Fabletics is Adding More Physical Stores

Any newcomer in the e-commerce has to be competent to compete with the giants like Amazon who already control the market and has the customers’ confidence. Fabletics entered the market three and a half years ago and are already doing the magic; they are rapidly gaining ground and winning the customers’ trust and confidence. The old marketing strategies and customers looking at the values of the product doesn’t seem to bear much fruit in the current market currently, but aspects like brand recognition, customer experience, last-mile service and exclusive design tend to influence the decision of the customer.


Fabletics’ strategy of membership has made them gain popularity both in online and physical stores and soon they are opening more physical stores which will add to the already 16 operational ones. Gregg Throgmartin who is the general manager at Fabletics says that their membership approach has given them the opportunity to offer more personalized services to their customers and again sell their products at almost half the price their competitors are selling.


Fabletics are making their showrooms appeal to the customers by collecting data and ensuring that the store is only stocked by what pleases the customers. They get information about what is needed in the store from real-time shopping data, store heat-mapping data, social media sentiments and preference of their members. Fabletics has made customer service their first tool to make them stay at the top of the e-commerce market. They value innovative membership programs, fast delivery, and smart distribution.


About Kate Hudson


In 2013 Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler thought of having a quality athleisure brand, but they didn’t have the required support. They thought of calling Kate Hudson on board to help them implement the idea because Kate resembled what they wanted the new business venture to look like.


Kate got involved in Fabletics from the first day; she worked on social media strategies, reviewing the budget and the entire design process. Kate has been actively promoting Fabletics including wearing the Fabletics gear when on the workout. Fabletics faced lots of challenges at the b beginning but overcame and was rated top by Better Business Bureau after being in the market for only 18 months.


Fabletics has grown under Kate’s leadership; the company has reached $250 million sales and had around 1.2 million members. The company recorded a growth of 644% in retail in 2016. Kate’s partnership with TechStyle Fashion group helped accelerate the growth of Fabletics.

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