The Launch of the Brown Modeling Agency

The latest in the modeling industry is that Heyman Talent-South has acquired Wilhelmina Austin. Now it is launching it as The Brown Agency. This way two of the largest and best talent agencies of this region have come together. This way the unique capabilities and characteristics of both these entities will be coming together with each one leveraging the other. This way The Brown Agency will become the only agency in Austin providing complete services. It will also become one of the few ones offering this in Texas.


Justin Brown is going to be at the helm of this agency. It was in 2010 that Wilhelmina Austin was launched in Austin. Today it is among the most respected modeling agencies in Texas.


Heyman Talent-South has been able to become one of the most successful agencies promoting acting talent in Austin. Once these two companies combine and launch the new company by the name of The Brown Agency, the clients will get access to a much wider portfolio. They will be able to provide greater opportunities to the experienced talent all across the country this way.


This agency will have its headquarters in Austin. Besides, it will have offices in Dallas and Los Angeles too.


Earlier, Justin Brown was heading Wilhelmina Austin. Now he will lead The Brown Agency as its CEO and President. Michael B. Bonnée who was the founder of Heyman Talent-South will now look after the theatrical division of this new modeling agency.


Justin Brown considers this merger with Heyman Talent-South as an integral part of their growth strategy. Now The Brown Agency will become a full-service agency. This will help in their commitment to serve their talents as well as clients in a much better way. Both these agencies are focused on finding and selecting the best talent. They would like to prep them up on a much larger market. This way they would be able to deliver talent that is professional, and elegant besides being dependable too. After the merger, it would become possible to do all this on a much larger scale.


Michael B. Bonnée is looking after the growth of The Brown Agency’s theatrical division. He is excited about it as he knows that this combination of talent and expertise is going to give rise to a lot of exciting opportunities. Check out for more.



There is going to be a formal celebration of the launch of The Brown Agency. It is being planned for early December.


The Brown Agency will be a leading commercial talent as well as a modeling agency. It will be based in Central Texas. The Brown Agency will provide its clients with a wide range of talent options. Besides, the talent will get exposure to the largest brands in the world.