Bruno Fagali Discussing The Advertising Law In Brazil Pertaining To Alcohol Advertisements

Bruno Fagali is one of the top most senior lawyers in Brazil with extensive experience in litigation and commercial law. He has helped many firms with their mergers and acquisition deals as well. One of the good things about Bruno Fagali is that he likes to keep himself updated about the recent events in the field of law and also blogs about the same on his blog online.

In one of the blogs online, Bruno Fagali wrote about how the alcohol advertising law needs to be more stringent. He applauded the recently approved legislation in Brazil where the alcohol advertisers have to make sure that the advertisement does not appeal the audience to consume alcohol and any and all such ad must showcase a warning for the alcohol consumption.

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If any of the advertisers do not follow the order of the court, the advertisement can be suspended even before the case is heard in the court. Bruno Fagali offers deep insight into the legal concerns of his clients and provides appropriate legal solutions to get the desired results. He is the co-founder of the Fagali Advocacy, which is one of the most reputed law firms in Brazil currently. Even though he started Fagali Advocacy without extensive base or capital, he ensured that the company reaches great heights of success in the field of law in Brazil through his hard work and determination. Over the years, Bruno Fagali has taken up many high profile cases of politicians, corporate companies, organizations, and noted celebrities.

Bruno Fagali has studied law from the Pontifical Catholic University and also holds a diploma in Compliance Law from the Getulio Vargas Foundation. Few of his specialties include mergers and acquisitions, risk management, compliance law, administrative law, regulatory law, ethics, and more. Bruno Fagali has vast experience in the field of law, which helps him deal with the clients in a very professional yet friendly manner. He listens carefully to the cases of his clients and provides them useful legal advice and counsel that would help them get the desirable results. Bruno Fagali also holds the position of Corporate Marketing Manager at the reputed Novo/SB Marketing Agency.

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