Making Learning more Interactive through the ClassDojo Platform

ClassDojo is a communication platform that was developed by Liam Don. Liam is the co-founder and chief product officer at ClassDojo. ClassDojo launched Students Stories, a new program that allows sharing of photos and videos between students, teachers, and parents.

The mission of ClassDojo is to provide the community of educators, parents, and students with power to change education from the ground-up in classrooms around the world. Class Dojo facilitates communication between teachers, parents, and students through sharing of valuable class moments. The platform gives teachers a chance to develop best ideas such as SEL and personalized learning in easy ways that students love.

The company is fast growing and has been adopted by parents, teachers and students in every 2 of 3 US schools. It has also spread across 180 other countries. The ClassDojo team comprises of experienced professionals with strong backgrounds in public and charter schools. Their fields of specialization include engineering, design, and education.

Why is ClassDojo important in learning?
The communication platform creates a connection between students and parents. Through the ClassDojo platform, parents can monitor their children’s learning process. Besides, the tool has facilitated a student-centric classroom.

Students feel in control of their learning when using ClassDojo platform. This is because Student Stories grant them ability to voice their learning concerns. Moreover, the platform enables parents to review some of their children’s learning experiences from home.

ClassDojo creates a learning community consisting of teachers, parents, and students. This occurs through sharing classroom experiences while at school thereby facilitating skill and culture building.

The app also creates a positive classroom culture by helping students develop useful life skills, such as teamwork and persistence. Photo and video sharing promote an exchange of good experiences and let parents become part of a classroom.

How ClassDojo facilitates learning
The program uses short animated videos to enhance quality learning. The videos encourage students to showcase their knowledge thereby improving their intelligence and abilities. The support and complements students receive from parents through the app motivate them to put more effort towards learning.

ClassDojo allows quick sharing of information among its users. With the platform, there is easy, and improved communication since messages are delivered to parents instantly and privately. To make classroom-specific announcements, it can be used as a convenient way to send messages to all parents at once. The application is also capable of translating a message in 35 languages.

ClassDojo transforms schools into a community linked by a common goal of improving education.


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