Beneful’s Wet Meals are a Scrumptious Hit With Grandma’s Dog.

Shortly before my grandmother passed, she asked me through her facebook account if I would take her 15 year old beagle, Lola. Lola needed tender loving care and had special needs for soft food as she had significant tooth loss. As Lola aged, Grandma used to cook soft recipes with protein, rice and vegetables for Lola, no matter how ill she felt. Lola was her treasure and this little beagle was a big responsibility for me, a single lady. Working full-time and not being a very good cook, I had to rely on store bought food for my new charge.

My sister recommended Beneful wet dog food, as that is what she feeds her 4 year old Shepherd, Scout, who is currently nursing a litter of pups. I had never owned a dog, so I was in for an education. Sis said Beneful had all the healthy ingredients Grandma used to put in Lola’s dish, in a convenient package.
My sister’s cabinet was stocked with all of Scout’s favorites. The first thing I noticed was that it came in handy, re-sealable containers. That night, I opened a container of Beneful’s Tuscan Style Medley. The name seemed quite fancy and the food looked lovely! You could see the beef, carrots, rice and spinach, and it smelled like good food, not old fashioned smelly dog food. This wet food was soft enough for Lola, but not mushy. Lola licked the bowl clean!
Next up on the menu was Beneful’s Chopped Blend with turkey, sweet potato, brown rice and spinach. I felt comfortable knowing the little girl was getting her veggies back into her diet.
After Lola gobbled up Beneful‘s Wet Blend with salmon, spinach sweet potatoes, I was convinced my sister was right. Dogs love fish and spinach? Who knew?
While shopping, I noticed that Beneful makes Incredibltes wet meals, with little bite sized goodies especially prepared for small dogs. The Incredibites medley of chicken, tomatoes, wild rice and spinach were added to Lola’s meal plan.
With all the varieties of wet food, it’s easy for me to feed Grandma’s baby the best.

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