Mike Baur’s Role With The Swiss Start Up Factory

Mike Baur’s Background And Early Career

Mike Baur is a Swiss banker turned entrepreneur. His educational background includes a masters degree from the University of Rochester in the United States. In addition, Mr. Baur obtained an executive masters degree from the University of Bern in his native Switzerland.

Mr. Baur is a 20 year veteran of the banking and finance industry. He began his banking career as an intern at Swiss banking and investment firm UBS. After working for many years at UBS, which is one of Switzerland’s largest financial institutions, Mike Baur went on to work at a small private bank. He would eventually move up through the ranks of the banking industry from a humble apprentice to an executive and a respected board member of a bank.

Mike Baur was always interested in the field of banking and how money would be exchanged in the economy from a very early age. He is happy that he managed to create a successful career in his chosen profession. In 2014, Mike Baur left the banking industry to start an entrepreneurial venture. It would be called the Swiss Startup Factory.

What Is The Swiss Startup Factory? What Role Does Mike Baur Play In It?

Mike Baur is one of the co-founders of the Swiss Startup Factory, and helped to found it in 2014. He also serves as managing director of the company. In addition Mr. Baur often speaks out at conferences about entrepreneurship and promotes the Swiss Startup Factory as a platform for startups to get a head start.

The Swiss Startup Factory as its name implies is a venture that is designed to help entrepreneurs get of their feet and launch new businesses. To achieve this, the Swiss Startup Factory offers a wide suite of services that includes the following. The company offers a three month accelerator program for startups. Included in the program is financing, office space, networking and consultation.

The Swiss Startup Factory also offers shared office space and coworking spaces. You will find open desks, shared office space and private office space in a highly collaborative environment. The coworking space and shared office space facility operated by the Swiss Startup Factory is a leading facility of its kind. Amenities there include free secure Wifi access, storage space, mail service, conference rooms, lunch rooms, a fitness center, printers and a coffee bar to relax in.