Highland Capital Investment Firm

Highland Capital recently announced that they would increase their dividend payout to .0770 per share. The firm has 17.7 billion in assets, and specializes in floating loans, and floating rate investments. The goal of the fund is to preserve capital while supplying income through dividend payouts for shareholders. Visit highland.com to know more.

The fund is based out of Dallas, Texas, and there are also offices in London, New York, Singapore, and Seoul. The fund is based primarily on the credit sector, with leverage in the emerging markets and long/short equities, along with natural resources amidst other sectors such as alternative markets.

This dividend news was released on April 2nd, and the payouts were made on April 30th 2018. This dividend increase was important to both shareholders and investors alike as it signals the steady growth of the company in its aim to manage capital and secure it as a long term investment solution which then becomes a steady source of income for many of its shareholders.

Highland Capital Investment’s Clients:

  • High Net Worth individuals
  • Public Pension Plans
  • Foundations
  • Endowments
  • Corporations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Fund of Funds
  • Governments

Overall, this fund has been a solid, wise, and practical investment for many of these types of institutions to maintain wealth while generating income. Since November 3rd 2017, Highland Capital became a closed end fund and started trading with the symbol HFRO.

Visit: http://www.hcp.com/

Since then, with more room for leg work, and more time for investment planning; now the fund seeks to steadily increase dividends for its shareholders while also increasing the value of the fund per share. The leaders and innovators behind this fund based in Dallas, TX have a great capacity to see opportunity as it arises, in many areas of industry. Therefore, it may be intriguing to consider what this fund does for it’s shareholders so well now, and into the future. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Wes Edens Took A Unique Route To NBA Ownership

Wes Edens is not your typical NBA owner and he took a unique path in order to achieve this goal. After graduating from Oregon State University in 1984, he was hired by Lehman Brothers three years later. Edens worked his way up to managing director over the course of the ensuing six years.After becoming a partner as well, Edens decided to move on in 1993 and it was at this time that he decided to join the BlackRock Asset Investors team. He became a managing director and partner at this firm as well.Fortress Investment Group was the next stop on his road to success. When the group was founded in 1998, Wes Edens was one of the five principal partners involved. He helped to oversee the company’s first initial public offering and he is responsible for what the firm has become today.He was also instrumental in assisting the company during their resounding rebound in the wake of the subprime mortgage crisis.

Stock prices fell precipitously during this period but thanks to the help of Edens, it did not take long for Fortress Investment Group to bounce back.When longtime owner Herb Kohl finally elected to sell the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, Edens came together with Marc Lasry to submit the winning $550 million bid. The team was in danger of moving to a different city before the purchase but Edens has pledged to invest the money that it will take to build a new arena.He is also placing a major bet on the world of e-sports. Over the past few years, he has made a number of investments in this realm. It started with the $2.5 million purchase of a League of Legends team in 2016 and continued in 2017 with the establishment of the FlyQuest league.

Wes Edens was not content to stop there, though. When the NBA decided to establish a professional NBA 2K league where top notch gamers could compete against one another for real money. 16 of the 30 teams in the NBA have elected to create teams for this venture and it is expected to be instrumental when it comes to engendering fandom in the younger demographics. Console gaming is believed to be one of the key factors in creating younger NBA fans who will grow with the product and Wes Edens is placing a crucial bet on this direction. If his track record is any indication? This is a bet that is about to break his way.

Paul Mampilly – A Successful Investor And Initiator Of Wise Investment

Mr. Paul Mampilly started his successful career with Bankers Trust, where he was employed as a junior portfolio manager. He quickly rose to prominent positions at prestigious corporate institutions, including ING and Deutsche Bank. While working at ING and Deutsche Bank, Paul Mampilly was in charge of the management of multimillion-dollar accounts. Paul Mampilly was also recruited by Kinetics Asset Management to manage its hedge fund. Under the management of Mr. Mampilly, the assets of the firm rose from $6 billion to $25 billion. This gave an average annual return equivalent to 26%.

Mr. Paul Mampilly also participated in the admired investment competition that was held by Templeton Foundation. He joined the competition with an investment of 50 million dollars. Paul managed to convert the investment to $88 million within one year. The most impressive fact of the achievement is that Paul managed it during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. However, Mampilly grew tired of making money for the rich. He wanted to help many people who were in need of help. As a result, a newsletter known as Profits Unlimited was founded. Through Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly can use his expertise and skills to help several people from different backgrounds. According to Paul Mampilly, the research done by Profits Unlimited comes at a cost that many Americans can afford. It provides you with what you cannot find on the Wall Street because it only caters to the needs of the super elite.

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Even though he left Wall Street, Paul Mampilly is still involved with investment activities. He continuously follows the trend and performance of various companies and markets. Through his trading skills, Paul can successfully invest both his money and money of other people as well. Paul understands that investment is simple. You only need to stick to the basics of buying and selling the pattern. As an investor, Paul Mampilly knows that you can only be successful when you satisfy the needs and interest of your clients. A good investor is the one who strives to make the lives of other people better. For that reason, Paul has continued to offer investing services to many individuals with the hope of giving them the chance of experiencing a wise investment.

Find more about Paul Mampilly: http://www.gcreport.com/investor-paul-mampilly-predicts-the-future-for-large-returns/

Wealth Solutions Provides Highly Customized Wealth Management

Wealth Solutions is a Texas-based registered investment advisor. The firm specializes in wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. The company was established by Richard Blair in 1994.

As a wealth manager, the company assists individuals, families, and small businesses in portfolio management by diversifying investments and seeking the best returns based on individually tailored approach. These customized solutions, rather than generic products, are one of the reasons why clients choose this company.

In addition, financial planning services involve creating both short- and long-term plans that take into consideration individual goals and circumstances. Wealth Solutions provides answers for a variety of financial needs such as college funding. For example, it helps with 529 Plans. This company can also assist with estate planning.

When it comes to retirement planning, clients get assistance with complexities involved in saving for retirement. Help is given in setting up and investing in retirement accounts, while many resources are used including 401(k)s, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), mutual funds, and annuities. Since this is all about building a nest egg, conservative approach is used in this area of investing.

Richard Blair holds quite many professional designations related to wealth management and financial planning. He’s a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), Certified Income Specialist (CIS), and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP).

Richard follows a 3 Pillars Approach. First, client’s goals, strengths, and risk tolerance are analyzed, and a financial roadmap is laid out.

Finally, client’s insurance needs are analyzed. After all, not everything can be predicted and unfavorable circumstances do occur. Right insurance helps to mitigate negative impacts.

To manage his company, Richard has a team of assistants at Austin, Texas office. The whole company is dedicated to servicing clients and providing quality investment advise. This ensures that successful long-term relationships with clients are established.

If you’re looking for asset protection and professional advise, with financial and retirement planning, as well as wealth management solutions, this could be a right place for you.

Learn more: https://datafox.com/wealth-solutions