How Stream Energy is Making a Difference

Dallas is home to many businesses, but Stream Energy is at the top of the list today for Texans. When Hurricane Harvey hit, it didn’t take long for people to step up and do their best to help. This energy company is now known as more than just an energy company. They are now regarded as a company that cares about people, and Texas pride.

The biggest need of all was to find a way to eliminate homelessness. Partnering with the Hope Supply Company, they were quick to take action. The rain total for the hurricane was more than 56 inches, bringing flooding along with the high damaging winds. Neighborhoods in Houston were devastated, many left only with the frame of their house or nothing at all.

With thousands of families displaced, along with their beloved pets, Stream Energy’s Stream Cares Foundation moved quickly to help find shelter and food for their community. One of the most beautiful aspects of this outreach, was that Stream Energy was able to help many of their own customers during this time. Going beyond providing energy, the company and their employees were helping these people with the most basic provisions at a time when they needed it most.

Although the business has been deeply successful, they wanted to go beyond lending a hand. It was one of the first to donate their own funds to the recovery process. A big mission was at stake, and overwhelming at times, but a local company bringing aid to those who were instantly homeless was a glimmer of hope for the families of Houston.

Philanthropy should be at the forefront of any company, but in Dallas, it seems to be a standard part of building a business. It was natural for Stream Energy to be a part of this recovery, mainly because helping others was built into their business plan from day one. Most large companies in Dallas heed to this same culture, and in this case, it gave Stream the chance to fully launch their foundation.

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