Cotemar: Providing Superior Service in Mexico’s Maritime Industries!

Cotemar is a Hispanic business that serves various areas of the oil and gas trade offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Cotemar originated in 1979 and now has over 38 years’ experience aiding maritime industries through subsistence, augmentation, maintenance, catering, accommodations, engineering and transportations.

Cotemar is always progressing forward in technology and offering innovative support services. They are recognized as one of the leaders in the oil industry for having a specialized substructure and skilled staff. They offer a superior cost-effective and safe advantage to their clients.

Cotemar’s highly trained staff is available to help their customers rapidly conquer any challenges and solve any issues that may arise in an agile manner. Their extensive resources benefit the oil industry on many levels and through various aspects ranging from personal living needs to equipment operations. In this way the company is better able to cut down on any remission time.

Cotemar offers a wide range of services and includes maintenance, planning, engineering, asset management and operations. Within the maintenance department Cotemar keeps all equipment, telecommunications, data and security devices running smoothly. Asset management consists of attending to power interruptions, distributions and delegating operations.

Performance engineering keeps up with building structure, gas supervision and recovery, lessening CO2 emissions, water maintenance and sludge re-circulation. Logistics services maintain staff, assets, lodgings, catering, building supply and offices.  Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

Their moral approach and integrity to work ethic is one of the most important aspects to how they run Cotemar operations. They are committed to the well-being of their clients, staff and to the environment and employ the utmost standards in regard to that.  They implement a five prong approach to all of their operations.

  • Responsibility: Cotemar utilizes environmentally sound approaches to their resources, habitat and governing statutes.
  • Partnership: Cotemar labors and collaborates together as a group generating camaraderie, cooperation and amplifies employee’s abilities.
  • Innovation: They use the latest technology, advancement and modern concepts that afford our clients ideal options.
  • Dependability: Cotemar consistently seeks superiority in all areas of performance for optimal outcome.
  • Virtue: All members of the Cotemar team behaves in a trustworthy manner that is adopted by the company’s values and ideals.

In the oil and gas industry it is imperative to have proficiency, speed and protection in order to maximize reserves. Cotemar’s acumen and experience make them the dominant choice selection within the industry to capitalize on energy ventures in Mexico.

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