Make 320+/Hour Using Upwork

UpWork is a freelancer’s marketplace that takes the guesswork out of finding clients, making it a potentially very lucrative business venture. UpWork was originally Elance-oDesk, and is a global freelancing platform that connects professionals and businesses alike.

The first step to getting started is creating a well-rounded and honest profile that reflects your level of expertise. Also included in the portfolio will be your education and pay rate. Be sure to take a peek at other freelance writer’s profiles to get a feel for an appropriate amount to charge as a beginner. After you’ve created a robust profile, you are able to connect with employers. Before you apply, however, you’ll want to research the potential employer’s reputation.

You can get paid either by a fixed price or by hourly, since the pay cut will be the same. For example, if you are setting a fixed price of $600 for a job, you can expect to be paid $520. While this is a notable fee, because the platform uses “Connects”, or tokens, you’ll find that the less hassle and hoops you have to jump through makes it worth it.

All hourly projects on UpWork get billed weekly. You can choose between two billing options: a direct transfer to your bank or through PayPal. As for fixed projects, you can use a dispute on the platform if the client refuses to pay for what you feel is completed work.

UpWork simplifies the process of earning more income and connecting with potential employers, and there are a multitude of clients looking for your expertise on the site at any given moment. If you’ve taken the time to craft a tailored profile, you can be rest-assured to find work, however you’ll want to carefully consider the backgrounds of the companies you view. So what are you waiting for? Go check out UpWork today!

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