Class Dojo Continues To Help Build Communication In The Schooling Community

Teachers are able to better connect with their student’s thanks to an innovative app called Class Dojo. In the past, communication has been difficult, especially for parents, when it comes to staying connected to students in and out of the classroom. With Class Dojo, which focuses on improving communication at every level, parents are able to stay informed about their child’s progress and behavior in school. Teachers are able to engage their students in a more productive and fun way, leading to increased learning in a shorter period of time. Class Dojo has a storyboard that also lets students share with the classroom through various different ways, including videos. Not only is this effective for student’s in class, but it also allows teachers to share with other classrooms around the country and even the world.

Communication has long been missing from the educational department, but as technology continues to improve, so do the learning platforms available. Class Dojo is not only unique for specializing in communication, but also for being entirely free. Since first launching back in 2011, Class Dojo has managed to expand greatly. Most classrooms at the elementary level in the United States have incorporated Class Dojo and it continues to grow daily. Although the program is free, it continues to improve and add new ways for parents to stay involved with their kids. One of the more useful aspects of Class Dojo is that it replaces parent-teacher conferences, which were often missed by parents.

Practically anyone can take part in Class Dojo as long as they have a smart device and working internet connection. There is no information required to sign up that is sensitive and there are no costs involved with using the application. It also maintains support for dozens of different languages to maximize accessibility for all families. Start getting involved in the schooling community today with Class Dojo by asking for an invitation from any classroom’s teacher that is using the platform.

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