Man of Trumbull – Meeting Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is definitely someone to turn to when looking to learn a bit about the arts. Urbana has a fondness for photo art, music, and more.

Urbana’s blog and social media sites do have a lot of content related to photography. The photos are not Urbana’s photos from a journalistic perspective. They are photographic art. One of the most popular subjects in the photos is food. “Foodies” and fans of neo-pop art may find these photos brilliantly original.

Speaking of original, the audio selections Urbana likes to share on his blog and on Jon’s Twitter are quite unique. House and dance music does appear time and time again, and some very innovative selections that do not fit into any genre are commonly shared.

Urbana likes to make videos, and he also enjoys sharing videos that he finds interesting. Aviation videos are popular choices, which should be no surprise. Urbana holds a pilot’s license and many flying certifications. The videos also cover content related to the environment, another interest of Jon Urbana’s. He does like to raise money for environmental causes. Among the most interesting of selections on the video page are the experimental short films. Once Urbana discovers a short film of interest, he likes to let others know about it.

Long before Urbana started to share his interests with the public, he was a well-known lacrosse player. After Jon Urbana’s solid college career, he moved onto the pro ranks.

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