HCR Wealth Advisors: Navigating Rough Seas After a Calm 2017

The market has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Standard financial products that were sold to the masses often worked in past decades. The market was simpler to understand and moved at a much slower pace using snail mail, newspapers and phone calls to get information around the country.

Today’s markets are lightning fast. Information can be sent across the entire globe in an instant which makes the markets move even faster than before. And the information age brings with it more information than most investors can handle. Investors would do well to develop a skill that allows them to separate important pieces of information from the unimportant pieces. Investors who can do this quicker than others can make more money.

HCR Wealth Advisors says that personalized investment strategies are more important than ever. The SEC-registered investment advisory firm is based out of Los Angeles, California, and has had some clients stay with the firm for more than a decade. They work with many high-income clients in order to develop personalized investment strategies that take into account a variety of different variables.

The most important variable, according to HCR Wealth Advisors, is the client’s financial goals. The firm must understand these goals before a strategy can be developed in order to make it as personalized as possible. And the firm shows plenty of transparency with its portfolio moves. This is why customers often stay with the company for generations.

HCR Wealth Advisors believes that individualized strategies may help clients navigate the volatile waters of the 2018 market. This all comes after the seas were relatively calm in 2017. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates three times in order to aid the economy.  The S&P 500 also showed positive returns for every month of the year, which had never happened before.

Annual returns for the S&P 500 were over 20% for 2017. 2018 is showing more volatility with 400-point market swings. HCR Wealth Advisors helps clients navigate this up-and-down market utilizing its years of experience. HCR Wealth Advisors can help individuals capitalize on the volatility of today’s market while helping to shield against risk.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Is A Leading Real Estate Developer In The Middle East

Hussain Sajwani has made great strides as a businessman. His accomplishments are recognized around the globe. Forbes Magazine selected him as one of the top four richest men in the Middle East. Sajwani is said to have a net worth of over 4 billion dollars. He was able to build his empire one step at a time. Sajwani is the son of an entrepreneur and carried that spirit into his current business practices

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani went to college on a government scholarship and earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington. After completing school he joined Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. Hussain remained at Abu Dhabi Gas for two years before deciding to go out on his own and start a new business. He launched a catering company that grew to worldwide success. It is currently known as Global Logistics Services and has contracts with the United States military and Bechtel.

DAMAC Properties soon followed as Sajwani’s next bold move. DAMAC Properties has set the standard for real estate development firms throughout the Middle East. The company has developed more than 19,000 apartment complexes that have over 44,000 units.

According to saudiprojects.net, Hussain Sajwani is regularly involved with high profile projects. DAMAC Properties built the golf course that was designed by Tiger Woods. The Trump Organization manages to golf course. It is a signature development in the area. DAMAC Properties remains very close to the Trump Organization. The two companies have a great working relationship.

DAMAC Properties has been involved in other sophisticated developments such as the Paramount Hotels and Resorts. It also produced the Italian Versace houses as well as the Bugatti style villas.

Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) and DAMAC Properties have done business regularly with the Trump Organization. Donald Trump has since taking over the office of President of the United States. Many questioned his relationship with the Middle Eastern businessman. However, Sajwani and Mr Trump have assured the business world that there would be no conflict of interest. DAMAC Properties has worked with Donald Trump jr and Eric Trump, the two men who will be running the Trump Organization.


Boraie Development and Partners Revitalize New Jersey

When it comes to growth, development, and urban revitalization in New Jersey, there is no other company that does it better than Boraie Development. Nicknamed the “Kobe Bryant” of development by one of its partners, the company aims to help derelict, neglected and economically depressed areas regain their former glory.


According to Crunchbase, over the past 30 years, Boraie Development has lived up to these goals and more. Founder and president, Sam Boraie, began this journey many years ago after leaving his native Egypt to study chemistry in the United States. Instead of working in a laboratory, Boraie found that he had a talent for real estate development.


This talent paid off in the revitalization of his hometown and the headquarters of Boraie Development, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Over the course of several decades, Boraie development helped energize the city’s neglected communities with luxury apartments, retail space, and numerous other construction projects that transformed the face of New Brunswick dramatically.


But Boraie didn’t just stop in New Brunswick, according to patch.com, recently the company partnered with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal to begin work on projects in Newark, New Jersey.


One of those projects informally called Shaq Towers is scheduled to open at the end of this year. The 22 story building contains 168 market-rate apartments in addition to generous retail space and is located on Rector Street.


Shaq Towers has the distinction of being the first high-rise built in Newark in the last 50 years and is expected to provide an economic boost to the surrounding area. Spectacular views can be seen from Shaq Towers spanning the Hudson to Manhattan and further up to the Passaic.


The building project will also create job opportunities for the residents of Newark, as O’Neal, Boraie, and the city of Newark worked in conjunction to create Project Newark. Project Newark aims to give women, minorities, and veterans a chance to begin a career in construction and other unionized jobs.


But breathing life back into Newark won’t be that easy. In addition to Shaq Towers, O’Neal and Boraie have made plans for other parts of the city, including a complex that will feature a movie theater, supermarket, residential units and retail space.


Another $150 million, 35-story building featuring 350 market-rate apartments on McCarter Highway is also underway and will help build the city’s downtown area tremendously.


Boraie development isn’t just rebuilding Newark, the company aims to help rebuild the iconic Atlantic City, which has lost some of its luster in recent decades. The Beach at South Inlet is an $81 million project that will have 250 luxury apartment units, that will hopefully cater to the millennial generation. The building is slated to be the first residential unit in the city since casinos were built.


Boraie Development is a company committed to revitalizing urban markets, making communities stronger, economically viable, and most of all, better.




How Todd Lubar Thrived in the Real Estate Sector

Todd Lubar is an accomplished serial entrepreneur who has a lot of expertise and experience when it comes to the real estate industry. The successful businessman ventured into the industry in 1995 and always worked hard to climb up the ladder of success. Ever since he was young, Todd Lubar has always had the passion for assisting other people. He has therefore used this passion in his business and to also finance his career. Todd Lubar first joined the business world after working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation a loan originator. It was during his time at this company that he studied the mortgage banking concept.

A more significant part of Todd Lubar’s career has gone into developing relationships with various real estate agents, insurance agents, financing planners as well as CPA’s. According to Todd Lubar, these relationships form a significant base when it comes to referral base for any business. After serving in the business world for four years, Todd acquired an equity position in the Legacy Financial Group. This move allowed Todd Lubar to expand his lending capabilities and broke loans to the investors outside. Todd Lubar also started offering credits just like a Direct Mortgage bank. After working with Legacy Financial for a while, Todd Lubar decided to take his focus on real estate to the next level. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

According Patch, in 2002, the successful entrepreneur established a real estate company known as Legendary Properties. The primary mission of the company was to operate as a residential development company to its consumers. Under the leadership and management of Todd Lubar, Legendary Properties was able to purchase and sell over 200 transactions. The company registered tremendous growth and success within a short period of time. After establishing Legendary Properties, Todd was able to develop profitable partnerships with various professionals experienced in the real estate sector. Within a short time, Todd was able to come up with high-quality real estate products. Todd Lubar serves as a trend-setter in the real estate field. He also serves as a mentor to many upcoming entrepreneurs who wish to venture into the real estate industry. The success of Todd Lubar comes from his passion, hard work and commitment.