Information on IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide is the world’s leading specialist in providing global-scale logistics, advanced technology, facilities management and technical assistance. It has employed more than 2,000 employees in over 25 countries worldwide; to solve various challenges encountered by the public and private sectors.

Theirs is to engage the uncertainty ranging from natural catastrophes to overseas battlefields through their expertise in planning, coordinating and solving complicated logistical and technical challenges. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

IAP Worldwide installs military bases in the size of a small city, civilian facilities, and remote research laboratories. Furthermore, the company delivers the peoples’ desire, advanced technology and programs that support the flexibility of its customers across the globe.

For more than 60 years in which IAP has been operational, the company improved its reputation as a responsive and a strong, competitive advantage, to meet and extend customer desires. The same challenges that keep their customers restless motivate them to work hard day and night. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

By prioritizing on the customers’ needs, IAP set themselves apart as the market leaders as they adopt their customers’ mission as theirs, by channeling their passion and expertise into inventive solutions to various challenges in the society. Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

IAP sources talented staff that can solve different problems encountered by their clients. Each of their employees contributes unique skills, knowledge, and experience to form a formidable team capable of facing various challenges faced daily.

Notably, you will feel a deep sense of motivation working at IAP as they advocate for equality, dedication and an ongoing process of recognizing individual’s efforts for work well done.

Employees are empowered to make decisions at their respective job positions as a way of increasing job safety and effectiveness, contributing to an overall improved staff-employee engagement.

Meanwhile, IAP Worldwide has acquired A&L and TCNS businesses to provide aircraft repair and logistic services, and IT, communication, and engineering to the U.S military.

The unique capabilities obtained from the two acquired companies would be used as their long-term growth strategy. The acquisition is expected to extend the scope of capabilities delivered by IAP and will expand their market base by more than double.

IAP Worldwide services

IAP Worldwide intends to integrate the newly acquired businesses into a unit that will major on engineering and aviation solutions. The move is a natural fit for IAP, as the portfolio will expand their services to the U.S military and other intergovernmental agencies.

Its core value for acquisition is to provide innovative, safe and reliable solutions that conform to the needs of their customers.