Meet Barbara Stokes the CEO Green Structure Homes

Green Structure Homes is an organization that aims at helping people during a disaster. The company offers disaster relief construction services, anyone who has experienced mother nature‚Äôs wrath understands the importance of proper preparation, Green Structure Homes ensures that your homes are safe and robust. The company focuses on detail and in their planning ensures that the ideas are thoroughly analyzed. They also work closely with other non-governmental organizations to improve people’s lives. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes the CEO at Green Structure Homes majored in physics and biomedical engineering. Her education plays a vital part on the organization as she can incorporate medical aspects in the construction plans. A close up with Barbara helps us understand how the idea to establish the construction came to be.

Barbara Stokes always desired to help people, she decided that it would be helpful to include medical knowledge in her construction, Barbara admires how doctors save people’s lives each day, she wanted to make a difference and thus decided to merge her medical skills with the technical skills she had acquired. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Been a mother, CEO and wife might be overwhelming, we wanted to know Barbara’s regular day, though she works late, Barbara still manages to wake up early but strives to achieve balance between her family and work. She then plans her day and ensures she spends most of her time with her kids. Barbara Stokes also enjoys taking part in community activities; this helps to clear her mind.

Been in the construction industry how does Barbara bring her ideas to life, according to Barbara it is essential to have a strong team behind you, once she gets an idea she works closely with her team of designers and engineers to ensure that her views are actualized. During the meetings, Barbara also focuses on safety, for instance when coming up with the fire suppression system. The entire team worked effortlessly to ensure that the products used are safe and durable.

One trend that excites Barbara Stokes is the increased number of women in leadership, Barbara is looking forward to women to take up leadership roles and in technical fields and she hopes to see this trend continue.


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