“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” the satire America needs

For Sean Penn’s new book “”Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, he sat down with Trevor Noah and Vogue Magazine to discuss its unique format, lack of plot structure, and satirical look at the affairs of the United States. Penn told Noah that the book looks into the “dark side” of human nature, in which people can be drawn to fascist tendencies. He goes on to mention that democracy, when exported to other countries, has issues not falling into fascism, mainly due to its dark features and the issues of humans. Penn also told Vogue that he has no intention to continue acting because he wants to continue work on the book. The main character in the book is Bob Honey, an angry American who as a side job goes on killing sprees in which he takes out older people with a mallet. He thinks that they are standing in the way of process.

Penn told vogue that the book seems to be a parallel plane to the #METOO movement and this seems clear in the book. Bob witnesses the 2016 presidential election, and later even writes an angry letter to the president, tell him that he is not fit to run the country. Penn tells Noah that Bob is supposed to represent the drive in Americans to serve their country, even if they have no purpose or cause to do so. This seems to be one of his main critiques of American politics and democratic culture.

Aside from the book, Penn talks about his life experiences that could have influenced the read. For example he talks about his hate for Trump’s comments on Haiti, and his interesting friendship with the late Hugo Chavez. Penn seems to have developed a love for the third world, and a feeling that democracy isn’t always the only solution. He then critiques the war on drugs, and talks about how his meeting with El Chapo was crucial to understanding it.




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