FreedomPop Ahead of the Curve in World of Phones

CEO Stephen Stokols first started FreedomPop back in 2011. His goal was to incubate a company that could survive by offering a completely free service with optional upgrades to its customers. While we have seen some companies have success with this business plan, like the musical service Spotify, this was still largely considered a risk in the world of phone companies. Yet, here we are half of a decade later and FreedomPop has already established themselves as one of the premier phone companies on the entire planet. How did they make it happen?

What FreedomPop has accomplished is nothing short of incredible — really. They took an idea with a great hook, free phone service, and pulled off the execution in a borderline masterful way. The way that they made this happen is deceptively simple as well: mobile advertising. With more people glued to their phones than ever the market is ripe for people who know how to advertise in these small spaces.

So FreedomPop decided to build their company around the idea of mobile advertisements. The core FreedomPop service is able to be completely free due to the prevalence of marketing in the premium plans. Customers who decide to get the ‘premium plans’ at FreedomPop will end up receiving improved data, talk, and text all in exchange for engaging with advertisements. These engagements range from taking questionnaires, completing surveys, or signing up for offers from various advertisers that work within the FreedomPop platform.

FreedomPop recently launched their platform into the Asian and U.K. markets and now the company is pushing even further in North America as well.

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