Human Rights Activist Thor Halvorssen Pushes the Cause

Thor Halvorssen is a 39-year-old human rights activist, living in New York City. He has been trying to actively expose the horrible treatment of the citizens of Venezuela over the past several years. He, himself grew up in Venezuela. At one time he was the drug czar there. His father was Norwegian and his mother Venezuelan. He is currently the President of the Human Rights Foundation in New York.

The Human Rights Foundation is made up of a 12-member staff who desperately try to shed light on how many authoritarian governments from around the world, infect human rights violations on their citizens. The organization sponsors an annual Oslo Freedom Forum to bring awareness to abuses. Garry Kasparov, a Russian activist, currently serves as HRS chairman.

Since his mother was shot at an anti-Chavez campaign in Venezuela and his father’s imprisonment, Thor has been a loud voice for human rights as well as a film producer. He founded the Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual human rights festival.

Halvorssen currently serves as the executive director for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. (FIRE) It is bringing the Heritage Foundation, Feminists for Free Expression and the Eagle forum together to fight for the cause. Thor’s activism has put him at the center of a number of international conflicts.

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  1. Thor Halvrossen and his organization combat oppressive governments and their leaders, try to free political prisoners, and is involved in many other controversial issues. His goals include promoting free speech and free thinking around the world. It could have meant that did always understand what was really going on for the entire populace too.

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