Kim Dao Shares Fifty Random Facts about Herself

Kim Dao is a well-known Australian YouTube personality who makes videos about fashion and make-up as well as about her life in Australia and Japan. In one recent video, Kim Dao lists 50 random facts about herself to help her and her fans get better acquainted. One fascinating tidbit is that the fashionista reveals she had no interest in clothes before visiting Japan for the first time.


Dao has a lot to say about food. Although she is a big fan of sushi, she hates seafood when cooked. Her aversion doesn’t extend to chicken though as she says that she used to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken every day. The YouTuber has since taken to healthier eating and tries to limit her fast-food intake. Dao is also a huge coffee-drinker, drinking at least one cup a day. She also reports that she tends to get a bad case of the munchies around midnight, especially while watching cooking shows.


Kim Dao is also a heavy sleeper, and she often has trouble getting up on time. She usually sets her alarm for two hours before she has to get up since she’s a perennial snoozer. When she’s not sleeping, Dao might be playing video games as this is one of her favorite pastimes in addition to anime.


Before going to university, Kim Dao studied piano for ten years and won a number of competitions. She had ambitions of becoming a composer and originally wanted to study at a music conservatory, but was swayed by her parents who wanted her to go into the sciences.

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