FreedomPop Brings Forth Exceptional New Budget Service

When FreedomPop landed in the United Kingdom there were expectations that the company would do well. Amassing one million or so customers in the United States proved a strong customer base exists for FreedomPop service. Expectations were exceeded in the United Kingdom. Hundreds of thousands of people have entered into the FreedomPop fold.

Is Spain going to be the next country FreedomPop will conquer? If the current marketing and expansion campaign works, then the answer should be “yes”. And do not think FreedomPop has reached its peak in the United States. A new U.S. Wi-Fi hotspot service should draw a massive response from deal-savvy customers.

What is it FreedomPop has going for it? The mobile and internet service provider is doing extremely well because the company literally gives away free service each month. That is no exaggeration. A basic FreedomPop plan is free. Upon acquiring a phone from FreedomPop, basic service is turned on via the SIM card. 200 minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data are allotted monthly. The phone sold by FreedomPop are not “run-of-the-mill”. A few outstanding smartphones are offered through the FreedomPop catalog.

FreedomPop also offers home internet and even internet that can be accessed while driving. Again, as any FreedomPop review will note, the company is a company totally on the move and one that seeks to become the new leader of the budget mobile phone — and budget internet — industry.

FreedomPop understands there is a large market for consumers that wish to save money on their mobile service. Not everyone uses mobile phones or even home internet to a great deal. Paying huge fees for either does not make sense to these consumers.

This is not to suggest FreedomPop does not provide expanded service. Upgrades are always possible and FreedomPop would be thrilled with all those who do upgrade. The costs are reasonable and the service is exceptional.

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