The History Of End Citizens United

Campaign finance law is absolutely ridiculous. Corporations are allowed to make direct donations to a candidate’s coffers in very small amounts. Otherwise, corporations are able to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence the election through the use of PAC’s. It’s an absurd loophole that was created by a Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United.

The decision earned the name because it’s the name of the plaintiff. Citizens United is an extreme right-wing political action committee. They tried to air a propaganda film during the 2008 election cycle that slammed Hillary Clinton. The FEC refused to air the film and demanded to know the financers of the fake documentary. Citizens United fought back saying that they should not have to disclose the financers and that they should have the right to air fake news.

The FEC held fast and another federal court also said no. Then the long arm of the law reached down into obscurity to elevate the case to the Supreme Court. The decision was earth-shattering. In a contentious decision, five conservative Supreme Court justices laid down ridiculous case law. It can be summarized like this. Corporations are individual American citizens with constitutional protections so spending cannot be limited because it’s an expression of speech. View the group’s profile on

However, corporations still have to play by the rules. Corporations are still limited in direct donations but can funnel dark money through political action committees. That means you may not know which corporation is swaying the election in which direction.

End Citizens United is here to fight against everything that has poured out of this incredibly stupid decision. They were formed a few years after the decision was made and have been fighting against it ever since. End Citizens United believes in one vote for one person. The group has a plan to completely destroy the decision.

End Citizens United will end Citizens United with a multi-tiered plan. They carefully select Democratic candidates to endorse, use their grassroots fundraising to help those candidates and will eventually help those candidates pass a law reversing the decision. The group is currently in Texas backing Beto O’Rourke.



Hiral Tipirneni Attempts To Close Gap

Can the unthinkable be done in Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District’s special election? That is what politico’s from around the country are wondering as today (April 24th) is the day voters come to the polls to make their decision. One thing is for certain, it seems by all accounts that even if the Republican candidate wins it is going to be at a much, MUCH smaller margin than statewide conservatives would like to see. Hiral Tipirneni, the Democratic candidate, has made an absolutely spirited campaign to flip the ruby red district and polling trends heading into Tuesday’s election have shown that there is in fact a distinct possibility that Tipirneni emerges victorious and completes the historic upset.

One major factor in Hiral Tipirneni’s success is attributable to End Citizens United which has been a major force both in the realm of donations and with support in the field during Get Out The Vote efforts the last few days. End Citizens United (ECU) was created in March of 2015 and has made a name for itself by identifying politicians willing to stand against the disastrous Supreme Court decision that allowed corporations to spend essentially unlimited amounts of money on elections, thus bending the rules of the game in their favor. If you can believe it, ECU has raised $100,000 in small-dollar donations for the Hiral campaign and no matter what happens at the ballot box on Tuesday it is a guarantee that ECU will have played a major factor in the success of the Hiral Tipirneni campaign.

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It is impossible to look at the Arizona 8th Congressional District race without thinking of Connor Lamb’s upset victory in Pennsylvania just a few months ago. While this suburban Phoenix district certainly is tilted with advantage towards the Republicans, the Hiral campaign has gone above and beyond in painting the E.R. Physician as a political outsider who is more interested in policy answers to help the working-class than she is concerned about special interest donors according to Another major thing in common with the Lamb race? Both candidates were endorsed by ECU. While it is going to take everything they have and more to deliver a Democratic victory, the support of End Citizens United is quickly becoming viewed as instrumental for any progressive candidate looking to pull off a major political upset.

Fans of transparency and justice alike will have any eye on Arizona on April 24th, and if Hiral can pull off the upset then it will be just another datapoint that ending special interest influence in politics isn’t just the moral thing — it is a winning electoral strategy as well.

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Dick DeVos Throws His Support Behind Marco Rubio

Dick DeVos of the powerful DeVos family of Michigan has revealed that the DeVos family is now getting behind Republican presidential nominee Marco Rubio. In an interview with the Detroit News, Dick said the family was at first behind Jeb Bush. However Bush’s poor showing at the South Carolina primary and subsequent withdrawal from the race, led the DeVos family to support a new candidate, Marco Rubio. Dick hopes that his family’s public endorsement of the Florida senator will help him to build momentum in time for the upcoming Michigan primary which will take place on March 8th.

The DeVos family is known for being a major supporter and donor of the Republican party (Read more here: In fact Dick, once ran for governor of Michigan on the Republican party platform, but ultimately lost. The DeVos family is a strong backer of conservative principles that the Republican party considers vital in its campaign. 

Back to the DeVos family’s support of Republican candidate Marco Rubio, the DeVoses have pledged to contribute significant amounts of money to the senator’s presidential nomination campaign. Donations will be made both directly to Marco’s campaign and to his super political action committee or super PAC.

Dick believes that Marco Rubio would be an excellent candidate for presidency. He believes the junior senator has the vision, leadership, perspective and experience to serve as president of the United States of America. Dick knows Marco Rubio from the days when Rubio served as speaker of the Florida state house of representatives. During his tenure as speaker of the house, Rubio along with then governor Jeb Bush helped push through legislation to allow greater choice of schools for parents. This is a cause that Dick has himself promoted and continues to promote in his home state of Michigan. 

Dick DeVos is a billionaire and one of the heirs to the direct selling company Amway founded by his father Richard DeVos. Dick served as CEO of Amway for almost 10 years before stepping down (Learn more about him in this MLive feature). He is actively involved himself in strengthening education in his hometown of Grand Rapids and for greater school choices in Michigan.  DeVos also donates to the arts, educational institutions and charities that help people in poverty through the foundation he and his wife run.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016