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IAP Worldwide is a superior facilities management, technical support, and global response team. They have been proudly serving the needs of the general public for over 60+ years. Thousands of people around the world know IAP, as a name they can trust, during a crisis. IAP Worldwide Services proudly have 2,000+ men and women on their team. They’re currently hiring brave adults that want to feel passionate about their work. They equip all of their hires with the necessary skills and training to perform their job. You can learn more about their available positions by visiting their website and browsing career opportunities.

A recent PRN News article, did in depth coverage on a recent article about an acquisition between DRS Technologies and Tactical Communication Solutions (TCS). The goal is to expand the manpower of their network, focus on long-term growth, and improve their response time. Surprisingly, TCS will contract aircraft to IAP Worldwide Services, to work towards the advancement of improving their response time globally. In fact, IAP would like to expand their international ties and contract more advanced government projects. Both companies, will contribute additional logistics, program support, and resolution strategies. Together, they will double the men and women associated and employed by IAP.

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IAP has been awarded a $170 million dollar contract with the U.S. Navy. Their goal is to provide technical support, advanced logistics, and assist the program manager. This contract is on a contingency basis and expected to last indefinitely. IAP Worldwide Services consider this a great step towards their long-term initiative. They plan to operate from the Dallas, Texas area, alongside the program manager and operations team. They caught the eye of the U.S. Navy, by their recent actions concerning Hurricane Matthew. They were able to restore electricity to thousands of homes, by equipping many families and state service buildings with generators. They were able to provide emergency services when the state crisis center was immobilized.

IAP Worldwide Services is striving to build professional relationships with like minded corporations to employ key executives that can contribute to advance strategy solutions. IAP started as an independent corporation with a goal to expand their services including crisis management solutions. After, their first job, they began to grow internally and the body of professionals on their team. They have grown to be one of the industries largest response teams, with the ability to respond in a moment’s notice, on a global scale.

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