InnovaCare; the Leading Provider of Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico

Medicare Advantage plans is an insurance program offered by approved private organizations in US. A Medicare Advantage plan must at least cover for all healthcare services that were provided by the Federal States’ original Medicare.

However, the costs and regulations vary depending on the insurance organization offering the services. This is the reason why it is suggested that before you enroll to a particular Medicare Advantage plan on, you discuss with a service provider on how each program works. With the consultation, the service provider should also guide you to choose an appropriate plan given your health status and medical needs.

The common types of Medicare Advantage plans include Health Maintenance Organization, Preferred Provider Organizations, and Private Fee- For- Service. All Medicare Advantage plans have an out of pocket spending limit.

InnovaCare Health is amongst the leading providers of Medicare services in North America. It serves close to 200,000 clients who get their services from an in-network of more than 7500 service providers. The company keeps attracting more customers due to its commitment to exceeding the high standards set in the provision of health care services.

At Innovacare Health, clients are assured of quality healthcare services that are provided through sustainable models. The Organization’s achievements are attributable to the visionary leadership of its top executive officials.

Rick Shinto is InnovaCare’s Chief Executive Officer. He has worked in different healthcare organizations for more than 20 years. He is also a member of many health committees like California Association of Physician Groups and PacifiCare Quality Improvement Committees.

Richard Shinto is assisted by Penelope Kokkinides, a health expert with a master’s degree in public health and a long experience working in the healthcare industry. She has exceptional skills in designing healthcare programs that match the needs of health care consumers.

Through the leadership of the two executive officials, InnovaCare Health has grown to be recognized as a principal Medicare Advantage accredited organization that serves many people satisfactorily. The majority of its clients are from Puerto Rico.

To expand its ability to deliver services efficiently to more people, the organization runs two subsidiaries, MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. Confirming that its affiliates maintain a similar commitment to serving humanity, MMM Healthcare was honored as the best service provider of Medicare health plans in the region. MMM Healthcare serves more than 27,000 Medicare beneficiaries.

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