Cotemar Providing High Quality in Gas and Petroleum Industry

Cotemar is not just any other offshore service company that supplements the oil and gas industry in Mexico. This modern day company has highly skilled employees with vast experience acquired over the last 34 years that it has been in business. The dream of one day becoming a multinational company that can offer all kinds of services to the rest of the world has kept the quality of their services always going high. The level of innovation has improved as well as the technology employed to satisfy the standards needed in this delicate field of petroleum and gas.


Road to Success

Cotemar’s success did not happen overnight; the company was founded in 1979 as a service company for the energy sector. Today, it is the leading service providing company to the energy industry in Mexico. Their growth is evidenced in all dimensions in terms of the growth and increase in the number of employees and service base. Since its establishment, the new and improved technology that the company uses today and the wide range of services that the firm is offering are topnotch. Some of the services include maintenance, construction, engineering, catering and hospitality. Cotemar also provides specialized Maritime Support Vessels, which are mobile semi-submersible rigs that can accommodate a good number of people. These vessels are high standard and effective in offering flexibility from one place to another as demand arises.


Safe and Conducive Working Environment for Employees

As an employee, safety is guaranteed throughout your working schedule. Whether you are working offshore or onshore, your welfare is safeguarded to ensure you offer the required services to the petroleum industry. A sufficient and detailed safety mechanism is implemented to ensure that everybody remains safe and healthy. The company is also involved in regular safety drills to ensure that workers are aware of any situation that may arise. Cotemar encourages worker contribution in all areas such as the engineering and catering. New ideas and great innovations are always welcomed, and employees are encouraged to think outside the box to broaden their skills. This form of worker motivation has been one of the reasons behind the company’s success.


Besides providing quality services to clients, Cotemar has created a successful, integrated and friendly teamwork system. Communication has been enhanced as well as nurturing talents of their employees and business partners. Cotemar is setting pace in the gas and petroleum industry.




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