Fabletics Pushes Towards Worldwide Success

Kate Hudson is part owner of a company that has made its presence felt in the retail industry. Fabletics pushes the boundaries of marketing techniques and brings his products to millions of customers around the world. Fabletics is primarily an e-commerce based business that has grown exponentially. It is now an international brand that is opening brick-and-mortar stores in strategic locations so that it can expand its reach throughout the industry. Fabletics offers a unique line of women’s athletic wear that is appealing and useful. The shopping concept is what makes the company stand out and drive its sales to even higher success.

Fabletics was founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The two businessman had no previous experience in women’s fashion. However, they saw an opportunity and noticed a segment of the market that was not being catered to. Don and Adam created Fabletics as a way for consumers to shop and acquire their products comfortably. The customer is now able to browse the website and select from a number of different fashionable concepts. However, they are encouraged to become members of the organization and experience next level benefits. The available products are offered at a discount price to members only. There is a monthly fee for the membership. Each member’s account is also catered to their shopping tendencies as they participate on the website over time. The brick-and-mortar locations are designed to operate in the same fashion as website. The stores will identify each person as a member and have items presented to them that cater to their established taste.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler became successful at a very early age in business. Adam Goldenberg was the COO of a large company at age 19 after he sold his startup business to the same organization. He met Don Ressler who had a similar background. The two decided to venture out on their own when their parent company was sold to another large enterprise. They began the journey of creating Fabletics and has now made it an international organization.

The leaders at Fabletics believe that 50% of all shopping will be done online in the upcoming years. However, they understand that the desire for the physical shopping experience will never completely dissolve. Fabletics plans to participate in all aspects of marketing and selling their products to potential customers. The company has continued to select new regions of the world that will expand its market share. Other major retailers have begun to study their successful business model.

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