Doe Deere and Lime Crime Impacting the Fashion World

Doe Deere is an internet celebrity. She exploded onto social media with her trademark blue chiffon hair and exaggerated makeup, and has continued to impress the masses. In the process, she has convinced others of the value of her product line, Lime Crime, as their “go to” for makeup products. This transplant from Russia who landed in New York City and made the logical progression to California recently was awarded a title shared with Suze Ormond and Arianna Huffington. Self-Made magazine named this triumvirate as the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs. Not bad company for Deere who is an inspiration to her horde of admirers called unicorns.

Deere was interviewed by Galore magazine and said the decision to name her along with Huffington and Ormond by Self-Made magazine was in her words surreal, and Deere desires to be a positive role model for other women hoping to start their own businesses. She explained in the article that she had an intense interest in colors and makeup early on in her life and started experimenting with makeup at a slumber party. Any pictures of that slumber party would be worth their weight in gold. But Deere only opens up a little when interviewed. She is married, and her husband is a working business partner of Lime Crime. She and her husband recently moved and have decorated their home in true Lime Crime colors and in the eclectic unicorn style.

What we know about Deere and Lime Crime is that the company was showcased on Amazon and has achieved great success since its introduction in 2004. Deere has managed to effortlessly promote herself and her company and has an obvious eye for style and uses this sense of style in every aspect of Lime Crime’s development. A simple glance at her success and you know that she is deserving of the accolades and the title as one of the “Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs” selected by Self-Made magazine.  Be sure to also check out the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere.

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