Madison Street Capital Continues To Do What It Does Best

Madison Street Capital has been serving clients as a middle market investment banking firm for many years and recently worked with Sachs Capital Group as an exclusive advisor. Sachs is looking to take RMG Networks private, and the financing to do so has been offered up by Merion Investment Partners and Virgo Capital. RMG is a company that offers software, digital signage media hardware, and other services to half of the Fortune 100.


Barry Petersen, the senior managing director for Madison Street Capital, will be heading up the deal according to the company’s CEO, Charles Botchway. Petersen commented recently that working with Mr. Sachs was an incredible experience and that the move will now place RMG Networks in a good position to earn more revenue and grow its business. The CEO of Sachs Capital Group recently announced that his company is very happy with the deal that has been made and praised Madison Street for its part in helping to make it all come together. He specifically thanked Madison Street for finding the funding that was needed and for doing so at every step of the way during the deal.


Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm that has been serving its clients with integrity since 2005. The company offers acquisition and merger services, financial advice, corporate financial advisory services, as well as valuation services. Madison Street Capital reputation has served the company with its marketing because most companies have heard of the positive benefits of working with Madison Street. Madison Street works with privately held and publicly held companies and helps them to be a success in the international market.


Madison Street Capital always makes its clients’ goals its own and understands that emerging markets are the centerpiece that drives the worldwide growth of the clients it works with. The company’s dedication to maintaining then highest level of professionalism has earned it the trust of clients who come from all parts of the globe. Madison Street has been working with companies from all kinds of different industries since its inception, and its understanding of the specific needs of each and every business sector is what makes the company stand apart from the rest. While the company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, it has other locations in Africa, Asia, and North America. Looking into the future, Madison Street expects to continue to grow and apply its knowledge to solving the varied financial issues of its many different clients.


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