Whitney Wolfe Excels In Male Dominated Online Dating Industry

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO of a dating app named Bumble that was created in 2014 and has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The company has close to 22 million registered users and is known for its feminist approach when it comes to matchmaking, since it offers women the opportunity to be the first to reach out for a match.

In 2012, Whitney Wolfe helped to co-create Tinder together with two other friends; Justin Mateen and Sean Rad, playing a major role in it becoming a viral sensation. In the capacity of vice-president of marketing, Whitney Wolfe contributed to it becoming popular as she introduced it to men and women in neighboring colleges where she was studying.

When she left Tinder after a sexual allegations suit, she came up with Merci. This was a social network that was dedicated to women only. However, she was approached by the Badoo founder to head the marketing office of the dating forum. Wolfe turned the offer down and told him about Merci. He was happy with the idea and he provided her with the funds and his technical team who would assist her in shipping and building it. In addition to this, she also had the authority to make decisions and control it creatively.

Whitney Wolfe tried to bypass the idea, however, her husband who was her boyfriend at that time encouraged her to accept the offer. Nonetheless, the new company would be an entity where 79% was Badoo’s, 20% to her and 1% to consultants Sarah Mick and Christopher Gulczynski. Bumble has proven to be really successful even without a development team.

In 2016, Bumble created the Bumble BFF feature that assists to expand the use and reduces the limitations of the app. The app allows users to find friends online with whom they connect with when they visit new cities or when they are on vacation.

Bumble competes in the market with giant dating app Match.com and Tinder that she helped create. However, it stands out as online abuse and harassment are minimally lower in comparison to its competitors. Bumble allows women who have received sexual violence on their site to block their perpetrators and report them to a customer service team. The company also has zero tolerance for the posting of genital photographs.

Whitney was born in Salt Lake, Utah and began entrepreneurship at an early age. She attended Southern Methodist University where she majored in International Studies. Whitney is married to Michael Herd who is a restaurateur. The couple had an extraordinary wedding at Villa Tre Ville, a spot neither of them had been to, sparking emotions of a surprise for them and their guests.

Setting Out On The Business Road

If you’re thinking about starting a business like Doe Deere, there are a few things that you want to consider so that you will be successful. Any time you start something new, it can be a challenge, but there are benefits associated with owning a business as well. Take a look at some of the tactics of other business owners, such as Doe Deere, to get an idea of how they started out. She is the owner of Lime Crime. Her enterprise started as a simple online business selling cosmetics and fashions. Learn more: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/05/finding-your-business-niche-like-doe-deere/

Meeting Doe Deere

Doe Deere is known in the fashion world as a woman who caters to women who want to be unicorns. She sells makeup and other items in bold and dazzling colors that make women feel like they can stand out from other people while having fun at the same time. Products sold by Lime Crime include nail polish, lip gloss, lipstick, hair dye, and eye shadow. Doe started Lime Crime in 2004, and the business continues to grow each year. She moved from Russia to New York when she was younger, launching Lime Crime after selling cosmetics and other items on eBay.

Find An Idea You Enjoy

When you’re trying to think of business ideas, look at some of the things that you enjoy doing on a regular basis, such as crafts or baking. When you own a business selling products you know about and that you enjoy, it’s easier to want to operate the business and be involved with the decisions that are made. Doe took her love of makeup and turned it into a successful business venture. Learn more: https://galoremag.com/lime-crime-creator-doe-deere-colors-haters/

Create A Plan
Don’t get started in a business of any kind until you make a business plan. This plan should include all of the details that will make the business function. Components should include financing, how you’re going to pay back loans and the supplies that you’re going to need to operate the business. Think about the money that it’s going to take to get started and what you plan to do if there are slow periods when you’re not selling as much. Doe Deere understands that a business can take time to become established, but the reward is worth the wait. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lime-crime-launches-mlf-velvetine-collection-for-mothers-day-300444493.html

Everything You Need to Know About Doe Deere in 60 Seconds

Doe Deere is the gorgeous founding female behind the cosmetic line, Lime Crime. She founded the company in 2008 and began selling her signature colorful cosmetics through the internet website, Ebay. A year later, she began selling her Unicorn lipsticks through the popular artisan website, Etsy. The products were a massive success that propelled Deere’s career in cosmetics, and the rest is history.

Today, Doe is still the inspiration and positive force behind Lime Crime. However, she now employs an entire team of professionals dedicated to the cosmetic line. Her business partner is none other than her husband, and together the team strives to offer the most inspiring beauty products available.

The cosmetic line features bold colors, like vibrant purple lips and neon foil eyeshadows. Deere incorporates the products, along with color hair-dos, into her personal beauty routine. Fans, which Deere calls “unicorns,” shower her with compliments on her overcrowded Instagram page. The product line has grown from a few lipstick options to dozens of eye and lip choices and bundled cosmetic packages. They also feature season specific items, such as their “Halloween” line, with limit-edition shades fit for the occasion.

Deere was born and raised in Russia and moved to the United States prior to launching her cosmetic line. Originally, she moved to New York City where she underwent a brief and somewhat successful career as a musician. She also met husband-to-be. Today, she calls her home Los Angeles, California.

Deere is an inspiration to many. For one, she is a highly successful female entrepreneur. Better yet, her successful business is brain-child of her very own zany dream. When Deere first began experimenting with makeup, she discovered its unique quality to reinvent personal beauty. While she held on to the dream of a cosmetic line for many years, when she finally took the plunge and started her own business she was rewarded with near-instantaneous success.

Those in the beauty industry are also inspired by Deere’s unique point-of-view. Not only was she able to launch a highly successful internet-only cosmetic line, but she was able to gain stardom out of nowhere. There is only a handful of successful cosmetic companies which dominate the market. For a small line to sprout up and remain successful is very rare. Deere is not purely business minded, though. In fact, she is more focused on the creative aspect of the makeup line. Moreover, she has insisted that the line be animal-friendly and transitioned to making the once cruelty-free products now completely vegan.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime products are rising in popularity and every eye in the beauty industry is watching what Deere will do next. Having always focused on providing products that both she and like-minded people can enjoy, she has senior cosmetic industry executives questioning their modern approach to consumers. As Deere continues to blaze a trail all her own, be sure to follow closely and see what she conjures up next!

Check out Lime Crime HERE, and see the products for yourself!

Doe Deere and Lime Crime Impacting the Fashion World

Doe Deere is an internet celebrity. She exploded onto social media with her trademark blue chiffon hair and exaggerated makeup, and has continued to impress the masses. In the process, she has convinced others of the value of her product line, Lime Crime, as their “go to” for makeup products. This transplant from Russia who landed in New York City and made the logical progression to California recently was awarded a title shared with Suze Ormond and Arianna Huffington. Self-Made magazine named this triumvirate as the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. Not bad company for Deere who is an inspiration to her horde of admirers called unicorns.

Deere was interviewed by Galore magazine and said the decision to name her along with Huffington and Ormond by Self-Made magazine was in her words surreal, and Deere desires to be a positive role model for other women hoping to start their own businesses. She explained in the article that she had an intense interest in colors and makeup early on in her life and started experimenting with makeup at a slumber party. Any pictures of that slumber party would be worth their weight in gold. But Deere only opens up a little when interviewed. She is married, and her husband is a working business partner of Lime Crime. She and her husband recently moved and have decorated their home in true Lime Crime colors and in the eclectic unicorn style.

What we know about Deere and Lime Crime is that the company was showcased on Amazon and has achieved great success since its introduction in 2004. Deere has managed to effortlessly promote herself and her company and has an obvious eye for style and uses this sense of style in every aspect of Lime Crime’s development. A simple glance at her success and you know that she is deserving of the accolades and the title as one of the “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs” selected by Self-Made magazine.  Be sure to also check out the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere.