How New York-Based Talkspace Makes Working With A Therapist Easy

Losing a pet can be tough. One day you have a faithful companion and someone who loves to be pet by you. The next day you have an urn of their ashes. People and animals can and do often develop deep bonds as they share life together in many ways. Many people choose to have a dog or cat in their lives but more exotic animals aren’t that uncommon. People enjoy having a fish tank with fish in it or a turtle or a lizard. Some people have chickens in the backyard laying eggs which they think of as their pets.

The hardest part of having a pet is that they generally live for not that long of a time on this Earth excepting parrots, turtles, and the like. It can be a traumatic point in someones live to lose their pet and sometimes other people just don’t understand this which can at times make it difficult to talk about with others.

There is a company in New York which can help people get through the loss of their pet or anything else that is bothering them. Talkspace is a mobile app which allows two-way communication between the user and a licensed therapist who works for this company. These are skilled therapists who have years of experience helping their patients through troubles in their lives. After a person signs up with Talkspace they talk to one of its consultants who, after asking the appropriate questions, will set them up with a therapist who is perfect for them.

One of the great things about Talkspace is that if you feel the therapist you’re hooked up with isn’t the right one you can easily switch to someone else. Even better, the new therapist has access to all of your prior text communications with the old therapist so they are quickly up to speed.

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