Businessman Vinod Gupta Is Banking On India’s Women To Succeed

For a self-made millionaire from rural India, Vinod Gupta hasn’t forgotten the lessons in humility and acceptance that he learned in his childhood. He has used the considerable influence and power that he has built for himself on a continuing journey to better the world and himself. Vinod Gupta lifted himself up from his small village roots to the Indian Institutes of Technology, before undertaking the journey to America.


Gupta earned a Master’s degree in agriculture, focusing on the engineering and business side of the industry, from the University of Nebraska. Post-graduation he found himself working for marketing research firm Commodore Corporation. It was at Commodore that Vinod Gupta would innovate himself into the future. Using a small bank loan, Gupta lean on his connections from Commodore to transform his database background into American Business Information.


Founded in 1972, the company that he started with only $100 was worth more than $500 million by the early 1990’s when Gupta renamed it InfoUSA. The renamed company expanded its reach into the nascent database tech industry, eventually expanding into the global market. By the time that Vinod Gupta sold the business in 2010, it was valued at more than $680 million.


Since the sale, Vinod Gupta has drawn on his considerable pool of experience to help advise other venture capitalists. More importantly, Vinod Gupta is now devoting his resources to better the world, starting with his homeland. Gupta believes there are few groups more valuable or underserved than women. With that mind, he has helped fund and advance the all-female Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. The school has been providing women with a tech-based education since 2000. Learn more about Vinod Gupta on Vinod Gupta: Indian-born American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist.



Gupta is keenly aware however, remembering his own childhood, that the foundation for these women to succeed starts in small, rural schools. He has set out to help fund a girl’s school in his own village. Inspired by the education his own father enabled for him, Vinod Gupta wants the girls of his hometown to be prepared to take the world by storm. See Related Link to learn more.



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