Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Impeccable Record as an Investor in the Brazilian Telecommunication Industry

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also called Duda, is a Portuguese businessman and the RBS Group’s president. Melzer has made significant milestones in his career and the business world since he completed his studies at Harvard University. Melzer is also enrolled at Pontifical Catholic University where he earned his first degree. Melzer attributes his success to the mentorship he has received from his father and uncle who are the sole owners of the RBS Group.

Duda’s achievements in business

According to, his background has enabled him to stand out and successfully establish and manage other businesses that include Digital e.Bricks and e.Bricks Ventures. Melzer has an interest in technology and digital telecommunication. Therefore, most of his businesses revolve around these two sectors. He was elected the president of the media giant, RBS Group, in 2012 when his uncle retired. Upon taking the oath of office in a colorful ceremony held at Porto Alegre, Melzer promised to improve the company’s corporate governance. Under his leadership, the RBS Group has become one of the best performing media and Internet companies. The Magazine Globo and the Abril Publisher also acknowledged this business as the most innovative corporations in Brazil. In 2016, Melzer secured a place as the head of the Board of Directors of the company, giving up his executive position.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer spends part of his time supervising activities in his million-dollar company, e-Bricks Digital. He has been able to grow this enterprise into a multi-million business whose technologies target diversified sectors, including small and medium-sized businesses, health, and the education sector. Melzer has been outsmarting many Brazilian executives and winning coveted awards. For instance, in 2009, he was voted as the winner of a highly competitive accolade called the Professional Executive of the Year Award. He has also received the Cabore Prize, Entrepreneur Communication, and the 2015 Merit in Management Award. Melzer spends his free time bonding with his family and participating in sporting activities.

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