Sentient AI’s Conversion Rate Optimization Brings New Opportunities to Businesses

Businesses that have a chance to use the conversion rate optimization that was developed by Sentient AI will see a big difference in the sales they have. The conversion rates will always go up if they are using the software which makes it easy for them to make all the right choices for their business. As long as Sentient AI is offering the conversion rate optimization opportunities, people will have a chance to make their sites better for all the customers who come to visit them. It is important for most sites to have this type of software so people don’t have to worry about all the issues that would traditionally come with having a site that is not performing.

Many businesses want a site that works for them, but most don’t know what they need to actually do to get to that point. That’s where Sentient AI comes in. They know what they can do to provide their services to people who have a site. They can often take a look at a website and the visits they’ve had and immediately know what that site needs. From there, they can add things like conversion rate optimization to the site so people will have a chance to make their website better.

Depending on the type of site each person has, they will have different needs. Sentient AI knows this so they try to create options for all the people who are using their own websites. As things have changed for these businesses, Sentient AI has made new software to adjust what they are doing for the sites. Many of the things they have developed are a direct response to what people are asking for on their websites. Sentient AI comes up with solutions to perfectly enable different sites to get exactly what they need.

No matter what businesses are doing online or with their websites, they will have a chance to get what Sentient AI has to offer. They will also have the right type of software they need to make shopping on their site more enjoyable. For those who are in these situations, Sentient AI knows they can give their best to the people who are working on them. It will allow them the chance to show people what they can do and how they will have a chance to make more money as a direct result of the things they have to offer.

Success Academy Develops Students to Become Successful Adults

It is no wonder Success Academy has a long waiting list every year with parents vying at the hope of their child becoming a student. With high rankings such as being in the top 1 percent in all of New York for math and in the top 2 percent for English, Success Academy is the highest-scoring school system in the state.

Founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz, Success Academy has grown into 41 schools with 14,000 students. 76 percent of students come from low-income households and 15 percent are students with special needs. Their mission is quite clear; they want to “build exceptional, world-class public schools that prove children of all backgrounds can have success in college and life.”

It is their hopes that with their success, Success Academy will be an advocate for changes in the public school system, so that all children across the country have access to opportunities that will guide them through becoming successful adults.


From elementary to high school, students of Success Academy experience a rigorous approach to learning. Not only are they taught core knowledge classes, they are taught skills that are essential for becoming independent. By using real world experiences in addition to classroom curriculum, students are able to gain a better understanding of cultural experiences that they may not have been able to be exposed to.

Students receive only 80 minutes a day of direct instruction from a teacher that stands in the front of the class, teaching lessons. For the rest of the day, students are exposed to hands on learning in which they can engage, discover and have fun during their lessons. Success Academy does not consider only the test scores when measuring a child’s education; they focus on developing every aspect of the child.

Once a student becomes of high school age, Success Academy has set in place amazing opportunities for their success as a college student, with internships, international trips, summer programs, honors and STEM diplomas and students can even take college courses. Not only is Success Academy developing students that have outstanding knowledge of school curriculum, they give their students the tools to become leaders and to make a difference in the world.


Serial Entrepreneur Marc Sparks Gives Advice To New Business Leaders

Dallas, Texas based business leader Marc Sparks has not been the kind of entrepreneur willing to start a business and then simply sit back and let the potential profits roll in; instead, Sparks has set about a business career lasting more than three decades that has seen him embark upon a career that includes the development of a number of different companies without that have allowed the venture capitalist the opportunity to explore startups from across the U.S. As the founder and leader of Timber Creek Capital, Marc Sparks has established a company that has helped a number of startups begin their life in the best possible way with funding from various investment groups.


Achieving success is about much more than simply seeking a higher level of business achievement for Marc Sparks, who has become an indispensable member of the Dallas, Texas community because of his extensive philanthropic works. For Sparks the chance to give something back to the local community is a key factor in achieving business success, which is why the best selling author of “They Can’t Eat You” has set about providing funding for groups as diverse as Habitat for Humanity and programs dedicated to assisting high school students successfully pass through their educational courses. Marc Sparks has also spent much of his spare time volunteering for groups such as Habitat for Humanity and has helped out with the construction of housing for low income families.


The chance to explore the world of business is an aspect of life Marc Sparks wishes to inspire others to do as he looks to assist in providing financial assistance to new companies that may be based on a good idea, but may be headed by those who have little business knowledge or experience. The business based books, such as “They Can’t Eat You“, written by Marc Sparks provide information and assistance for those who are hoping to break into the world of business as an entrepreneur.


Creating a successful business from the ground up is an idea Marc Sparks has often been successful with as he has around 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur. To assist others hoping to become successful entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks has established a high quality venture capital company in Timber Creek; the offices of Timber Creek Capital have recently been updated to allow for a more idea friendly environment to be created that should lead to greater success for each company arriving at these offices for assistance. Timber Creek Capital has created space for up to three startups to work with the hand picked team of Marc Sparks to create a plan for future success unique to each company’s needs.


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Impeccable Record as an Investor in the Brazilian Telecommunication Industry

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also called Duda, is a Portuguese businessman and the RBS Group’s president. Melzer has made significant milestones in his career and the business world since he completed his studies at Harvard University. Melzer is also enrolled at Pontifical Catholic University where he earned his first degree. Melzer attributes his success to the mentorship he has received from his father and uncle who are the sole owners of the RBS Group.

Duda’s achievements in business

According to, his background has enabled him to stand out and successfully establish and manage other businesses that include Digital e.Bricks and e.Bricks Ventures. Melzer has an interest in technology and digital telecommunication. Therefore, most of his businesses revolve around these two sectors. He was elected the president of the media giant, RBS Group, in 2012 when his uncle retired. Upon taking the oath of office in a colorful ceremony held at Porto Alegre, Melzer promised to improve the company’s corporate governance. Under his leadership, the RBS Group has become one of the best performing media and Internet companies. The Magazine Globo and the Abril Publisher also acknowledged this business as the most innovative corporations in Brazil. In 2016, Melzer secured a place as the head of the Board of Directors of the company, giving up his executive position.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer spends part of his time supervising activities in his million-dollar company, e-Bricks Digital. He has been able to grow this enterprise into a multi-million business whose technologies target diversified sectors, including small and medium-sized businesses, health, and the education sector. Melzer has been outsmarting many Brazilian executives and winning coveted awards. For instance, in 2009, he was voted as the winner of a highly competitive accolade called the Professional Executive of the Year Award. He has also received the Cabore Prize, Entrepreneur Communication, and the 2015 Merit in Management Award. Melzer spends his free time bonding with his family and participating in sporting activities.

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