OSI Industries, a Demonstrated Commitment to Food Safety and Security

In the current global food industry, OSI Industries happens to be one of the most dependable food suppliers regarding food security. For most food brands, especially the retail outlets, food assured food quality and safety is the core of their business. OSI has designed elaborate tracing and tracking systems to protect the brand security of their clients. Additionally, OSI has deployed a highly specialized team of experts to in its processing network to ensure strict compliance with its stringent food safety and security measures. The team is committed to upholding best-in-class process control, secure transport, and high standard supply practices.

Some of the specific food safety measures that OSI Industries has adopted include the Global Food Safety Initiative certification and the implementation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system. The company has also adopted specific regulatory requirements and standards. The measures include routine OSI Global Standardization audits, Food Safety controls and compliance to Animal Welfare standards. Visit their facebook page.

Due to its strict adherence to food security, which is the most significant concern of most of its customers, OSI has seen a tremendous expansion of its operations in the global arena. As of today, OSI Industries runs more than 65 production facilities I 17 countries across the globe. The company is also a prestigious employer with over 20,000 workers all over the world. The company has been a responsive, consistent, and supportive supplier of food products, not just in the United States, but also in the whole world.

To satisfy a rapidly increasing client base, OSI Industries has entered into partnerships with significant processing plants across the world. Through these partnerships, OSI has acquired strategic poultry processing facilities, warehouse, and farms. The facilities are located in various parts of the world like India, China, the Netherlands, and Australia among others.

Recently, OSI Industries decided to double its output in its poultry production facility in Toledo, Spain. The production is expected to increase from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons of different chicken products. To implement the decision, OSI invested a total of €17 million dollars, which was mostly used to upgrade the systems to the required production standards and capacity. The Toledo facility will also have the ability to process pork and beef products after the upgrade.

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