National Economic Crisis Responsible for Heldrich Hotel Defaulting on CRDA Loan

The national economic crisis that started in 2007 was responsible for Heldrich Hotel incapacity to make timely repayments on a $20 million loan supplied by Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Revenue from the hotel was supposed to repay the loan, but the after effects from the economy downturn over the years prevented it. Until Heldrich increases its sales to generate revenue, Middlesex County Improvement Authority is responsible for the loan scheduled payments. According to a Press of Atlantic City report, Middlesex County missed a $1 million payment that included interest and principle in January 2016. Over a five year period, approximately $7 million in payments were missed.

Devco is a non-profit real estate development company and agency in New Jersey. The agency was formed in the 1970′s to rebuild and develop areas in the State and New Brunswick. Devco is responsible for developing public & private partnerships to unite with the ideals of New Jersey, institutional leadership, and the city. Heldrich is a newly constructed hotel and conference center developed by New Brunswick Development Corporation. The $20 million private CRDA loan was allotted to Middlesex County Improvement Authority in 2005, according to Press of Atlantic City.

Casino Redevelopment Authority Loan and N.J. Redevelopment Authority were lenders to provide some of the capital. There were two additional developers of the project, including Keating Urban Partners and Trammel Crow Residential.

The economic crisis did have an impact on the economy as a whole, but Devco, CRDA, and Middlesex County are confident it will recover. According to Economist & Director of Rutgers Economic Advisory Service, Nancy Mantel, the economy would begin reviving in 2011 and the economic downturn would last with growth not happening until 2016 (Rutger Today, October 29, 2009).



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