Fitness Advocate Andy Wirth Loves Skydiving

Physical activity is an important thing to engage in each day. One person who knows and loves the very idea of being physically active is businessman Andy Wirth. In a recent interview, Andy Wirth on crowdrise talks about his passion for all kinds of physical activity. This is one of many reasons why he has chosen to live in Tahoe. Andy Wirth has engaged in many daring activities of all kinds including skydiving. It was his latest venture into the world of skydiving that led to an accident he is still recovering from. A bad landing resulted in a broken bone that Andy Wirth is hopeful will heal soon.

His Healing

Since his accident in October on WSJ, Wirth has worked closely to build up his strength and resume his life of great physical activities of all kinds. Three months in the hospital for healing from his injuries have not reduced his sense of adventure and his desire to enjoy life to the fullest. Andy Wirth knows that it is important to be able to bounce back after a serious accident. This is why he has been anxious to resume his full round of physical activities since the accident. He has learned that he can overcome any physical issues he faces and be stronger in the process.

His Latest Activities

Even with an arm brace, Andy Wirth has been happy to get back into physical shape on and be part of a team devoted to exploring and enjoying the outdoors. Wirth has teamed up with a group of Navy Seals to help raise money to provide assistance for colleagues who have been hurt in battle in some way.

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