The New Path of the Chainsmokers.

The Chain Smokers are just two years old in the music industry but what they have done is immense. They have received many awards within a short span of time from their hit songs. They started back in 2015 with their song “Roses” which earned them a spot among the Top 10. The production of their magnificent work can be attributed to the fact that they not only produce but also sing in their productions.

The Chain Smokers reached their peak after winning the Grammy’s with the song “Don’t Let Me Down,” which also brought Daya to the limelight. The group has also been able to achieve the feat of dominating the billboard charts having a twelve-week streak on top of the table. Such success with just two years can bring about demand from fans seeking more from the duo. The Chain Smokers have been on their toes producing their latest single “Sick Boy” which has taken the industry by surprise due to the message conveyed.

“Sick Boy” unlike the previous music by the duo talks about the ills of the society. The society has taken the role of the judge and jury prosecuting certain individuals without necessarily getting to know their personalities. This has a long-term effect on the whole community in general as people are discriminated. Social media has made it worse as people have a platform to air out their views without having consequences.

Frustration, anger, and concern were among the feelings that the Chain smokers had when they were coming up with the song. The pair has gained experience in the industry that will be helpful as they take another turn in their music career. The song “Sick Boy” is just the first step into the new path.

“Sick Boy” is aimed to the society that has been dramatically affected by social media with people having a great concern to what they post out to the world to see. This path can be considered to be darker as it may spark various reactions from the fan base but it may also help those that are dealing with the current society.

Clay Huston : Stage And Sound Experimenter Perfectionist

Clay Hutson has gained a successful career as a tour manager through innovative use of equipment across his stages. Huston manages stage production among other tails of show production including sound. His success is visible with the brand of names he has worked with throughout his career. Recently, he managed One Republic’s 2017 tour in which they optimized a new automatic stage system. Hutson introduced VER to everyone, an automated rigging system promising to perfect lighting and movement on the stage. VER is an automatically precise remote with the elevation and descend of ceilings and ropes avoiding any minor errors and increasing safety measures. VER also provides a greener option for less overall power usage. VER is able to decrease the number of ropes used across the stage. Every stage movement is now tightened through the effect of using one rope to control the others. As the sound manager for many past noted artists Hutson has also been known to use the DiGiCo mixing systems. In addition to VER Huston uses DiGiCo SD7 a newer mixing console model in concerts featuring Rihanna and U2 among others during his stage managing years. Hutson has been impressed with the speed and grand ease of the SD7 console and in trying to vocalize his vision, the SD7 delivers exact vocal capability. Many names such as David Payne who has worked mixing for Taylor Swift also regards the SD7 unlike any other sound console ever met before. He commends Clay Huston for his choice to put such a machine on stage.Huston has often been clear about wanting to branch out and experiment with different models of sound and stage, choices that larger production companies steer away from. With or without economic means, Huston’s show managing is of a true perfectionist. On his company web site Clay Huston displays all the many branches of work he does for showbiz. He also offers it all for a reasonable cost. Huston has made himself available from the most famous of stages to offering local service. His reputation goes beyong money and more towards executing a note-worthy show. Learn more: