“Freedom Checks”: Gaining Wealth Through Tax Loopholes

The Republicans were able to get their tax plan passed and companies will greatly benefit this year due to the tax breaks. Many Americans are also going to get a huge tax break which will mean more money in their bank accounts. Americans now have some cash that will enable them to take advantage of a simple investing strategy that can add more tax benefits and an income stream. The investment strategy has been given the catchy nickname “Freedom Checks”. The payments that an investor can earn from this investment opportunity depend on how much money the individual invests but there is much to gain from this unique investing strategy. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Financial Advisor Matt Badiali was the man who brought “Freedom Checks” investing to the regular public. He has been advising investors to position themselves to start receiving these payments. This investment strategy is typically used by very few investors. The secret to this investment opportunity is to invest in “Master Limited Partnerships”. These companies carry tax advantages that they enjoy and pass along to the investor. An MLP does not have to pay any federal income taxes on the condition that they pay ninety percent of their profits to their investors. An investor who receives these payouts gets a huge tax break in that they don’t have to pay any income taxes on the distributions the company pays them. An MLP tends to pay larger distributions than an average dividend paying company, resulting in a higher residual income stream for an investor.

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Anyone who has a brokerage account can become an investor with a small starting capital. Shares of an MLP trade like any security on the major stock exchanges. One does not have to be rich to start receiving a tax-free residual income stream. Some people first confused “Freedom Checks” to be a government agency like Social Security or Medicare. Depending on the amount an investor starts with, their payments could potentially dwarf those of a Social Security payment. After doing one’s research an investor can determine if earning “Freedom Checks” has a place in their financial portfolio. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.