Everything You Need to Know About Doe Deere in 60 Seconds

Doe Deere is the gorgeous founding female behind the cosmetic line, Lime Crime. She founded the company in 2008 and began selling her signature colorful cosmetics through the internet website, Ebay. A year later, she began selling her Unicorn lipsticks through the popular artisan website, Etsy. The products were a massive success that propelled Deere’s career in cosmetics, and the rest is history.

Today, Doe is still the inspiration and positive force behind Lime Crime. However, she now employs an entire team of professionals dedicated to the cosmetic line. Her business partner is none other than her husband, and together the team strives to offer the most inspiring beauty products available.

The cosmetic line features bold colors, like vibrant purple lips and neon foil eyeshadows. Deere incorporates the products, along with color hair-dos, into her personal beauty routine. Fans, which Deere calls “unicorns,” shower her with compliments on her overcrowded Instagram page. The product line has grown from a few lipstick options to dozens of eye and lip choices and bundled cosmetic packages. They also feature season specific items, such as their “Halloween” line, with limit-edition shades fit for the occasion.

Deere was born and raised in Russia and moved to the United States prior to launching her cosmetic line. Originally, she moved to New York City where she underwent a brief and somewhat successful career as a musician. She also met husband-to-be. Today, she calls her home Los Angeles, California.

Deere is an inspiration to many. For one, she is a highly successful female entrepreneur. Better yet, her successful business is brain-child of her very own zany dream. When Deere first began experimenting with makeup, she discovered its unique quality to reinvent personal beauty. While she held on to the dream of a cosmetic line for many years, when she finally took the plunge and started her own business she was rewarded with near-instantaneous success.

Those in the beauty industry are also inspired by Deere’s unique point-of-view. Not only was she able to launch a highly successful internet-only cosmetic line, but she was able to gain stardom out of nowhere. There is only a handful of successful cosmetic companies which dominate the market. For a small line to sprout up and remain successful is very rare. Deere is not purely business minded, though. In fact, she is more focused on the creative aspect of the makeup line. Moreover, she has insisted that the line be animal-friendly and transitioned to making the once cruelty-free products now completely vegan.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime products are rising in popularity and every eye in the beauty industry is watching what Deere will do next. Having always focused on providing products that both she and like-minded people can enjoy, she has senior cosmetic industry executives questioning their modern approach to consumers. As Deere continues to blaze a trail all her own, be sure to follow closely and see what she conjures up next!

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