Helane Morrison Builds Solid Career

Helane Morrison, at first glance, doesn’t strike me as a lawyer or an executive that has spent more than a decade halting corrupt organization practices in the corporate world. Instead, she seems more like a fashionable teacher that is ready to impart wisdom in those that are under her guidance. She is not an teacher, but she has managed to teach a lot of females about surviving in the industry today. 

What Morrison has been able to do is create a bulletproof resumes that has turned things around for her. She isn’t out there searching for a company to work for. The companies are looking for her. This is the way that she has positioned herself. During her lifetime she has acquired the skills that have been necessary to become a real leader in the compliance director role that she now holds. Her time with Hall Capital has been well spent. She has certainly developed her skills as someone that can handle customer complaints and investigate corruption. That is how she has manage to become a person that is highly regarded as one of the top female executives on the west coast.

San Francisco is home, and a lot of females around the world are taking note of her excellent skills along the lines of investigating companies. As someone that is working from the inside, Morrison is giving the Hall Capital team a great amount of credibility. In my honest opinion I think that this company has been able to acquire the top notch clients because there is a person like Helane in place. She has years of experience, and she is not going to do anything that will jeopardize her credentials. People know that she means business, and that may be the reason that Kathryn Hall made the decision to hire her. 

I see that there is a common thread between the companies that she has transitioned between, and this tells me that she has a gift for building relationships. I know that this is important in the business world because this is the way that you advance.

Check out Helane’s Crunchbase or visit her LinkedIn profile to learn more >> https://www.linkedin.com/in/helane-morrison-739aa1110

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