Does Fabletics Have A Chance of Taking Over Amazon In The Future?

If you are fashion-conscious person like myself, you will always tend to look out for companies that offer stylish products, from make up to workout gear. That is how I came to learn about Fabletics. For a long time I felt that if I had to keep fit, I had to go against my fashion rules and get something that was with quality material but not fashionable enough to keep me motivated during my workouts. So, you can imagine how happy I was when I heard about Fabletics.


Fabletics was launched in the year 2013 and has since changed my workouts for good. The Fabletics brand was only made for women, until recently when they expanded to include men and children. They have also grown to own more physical stores. To date, they boast of having made over $300 million in sales.


For a company that is this new in the industry, and the fact that they only concentrate in one industry, this is success that could possibly make history. At such as success rate, they are competing with companies such as Amazon, which is one of the largest pioneers in the online retail industry. Amazon should be watching their back as their legacy is threatened to be taken away from them.


Fabletics, unlike Amazon is all about customers’ experience. They genuinely care about your satisfaction. Therefore, they do everything possible to ensure that you have the greatest online and offline shopping experience ever. They have employed a team of models, designers, and stylists to help customize your outfits depending on your individual lifestyles. They understand that every buyer is different and are looking for different things. Their online survey makes clients feel as if they are interacting with live sales representatives.


Reverse showrooming has also played a great part in the success of Fabletics. One of the reasons why most online stores lag behind their offline counterparts is because they are commonly used as showrooms, after which they run to the offline stores to get whatever they need. In that case, it becomes hard to convert leads into sales. But, not so for Fabletics. They have a VIP membership program, which has been very effective. Today, about 35% of those who visit their online stores end up buying something. The reason behind such a high lead conversion rate is simply how they treat their VIP members. Members of the program are treated like VIPs. They get their attires customized on a monthly basis. Also, they get to get recommendations from Kate Hudson herself. Other than that, there is the free stuff for loyalty. And, who doesn’t love free stuff?


Fabletics is also a success due advertising. They have understand the power of advertising. You will find most of their commercials featuring Kate Hudson, modelling in their elegant outfits. Now this pushes people to buy even more. Such strategies should be implemented by anyone who wants to be successful at online retailing.

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