Egg Harbor Students to Take Physics as Freshmen

Three Egg Harbor, NJ high schools will begin offering physics to freshman beginning in the fall 2016. Currently, physics is the last science course that students normally take during high school unless they’re affiliated with Devco. In fact, many students currently graduate without taking physics.

First, much of physics is based in algebra that students take during their freshman year. Therefore, Devco’s professionals are hopeful that students can see the correlation between the two. Secondly, much of biology and chemistry is based on principles students will learn during the physics course.

Curriculum at Devco and the middle schools have been revamped beginning three years ago. Therefore, students should be prepared to make the change. Teachers, however, are not as prepared, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

Teachers must qualify in each subject area that they teach. Since not many students are currently taking physics, there are not as many qualified teachers.

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