The Success of Manaira Shopping under Roberto Santiago’s Management

The lives of the resident of Joao Pessoa has been different since 1989 when Manaira Shopping mall was established. The launching of the business center significantly improved their economic and social lives. Manaira Shopping has several facilities that have made it a conducive place where people meet to shop or hang out. It was founded by Roberto Santiago who is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the Paraiba state. At 59, the businessman’s has accumulated millions of dollars and is also the owner of Mangeria Shopping. The modern amenities that are offered at the mall attract thousands of shoppers and tourists from across Brazil. Manaira Shopping’s compound covers approximately 92,500 square meters. This enables it to have a garden and a parking space that can be used by over 3,180 vehicles.


Manaira Shopping’s security is always tight since it has 24/7 CCTV surveillance. All visitors who enter the mall are also screened by guards at the gate. Shoppers do not have to worry about incidents such as car break-ins at the parking lot. The trademark of the business center has been the entertainment and fun that it offers to its clients. It has made a significant investment in an electronic amusement park, a bowling space, a gaming area, and cinema halls. The mall’s state-of-the-art movie theaters have excellent 3D technology screens and have unique sitting arrangements. Customers enjoy free snack and bar services. The environment of the shopping center is very relaxing, and therefore, families and friends can meet there and have fun.


Different types of business activities are conducted at Manaira Shopping. The building accommodates enterprises such as banks, learning institutions, a food court, and about 280 shopping stores. Shoppers have access to a broad array of the products that include home supplies, jewelry, electronics, furniture, and fashion. The food court also stands out due to the variety of cuisines that it provides. It houses restaurants that range from fast food cafes to international brands such as KFC. The Domus Hall is also another great feature of Manaira Shopping. It is on the building’s roof top and has been used for hosting different types of events in the past eight years. Hall offers sufficient space of between 4000 and 10,000 depending on the kind of gig.


Roberto Santiago’s outstanding entrepreneurship skills have enabled him to build a multi-million dollar business empire. His career success has inspired many young people who wish to venture into different industries. The businessman is devoted to guiding future entrepreneurs in Joao Pessoa on how to accomplish their dreams. Santiago used to participate in motocross and kart champion races when he was still young and won many trophies. He still loves the two sports even though he can no longer race because of his old age.


Mike Baur’s Capitalistic Incubator

The ability to gather up startup funds is becoming easier and easier, largely because the ubiquitous power of the internet has brought many people interested in funding startups together with those who have great ideas. We are seeing some of the spoils of the internet and startup financing with the proliferation of tech-based, near-giants, like Uber for example. The ability to help smart money meet smart ideas has never been easier.


There is a company, Swiss Startup Factory, that is focused exclusively on financing startups that disrupt the norms and introduce newer, more innovative ways of doing things. This is particularly auspicious as this sort of focus will move us, collectively, toward better, more efficient ways of doing most everything. In less than 10 years, we are banking online, using our cars to drive passengers to their destinations, doing tech support from home for major companies and even securing mortgages and buying cars disproportionately through online means.


Mike Baur, CEO of Swiss Startup Factory, who aside from looking strictly at companies that are trying to help us do things better, also takes additional steps in incubating companies. In the event that a very lucky startup is able to garner the attention of Swiss Startup, it is not just funding they will get. There is an immersion facet to their program where at the core of their plan is a 3-month program.


This program provides business in their early stages financing and access to a wide entrepreneurial and mentor network to help them along on their plans. There are also coaching and mentoring services, in addition to office space, that is afforded to businesses that are accepted into the Swiss Startup Factory “pre-accelerator” program. Their entire program includes a 360-degree, 5-step plan, and at the very initial, pre-accelerator step, startups are given access to a market research team, IT and accounting support, as well as a team of professionals dedicated to product development. During this phase, there are also pitch-trainings available to businesses.


As a part of the pre-accelerator phase, there is a path to access to some of the best international startup ecosystems in the world. This is very unprecedented, although indicative of an overarching trend that Swiss Startup Factory is both creating and strengthening. Mike Baur is slowly making top talent in Switzerland available to help other companies get on the path to achieve success through a massive support system, which appears to be just about fail-safe.


Serial Entrepreneur Marc Sparks Gives Advice To New Business Leaders

Dallas, Texas based business leader Marc Sparks has not been the kind of entrepreneur willing to start a business and then simply sit back and let the potential profits roll in; instead, Sparks has set about a business career lasting more than three decades that has seen him embark upon a career that includes the development of a number of different companies without that have allowed the venture capitalist the opportunity to explore startups from across the U.S. As the founder and leader of Timber Creek Capital, Marc Sparks has established a company that has helped a number of startups begin their life in the best possible way with funding from various investment groups.


Achieving success is about much more than simply seeking a higher level of business achievement for Marc Sparks, who has become an indispensable member of the Dallas, Texas community because of his extensive philanthropic works. For Sparks the chance to give something back to the local community is a key factor in achieving business success, which is why the best selling author of “They Can’t Eat You” has set about providing funding for groups as diverse as Habitat for Humanity and programs dedicated to assisting high school students successfully pass through their educational courses. Marc Sparks has also spent much of his spare time volunteering for groups such as Habitat for Humanity and has helped out with the construction of housing for low income families.


The chance to explore the world of business is an aspect of life Marc Sparks wishes to inspire others to do as he looks to assist in providing financial assistance to new companies that may be based on a good idea, but may be headed by those who have little business knowledge or experience. The business based books, such as “They Can’t Eat You“, written by Marc Sparks provide information and assistance for those who are hoping to break into the world of business as an entrepreneur.


Creating a successful business from the ground up is an idea Marc Sparks has often been successful with as he has around 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur. To assist others hoping to become successful entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks has established a high quality venture capital company in Timber Creek; the offices of Timber Creek Capital have recently been updated to allow for a more idea friendly environment to be created that should lead to greater success for each company arriving at these offices for assistance. Timber Creek Capital has created space for up to three startups to work with the hand picked team of Marc Sparks to create a plan for future success unique to each company’s needs.


Todd Lubar: An Established Business and Family Man

Striking the balance of success as a family man and as a very successful businessman has not been a problem with Todd Lubar. He is a well-organized man who spends time with his children and still strategically manages his company, TDL Global Ventures, where he is the CEO. Todd was lucky to have access to good education because he studied at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, and later proceeded to the Peddie School Hightstown where he worked tirelessly to see himself secure a place in one of the then prestigious universities, Syracuse University, reveals About.Me. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication. He is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures LLC, a firm that is committed to availing capital for startup companies. TDL is a venture that Todd has made a success using his vast experience in the entrepreneurial world and the exposure he got while employed in different firms.

Todd’s eventual destiny as a mortgage businessman and capital provider got its roots from the very first job he did immediately after college. Some of the featured skills and endorsements on his Tumblr profile include marketing, marketing strategy, and advertising.  He worked for 4 years with Crestar Mortgage Corporation, and after the four years moved to work with Legacy Financial Group, where he worked for several years. He acquired knowledge and exposure at Legacy Financial, which he never knew would one day see him as a successful man in business. Todd also worked with Charter Funding Organization before venturing into his own business. This exposure of how the mortgage companies work as well as the financial market made him create real networks that would later help him in his venture. He also worked in the real estate business as well as the demolition business, all this giving him an upper hand concerning experience and knowledge of all the factors that affect the mortgage business at large.

After having a good network with various people in the business world, Todd opened Charter Funding as an affiliate of First Magnus Financial Corporation, which is one of the most successful companies in America. This move made the company grow steadily due to access of all the needed products. Todd later opened Legendary Financial LLC, a company that provides finances to the people who cannot access loans from banks as well as small businesses that are in need of funds.


What Happened With Devco And The Heldrich Hotel?

Devco, the New Brunswick Development Company, is always making the pressofatlanticcity news. Devco recently signed a deal with Rutgets University for a $300 million project. That alone should tell people interested in learning about Devco a lot about the company. Devco has also been in the news in regards to a loan intended to finance a New Brunswick hotel dubbed The Heldrich.

The Press of Atlantic City reports Devco developed the plans for The Heldrich. The hotel and conference center was intended to be extremely impacting on business and tourism in the New Brunswick area. Things, however, did not work out as planned.

Devco helped put together a massive loan of $20 million Casino Reinvestment Development Authority loan that was directed to the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. Loans, of course, do have to be paid back. The repayment of this loan has turned out to be problem-plagued.

The Improvement Authority really does need to improve its approach to paying off debts. The entity has not made timely payments in about five years. It has reached upwards of $7 million in missed payments. Such news hardly speaks well of the borrower.

The Heldrich Hotel opened in 2007 to much fanfare, but very few guests. The economic collapse of 2008 created the perfect storm for fiscal troubles. The hotel was never able to book enough guests to remain solvent. As a result, repaying the hefty loan proved very difficult.

A rebound does not look likely, but things can change unexpectedly. New Brunswick’s real estate market and business community has proven to be dynamic in the past.




Adam Goldenberg Drives JustFab in Becoming A Global Leader In E-Commerce

Adam Goldenberg has been an entrepreneur from a very young age. At age 15, Adam founded his first company, Gamming Alliance, which focused on advertising networks of gaming sites. The company was later acquired by Intermix Media, the parent company to Alena and MySpace. Before graduating from high school, Adam Goldenberg becomes a Vice President of Strategic planning at Intermix. Later, Adam was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer. This was impressive feats of achievements that made Adam the youngest COO of a public traded company.

At Intermix, Adam Goldenberg met Don, his long-time business partner and a friend. Intermix was bought by News Corp. in 2006. Soon after, Adam and Don launched their first new venture, Intelligent Beauty. The company established several beauty brands as market leaders. This was achieved through providing new kind of shopping experience that combined social interaction with creative fashion at an affordable price. The two partners operated under the principle that online business needs to be social, fun, and highly engaging. Moreover, through personalized platforms and affordable subscription model they prepped a significant expansion of the company.

Currently, Adam Goldenberg is the Co-CEO of JustFab, an online style community where its members receive accessories tailored to reflect their style and sense of fashions. In about 60 months, JustFab has become one of the biggest subscription e-commerce with over 35 million members. Recently, the company has expanded beyond the United States into France, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and more.  Further, the company has instituted attractive subscription model that enable personalization. JustFab is the parent company to ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and FabKids.

JustFab has attracted the fashion icon and prominent businesswoman, Kimora lee. JustFab is her official fashion home. She was intrigued by what Adam Goldenberg and his partner Don were doing after attending a JustFab function. Moreover, Kimora joined the company as the president and a creative director. Further, Josh Hannah, a seasoned entrepreneur and co-founder of BetFair joined JustFab as an investment partner. His history of success and personality fit JustFab culture perfectly, thus making him an ideal match. Adam is renowned for bringing in together the right people and makes a team that accomplishes common goals. Moreover, he has a contagious enthusiasm that motivates the team to succeed. See:

Mike Baur’s Role With The Swiss Start Up Factory

Mike Baur’s Background And Early Career

Mike Baur is a Swiss banker turned entrepreneur. His educational background includes a masters degree from the University of Rochester in the United States. In addition, Mr. Baur obtained an executive masters degree from the University of Bern in his native Switzerland.

Mr. Baur is a 20 year veteran of the banking and finance industry. He began his banking career as an intern at Swiss banking and investment firm UBS. After working for many years at UBS, which is one of Switzerland’s largest financial institutions, Mike Baur went on to work at a small private bank. He would eventually move up through the ranks of the banking industry from a humble apprentice to an executive and a respected board member of a bank.

Mike Baur was always interested in the field of banking and how money would be exchanged in the economy from a very early age. He is happy that he managed to create a successful career in his chosen profession. In 2014, Mike Baur left the banking industry to start an entrepreneurial venture. It would be called the Swiss Startup Factory.

What Is The Swiss Startup Factory? What Role Does Mike Baur Play In It?

Mike Baur is one of the co-founders of the Swiss Startup Factory, and helped to found it in 2014. He also serves as managing director of the company. In addition Mr. Baur often speaks out at conferences about entrepreneurship and promotes the Swiss Startup Factory as a platform for startups to get a head start.

The Swiss Startup Factory as its name implies is a venture that is designed to help entrepreneurs get of their feet and launch new businesses. To achieve this, the Swiss Startup Factory offers a wide suite of services that includes the following. The company offers a three month accelerator program for startups. Included in the program is financing, office space, networking and consultation.

The Swiss Startup Factory also offers shared office space and coworking spaces. You will find open desks, shared office space and private office space in a highly collaborative environment. The coworking space and shared office space facility operated by the Swiss Startup Factory is a leading facility of its kind. Amenities there include free secure Wifi access, storage space, mail service, conference rooms, lunch rooms, a fitness center, printers and a coffee bar to relax in.

Analysis Of The Life Of Michael Zomber, The Antique Arms And Armor Collector

For more than 40 years, Michael Zomber has been engaged in the business of collecting armors and antique arms. Through the collection, care and sale of the antique arms, Michael is able to conserve and protect history. Michael has shared his insights and expertise with Americans through the Tales of the Gun series, which is a history channel production. These series include guns of the orient, automobile pistols, shotguns, dueling pistols, million dollar guns and guns of the famous.

Michael is recognized internationally as an authority on Japanese samurai swords. He is a natural storyteller. Over the years, Michael has written many screenplays and historical novels, which include Shogun lemitsu and Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A child of the Civil War. In addition, he has owns a non-fiction work known as Jesus and the Samurai. Currently, all of these novels are in print. Through Renascent Films LLC, which is their proprietary company, Michael and his wife have been able to produce a critically claimed documentary film known as Soul of the Samurai.

Michael understands the horrors and effects associated with armed conflict. To this end, he has shown his support for the NGO’s whose mission devolves around fostering peace. These NGO’s includes Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, Global Exchange and UNICEF. Together with his wife, Michael has two children, Christopher and Gabriella. They reside in a city outside Philadelphia. Michael was born in Washington DC. He is an alumnus of the University of Illinois and UCLA. In his undergraduate studies, Michael graduated with honors in English literature and psychology. For his masters, Michael pursued English literature.

Michael seeks to work with individuals having a similar passion of safeguarding the past. At one point, Michael owned weapons belonging to important figures such as Simone Bolivar and George Washington. In his book, Shogun lemitsu, which was published by iUniverse, Michael highlights a day in the lives of Hideo and Kobiyashi. These two young individuals are samurais. In the book, Kyushu province is discontented with Tokugawa Shogunate.

The book chronicles the torrid summer heat that has driven the inhabitants half mad. This includes the Samurai. Kobiyashi and Hideo are working for Lord Arima. Lord Arima is hatching a plot to rebel against Tokugawa Shogunate. After hours of walking, the two young samurai, Kobiyashi and Hideo, are entangled in a whirlwind of murder, treason, conspiracy and love. However, the Samurais are able to preserve their honor based on the true adherence to Bushido, which is Samurai’s way of life.  Read more about Michael on

Fabletics Adding Swimwear to their Fitness Fashion Collection

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics company is planning an expansion Ð literally.

The women’s athletic fitness clothing company recently announced a launch of a swim collection to their list of clothing gear in an article at Elite Daily. Fabletics also is planning to unveil another line of complementary dresses.

The company, started by the actress Hudson, began the clothing brand in an effort to provide good fitness apparel for women, in hopes of encouraging more females to feel more comfortable working out in the name of better health and a cleaner lifestyle.

As a digital service company offers subscriptions to customers for a clothes-buying membership. Newcomers get a discount for their first ensemble, then get billed monthly for a new outfit of choice. Customers do have the option to skip a month if they don’t particularly like a certain month’s clothing options.

Now these customers have a chance to acquire fashionable swimwear inspired nautical, tropical, and tribal influences. In keeping with its environmentally safe beliefs, all swimwear apparel come from recycled fabrics yet still offer UV protection.

In following with the recent trend set by the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Fabletics offers a greater variety of sizes from XXS to XXL, ensuring that these clothing options aren’t limited to just the slender frames of the world. Also, the clothing types include both two-piece options and singlets.

The Fabletics web site is located at Among the site features include sections on Kate’s personal favorite choices at a discounted rate for members.

JustFab said that Fabletics began in 2013 based on Hudson’s goal of creating fashionable and trendy fitness wear for women (more story –

The clothing apparel line was designed to not just help women during workouts, but also were trendy enough to wear even in a public setting.

Slyce Speeding to its Success: Finances of 2015

On the 1st of March, 2016, Yahoo! Finance brought the world’s attention to the last year’s financial progress of Slyce. According to the details released by the company, last year had been a gold mine in terms of partnerships, allowing rewarding contracts to be chalked out with names as popular as Urban Outfitters, Shoe Carnival, SHOES.COM and Marcus. The last one, Marcus, has joined hands with Slyce to power its NM application, and is utilizing the visual search of similar products when shopping in a particular category through taking three dimensional photos of the preferred objects.

In addition to this, Slyce managed to bring about the production of a scanner that would work universally through a camera and recognize all types of products, not to mention the barcodes as well. The launch of the scanner took place in October. Previously, August saw the launch and immediate success of Coupon Author, a service intended to allow the retailers to distribute the various offers on their products. Later, in November, Slyce Link became operational.

The progress of Slyce is well reflected in the unbelievable 1784% increment in the total revenue generated in 2015 as compared to that in 2014. Values went from $89,803 to $1,692,292 in this regard. The expenses also increased from $6,900,310 to $11,639,430 because of the acquisition of more and more initiatives. At the end of the quarter, therefore, Slyce was looking down on a favorable total loss value of $12,069,466 as opposed to the much larger sum of $17,576,576 that was announced in 2014.

Recently, in February 2016, Slyce has announced that an investor would be subscribing for 5 million dollars out of a figure of 7 million in terms of units owned within the company. With 3.5 million dollars worth of units already subscribed to by the unidentified investor, the company is looking forward to close the deal as quickly as possible.