with others all over the world. The children are given an opportunity to share their experience through a blog and meet others with similar challenges as they share their experience. Mr. Pullier is a leader who has shown positive leadership skills and the character has given him an opportunity to be on various boards including; innovation Board of X-Prize Foundation, The Painted Turtle among others.

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Market America Shop Exemplifies Satisfied Customer Experience for Online Purchasing

Market America Shop created a unique experience for the online retail customer. When customers want to find the best products available, they go to in order to get the most-value for their money. From beauty products, weight management, groceries, health and fitness as well as numerous other shopping needs, Market America Shop has created a one-stop location that consumers can use as their only source for purchases. With more than three million consumers that use, it has become a popular way for getting a very satisfying shopping experience.

There are exclusive brands that only Market America Shop carries, and high-quality distributors have agreed to be included within several important categories. One of the more popular brands is Marley Coffee. The 100 percent Arabic organic coffee is affordable and meets the consumers’ expectations for quality and rich-tasting. Other exclusive brands are just as popular and give customers a choice that is very accommodating.

Market America Shop was designed to not only provide customers a wide-variety of choices, but also added-value. Items can be delivered at a discount with auto ship. With cash back offers on nearly every purchase, customers are allowed to save a tremendous amount of money on items for everyday use, or specialty items.

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The Principle Of Trabuco, The War Machine

Trabuco also referred to as balancing Trabuco is a war machine that uses the principle of a catapult that was used by soldiers during the medieval era. During this time, soldiers would use the Trabuco to crash masonry walls and to fire projectiles over them. Several other weapons use the same purpose as the Trabuco, and therefore to differentiate this one from the rest, the name balancing would be used, therefore, balancing Trabuco. Also, shotguns and revolvers are sometimes referred to as Trabuco in countries such as Brazil, Portugal, and France.

During the 400 DC, the Chinese were launching attacks among themselves, and this would be then a very critical weapon. Mongols, which is an indigenous group that dwelled in China between 1000-1300 are on record as a group that used the weapon the most here, by using it to attack their neighbors the Fancheng and Xiangyang. It did not take long before the machine was adopted in Europe between 500 and 600 DC. At this time, no weapon was superior to the Trabuco, and it reigned supreme up until gunpowder was discovered.

The Trabuco would later find its way into the Middle East as well as Europe thanks to the Persian engineers and the Byzantine Empire respectively. In Europe, the weapon was first tried by the empires in Northern Germany, sparking its popularity to nearby countries like France, Italy, Portugal, and England.

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The tensile and hybrid Trabuco are the two types/forms of Trabuco. Tensile is operated by humans, who pull the short ends in synchrony. They can hurl weights of up to 140 pounds a distance of 80 meters and can make four shots every minute. On the other hand, the hybrid Trabuco hurls up to 400 pounds a distance of 300m. Arabs in the Middle East used them to fight the Egyptians.

According to, the weapon will work effectively when you place one end of the string on the hook then mount the projectile. A counterweight is then used to balance the system. Then the Trabuco is held for balance, and then the counterweight is released. There will be a sudden acceleration that will cause the projectile to rotate to back into the sling, causing one of the tips of the hook thus powering the projectile forward.

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Paul Mampilly – A Successful Investor And Initiator Of Wise Investment

Mr. Paul Mampilly started his successful career with Bankers Trust, where he was employed as a junior portfolio manager. He quickly rose to prominent positions at prestigious corporate institutions, including ING and Deutsche Bank. While working at ING and Deutsche Bank, Paul Mampilly was in charge of the management of multimillion-dollar accounts. Paul Mampilly was also recruited by Kinetics Asset Management to manage its hedge fund. Under the management of Mr. Mampilly, the assets of the firm rose from $6 billion to $25 billion. This gave an average annual return equivalent to 26%.

Mr. Paul Mampilly also participated in the admired investment competition that was held by Templeton Foundation. He joined the competition with an investment of 50 million dollars. Paul managed to convert the investment to $88 million within one year. The most impressive fact of the achievement is that Paul managed it during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. However, Mampilly grew tired of making money for the rich. He wanted to help many people who were in need of help. As a result, a newsletter known as Profits Unlimited was founded. Through Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly can use his expertise and skills to help several people from different backgrounds. According to Paul Mampilly, the research done by Profits Unlimited comes at a cost that many Americans can afford. It provides you with what you cannot find on the Wall Street because it only caters to the needs of the super elite.

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Even though he left Wall Street, Paul Mampilly is still involved with investment activities. He continuously follows the trend and performance of various companies and markets. Through his trading skills, Paul can successfully invest both his money and money of other people as well. Paul understands that investment is simple. You only need to stick to the basics of buying and selling the pattern. As an investor, Paul Mampilly knows that you can only be successful when you satisfy the needs and interest of your clients. A good investor is the one who strives to make the lives of other people better. For that reason, Paul has continued to offer investing services to many individuals with the hope of giving them the chance of experiencing a wise investment.

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The Success of Manaira Shopping under Roberto Santiago’s Management

The lives of the resident of Joao Pessoa has been different since 1989 when Manaira Shopping mall was established. The launching of the business center significantly improved their economic and social lives. Manaira Shopping has several facilities that have made it a conducive place where people meet to shop or hang out. It was founded by Roberto Santiago who is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the Paraiba state. At 59, the businessman’s has accumulated millions of dollars and is also the owner of Mangeria Shopping. The modern amenities that are offered at the mall attract thousands of shoppers and tourists from across Brazil. Manaira Shopping’s compound covers approximately 92,500 square meters. This enables it to have a garden and a parking space that can be used by over 3,180 vehicles.


Manaira Shopping’s security is always tight since it has 24/7 CCTV surveillance. All visitors who enter the mall are also screened by guards at the gate. Shoppers do not have to worry about incidents such as car break-ins at the parking lot. The trademark of the business center has been the entertainment and fun that it offers to its clients. It has made a significant investment in an electronic amusement park, a bowling space, a gaming area, and cinema halls. The mall’s state-of-the-art movie theaters have excellent 3D technology screens and have unique sitting arrangements. Customers enjoy free snack and bar services. The environment of the shopping center is very relaxing, and therefore, families and friends can meet there and have fun.


Different types of business activities are conducted at Manaira Shopping. The building accommodates enterprises such as banks, learning institutions, a food court, and about 280 shopping stores. Shoppers have access to a broad array of the products that include home supplies, jewelry, electronics, furniture, and fashion. The food court also stands out due to the variety of cuisines that it provides. It houses restaurants that range from fast food cafes to international brands such as KFC. The Domus Hall is also another great feature of Manaira Shopping. It is on the building’s roof top and has been used for hosting different types of events in the past eight years. Hall offers sufficient space of between 4000 and 10,000 depending on the kind of gig.


Roberto Santiago’s outstanding entrepreneurship skills have enabled him to build a multi-million dollar business empire. His career success has inspired many young people who wish to venture into different industries. The businessman is devoted to guiding future entrepreneurs in Joao Pessoa on how to accomplish their dreams. Santiago used to participate in motocross and kart champion races when he was still young and won many trophies. He still loves the two sports even though he can no longer race because of his old age.


Todd Lubar Continues to Flex His Real Estate Investment Prowess

As President of TDL Ventures, Todd Lubar realizes there is no secret to becoming a successful businessman. The road that Lubar has taken to get to this point has had a lot of twists and turns and bumpiness along the way. It is a road he wouldn’t trade for anything, however, because he learned how to deal with a number of different clients and develop all of the needed skills to thrive in real estate.

Lubar’s first job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation after college, and he remained there from 1995 to 1999. He transferred to Legacy Financial Group in 1999 and by 2005 it was grown to several hundred million per year in loan volume. After his role as the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding with the Magnus Financial Group he started his new role as the President of TDL Ventures.

Lubar recently sat down with Ideamensch to discuss just what his impetus was to become a successful professional. The interview is detailed below:

One of his first questions was just how long it took him to become profitable, and he answered by noting how it wasn’t a comfortable journey. He said that his journey to becoming a profitable business actually took several years. Todd said that after his first profitable sale he was able to continue the momentum for both him, his associates, and the companies he had started.

Of course, the answers to his questions were most interesting when it came time to ask him how he reached his marketing strategy. He noted how real estate is a business that many do not take seriously. He advocates utilizing Google as a tool in order to find a niche.

Finally, he said this business is difficult because of the time it can take away from family. He said it can be difficult to have to choose between going on a business trip or spending time with family.

Todd Lubar has worked many years in the Baltimore area in real estate. During that time, he has established himself for being the most knowledgeable expert he can possibly be. There is no question Lubar has set himself apart in real estate. Follow Todd on Twitter.

Traveling Vineyard Is On A Path To Success

Rick Libby is the president of Traveling Vineyard. This is a network marketing company. It organizes wine-tasting parties in order to sell wines. Besides, he has been holding leadership positions in several successful businesses for nearly three decades. These include Student Advantage, besides Marriott, as well as MoveCentral along with Cendant Corporation. In 2010, he bought Traveling Vineyard, and it has over 5,000 independent marketers today. These are called “wine guides”.

Rick Libby was working with Geerlings Wade earlier where wines were sold through a catalog. He was asked to create a new sales strategy in order to enhance revenue. He decided to make use of in-home demonstrations to sell wine in the same manner. This strategy resulted in higher sales.

Traveling Vineyard continues to implement new ideas as it encourages all to think creatively and sharing them innovatively. Each year new technology is being shared. It makes use of the Awesomm mobile software. It helps the wine guides to process orders besides performing other important tasks in a timely manner. Traveling Vineyard has another unique system called Sommology. This helps to pair food with wines besides arranging for various beneficial tastings.

Due to these reasons, Traveling Vineyard has become a pioneer in this industry. It is always looking for new ideas and is not averse to taking calculated risks.

This is why Rick Libby devotes half his time working towards strategic goals. Rest of the time is set aside to communicate and guide staff members besides doing regular stuff.

He is an entrepreneur too. Hence he has a good understanding of business. He knows that businesses will always have high initial expenses. There would be a gradual increase in revenue. For more info about us: click here.

Traveling Vineyard has a bright future as more and more Americans are drinking wine. In fact, wine revenue has increased by nearly 5 percent over 2016. Even the craft beer enthusiasts are drinking wine now. Traveling Vineyard is offering a convenient and fun way to purchase wine. It is using HubSpot in order to develop relationships with its customers. This is an automated system that can track all kinds of leads.

Setting Out On The Business Road

If you’re thinking about starting a business like Doe Deere, there are a few things that you want to consider so that you will be successful. Any time you start something new, it can be a challenge, but there are benefits associated with owning a business as well. Take a look at some of the tactics of other business owners, such as Doe Deere, to get an idea of how they started out. She is the owner of Lime Crime. Her enterprise started as a simple online business selling cosmetics and fashions. Learn more:

Meeting Doe Deere

Doe Deere is known in the fashion world as a woman who caters to women who want to be unicorns. She sells makeup and other items in bold and dazzling colors that make women feel like they can stand out from other people while having fun at the same time. Products sold by Lime Crime include nail polish, lip gloss, lipstick, hair dye, and eye shadow. Doe started Lime Crime in 2004, and the business continues to grow each year. She moved from Russia to New York when she was younger, launching Lime Crime after selling cosmetics and other items on eBay.

Find An Idea You Enjoy

When you’re trying to think of business ideas, look at some of the things that you enjoy doing on a regular basis, such as crafts or baking. When you own a business selling products you know about and that you enjoy, it’s easier to want to operate the business and be involved with the decisions that are made. Doe took her love of makeup and turned it into a successful business venture. Learn more:

Create A Plan
Don’t get started in a business of any kind until you make a business plan. This plan should include all of the details that will make the business function. Components should include financing, how you’re going to pay back loans and the supplies that you’re going to need to operate the business. Think about the money that it’s going to take to get started and what you plan to do if there are slow periods when you’re not selling as much. Doe Deere understands that a business can take time to become established, but the reward is worth the wait. Learn more:

The Vision of OSI Industries

As ancient societies become modern and the traditions fade away, the world remains in peril. To expound further, the world’s population continues to rise substantially. As a result, access to clean food and water remain a constant threat. This remains attributed to harmful microorganisms and bacteria that continue to wreak havoc on the ecosystem. To make matters worse, some of these viruses remain resistant to drugs and vaccinations. Each year, thousands of people die from these organisms. Therefore, numerous countries around the world have come together to make use of their resources in order to combat unsafe food sources. In addition, numerous businesses and corporations have also stepped up to the plate.

Furthermore, these companies have demonstrated their ability to lead for over one hundred years. This remains attributed to their professionalism and attention to detail. Therefore, OSI Industries remains the company in reference. For those unaware, OSI Industries remains a multi-billion dollar company that began its operations in Chicago, Illinois. Initially, the company began as a family meat market. However, it would eventually expand to the wholesale meat market in the 1920s. This remains attributed to the OSI Group ability to provide the public with a superior quality of meat.

By the 1950s, the company became well known in its industry and captured the interest of companies such as McDonald’s and KFC. To expound further, the company became very close with McDonald’s. During this time, McDonald’s had hundreds of meat suppliers. However, OSI Industries formed partnership with McDonald’s. As a result, the company appointed OSI industries as its primary meat supplier. Recently, the company made headlines due to its successful business moves. Moreover, the company purchased a Tyson food plant for $7.4 million dollars. It also purchased Baho Food. In closing, it increased its presence in the European market.

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Jason Hope’s Approach to Technology and the IoT

Jason Hope is a futurist and an entrepreneur who has been tirelessly working in the tech industry for as long back as we can remember. Hope himself is probably most well known for his work with the innovative SENS Foundation but he has clearly set his sights on something important: the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is all about how our daily lives can connect with the internet through the objects that we choose to interface with. The goal of the Internet of Things is simple: it is to make our lives easier, more efficient, and more effective all around.

The primary reason that Jason Hope is throwing his sizable reputation behind the concept is that he believes it to be one of the more crucial tech innovations coming into our lives. Hope believes that, thanks to the connective abilities of the internet, the Internet of Things could be a fundamental game changer. Hope looks at the Internet of Things as a way for people to streamline their routine, push for advancements within society, and change the fundamental way that they live their lives. Hope’s work with the SENS Foundation will likely start maneuvering toward a focus on the IoT as well.

Still, Hope isn’t solely focused on the Internet of Things. He has also been putting himself out there more and more as a resource for the education of upcoming entrepreneurs. Hope believes that entrepreneurs need to be looking at the bigger picture in order to find game changing ideas. That is why Hope advises all up and coming entrepreneurs to surround themselves with hard workers that offer fresh and exciting new ideas. When you collaborate you can make anything happen. To know more about Jason Hope click here.

Outside of the tech world and his busy time as an entrepreneur, Hope is focused on taking care of his life via physical fitness. Hope even utilizes the Internet of Things in order to track his progress by utilizing the newest fitness trackers on the market. Hope’s experience in the industry and his faith in the IoT are sure to be instrumental to his success in the future.

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