Meet Barbara Stokes the CEO Green Structure Homes

Green Structure Homes is an organization that aims at helping people during a disaster. The company offers disaster relief construction services, anyone who has experienced mother nature’s wrath understands the importance of proper preparation, Green Structure Homes ensures that your homes are safe and robust. The company focuses on detail and in their planning ensures that the ideas are thoroughly analyzed. They also work closely with other non-governmental organizations to improve people’s lives. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes the CEO at Green Structure Homes majored in physics and biomedical engineering. Her education plays a vital part on the organization as she can incorporate medical aspects in the construction plans. A close up with Barbara helps us understand how the idea to establish the construction came to be.

Barbara Stokes always desired to help people, she decided that it would be helpful to include medical knowledge in her construction, Barbara admires how doctors save people’s lives each day, she wanted to make a difference and thus decided to merge her medical skills with the technical skills she had acquired. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Been a mother, CEO and wife might be overwhelming, we wanted to know Barbara’s regular day, though she works late, Barbara still manages to wake up early but strives to achieve balance between her family and work. She then plans her day and ensures she spends most of her time with her kids. Barbara Stokes also enjoys taking part in community activities; this helps to clear her mind.

Been in the construction industry how does Barbara bring her ideas to life, according to Barbara it is essential to have a strong team behind you, once she gets an idea she works closely with her team of designers and engineers to ensure that her views are actualized. During the meetings, Barbara also focuses on safety, for instance when coming up with the fire suppression system. The entire team worked effortlessly to ensure that the products used are safe and durable.

One trend that excites Barbara Stokes is the increased number of women in leadership, Barbara is looking forward to women to take up leadership roles and in technical fields and she hopes to see this trend continue.


Class Dojo Continues To Help Build Communication In The Schooling Community

Teachers are able to better connect with their student’s thanks to an innovative app called Class Dojo. In the past, communication has been difficult, especially for parents, when it comes to staying connected to students in and out of the classroom. With Class Dojo, which focuses on improving communication at every level, parents are able to stay informed about their child’s progress and behavior in school. Teachers are able to engage their students in a more productive and fun way, leading to increased learning in a shorter period of time. Class Dojo has a storyboard that also lets students share with the classroom through various different ways, including videos. Not only is this effective for student’s in class, but it also allows teachers to share with other classrooms around the country and even the world.

Communication has long been missing from the educational department, but as technology continues to improve, so do the learning platforms available. Class Dojo is not only unique for specializing in communication, but also for being entirely free. Since first launching back in 2011, Class Dojo has managed to expand greatly. Most classrooms at the elementary level in the United States have incorporated Class Dojo and it continues to grow daily. Although the program is free, it continues to improve and add new ways for parents to stay involved with their kids. One of the more useful aspects of Class Dojo is that it replaces parent-teacher conferences, which were often missed by parents.

Practically anyone can take part in Class Dojo as long as they have a smart device and working internet connection. There is no information required to sign up that is sensitive and there are no costs involved with using the application. It also maintains support for dozens of different languages to maximize accessibility for all families. Start getting involved in the schooling community today with Class Dojo by asking for an invitation from any classroom’s teacher that is using the platform.

Whitney Wolfe Excels In Male Dominated Online Dating Industry

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO of a dating app named Bumble that was created in 2014 and has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The company has close to 22 million registered users and is known for its feminist approach when it comes to matchmaking, since it offers women the opportunity to be the first to reach out for a match.

In 2012, Whitney Wolfe helped to co-create Tinder together with two other friends; Justin Mateen and Sean Rad, playing a major role in it becoming a viral sensation. In the capacity of vice-president of marketing, Whitney Wolfe contributed to it becoming popular as she introduced it to men and women in neighboring colleges where she was studying.

When she left Tinder after a sexual allegations suit, she came up with Merci. This was a social network that was dedicated to women only. However, she was approached by the Badoo founder to head the marketing office of the dating forum. Wolfe turned the offer down and told him about Merci. He was happy with the idea and he provided her with the funds and his technical team who would assist her in shipping and building it. In addition to this, she also had the authority to make decisions and control it creatively.

Whitney Wolfe tried to bypass the idea, however, her husband who was her boyfriend at that time encouraged her to accept the offer. Nonetheless, the new company would be an entity where 79% was Badoo’s, 20% to her and 1% to consultants Sarah Mick and Christopher Gulczynski. Bumble has proven to be really successful even without a development team.

In 2016, Bumble created the Bumble BFF feature that assists to expand the use and reduces the limitations of the app. The app allows users to find friends online with whom they connect with when they visit new cities or when they are on vacation.

Bumble competes in the market with giant dating app and Tinder that she helped create. However, it stands out as online abuse and harassment are minimally lower in comparison to its competitors. Bumble allows women who have received sexual violence on their site to block their perpetrators and report them to a customer service team. The company also has zero tolerance for the posting of genital photographs.

Whitney was born in Salt Lake, Utah and began entrepreneurship at an early age. She attended Southern Methodist University where she majored in International Studies. Whitney is married to Michael Herd who is a restaurateur. The couple had an extraordinary wedding at Villa Tre Ville, a spot neither of them had been to, sparking emotions of a surprise for them and their guests.

Sheldon Lavin steering OSI group to greater heights every day

Sheldon Lavin, a household name in the world of Food processing companies recently let the world know about his untold story in an interview with the French Tribune. During the same interview, he gave the A to Z story of how OSI grew from a humble family meat company to a global conglomerate with sixty-five branches spread in over sixteen countries. OSI’s has been in the game for a century now having been established back in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky but thanks to a great management panel led by Sheldon Lavin, the company has seen monumental growth and with its growth came a long string of acquisitions. Take a look at how this happened.

Brief Overview of how Sheldon Lavin became the cornerstone of OSI

As mentioned earlier, OSI group began as a meat market situated in Chicago. Even though it was not that big, it still managed to meet and surpass the expectations of its clientele base. The company got its big break in 1995 after McDonald’s chose it as the main hamburger supplier. In a bid to meet McDonald’s demands, OSI which was known as Otto & Sons back then established a special plant in 1973 which was specifically dedicated to McDonald’s. This is when Sheldon Lavin came into the picture as a partner.

Before joining the firm, Sheldon had been serving in the financial sector for quite a long time and had worked with various A-list banks. Thanks to that, his move to the company was well thought out because he brought with him skills that would prove to be highly instrumental to steering the company towards success. He first joined as a third partner but after one of the brothers sold his stake he became a half partner and the company was renamed to OSI group in 1975.

In 1980, under the excellent leadership of Sheldon and the two brothers, the food processing company opened two additional plants in the US to meet the demands of its customers and also expanded into a list of other countries such as Spain, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, China, Brazil and a few others. He later took over as the company’s CEO when the other brother retired and since then he made expansion of the company his primary objective and he has stayed true to it by procuring more assets, working together with the rest of the management team to try and meet the demands of the customers and coming up with strategic moves which benefit not only the company but the environment too.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s belt, OSI group has expanded into other sectors such as fresh produce, poultry, and beef. Thanks to that, clients get to enjoy the convenience of having every product they need under one roof plus products are customized to suit what they want. It is due to such factors that OSI continues to win not to mention the various partnerships, acquisitions and great leadership from Sheldon Lavin that the company is now among the top 100 private equities in the USA. Sheldon is indeed a force to reckon.

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The New Path of the Chainsmokers.

The Chain Smokers are just two years old in the music industry but what they have done is immense. They have received many awards within a short span of time from their hit songs. They started back in 2015 with their song “Roses” which earned them a spot among the Top 10. The production of their magnificent work can be attributed to the fact that they not only produce but also sing in their productions.

The Chain Smokers reached their peak after winning the Grammy’s with the song “Don’t Let Me Down,” which also brought Daya to the limelight. The group has also been able to achieve the feat of dominating the billboard charts having a twelve-week streak on top of the table. Such success with just two years can bring about demand from fans seeking more from the duo. The Chain Smokers have been on their toes producing their latest single “Sick Boy” which has taken the industry by surprise due to the message conveyed.

“Sick Boy” unlike the previous music by the duo talks about the ills of the society. The society has taken the role of the judge and jury prosecuting certain individuals without necessarily getting to know their personalities. This has a long-term effect on the whole community in general as people are discriminated. Social media has made it worse as people have a platform to air out their views without having consequences.

Frustration, anger, and concern were among the feelings that the Chain smokers had when they were coming up with the song. The pair has gained experience in the industry that will be helpful as they take another turn in their music career. The song “Sick Boy” is just the first step into the new path.

“Sick Boy” is aimed to the society that has been dramatically affected by social media with people having a great concern to what they post out to the world to see. This path can be considered to be darker as it may spark various reactions from the fan base but it may also help those that are dealing with the current society.

Mark Mofid, the Human Implants Expert

The world has been making a significant amount of progress in health-related issues for the longest time now. Part of the progress has gone to seeing implants becoming the common denominator when solving problems touching on the skin as an organ. Fortunately, it is Mark Mofid, who has seen to it that implants become both useful and safer for the patient.

Mofid, who is a plastic by profession, is doing anything and everything to ensure that medical accidents and malpractices of the past do not haunt physicians in the future. Mark Mofid is a man worth reckoning with since apart from being a cosmetic surgeon, also happens to be the most qualified in the trade.

The alumnus of the Harvard and Johns Hopkins University has used his innovativeness to help the industry, something that has made many medical procedures safe for plastic surgery patients. Mark has built a career out of offering a lot of conveniences to his patients. By putting safety first, Mofid has been able to quench the thirst for money, something that many people in his trade hardly resist.

Mind you, Mofid has gone ahead to research and search for ways that can revolutionize the gluteal augmentation industry. It is through Mark’s out-of-the-box way of thinking that helped him attain innovations highly backed by science. In a nutshell, Mark Mofid is as empirical as they come.

Mofid, from the get-go, has devoted his time and energy to fill gaps that plague the gluteal augmentation industry, a dream that has already come to a realization. Mark can now boast about his one of a kind implant, an implant that enjoys a low profile, improved ratios, and has superior intramuscular positioning.

Mark Mofid, a certified plastic surgeon works alongside his dermatologist wife to bring nothing short of the best to all Californian residents. Mofid’s practice enjoys an influx of customers all year round, all thanks to the stellar services on offer. Indeed, Mark works with only the best hands and business and that is why his practice has been able to gain momentum since its inception. Therefore, Mark Mofid is the true human implants expert.

Highland Capital Investment Firm

Highland Capital recently announced that they would increase their dividend payout to .0770 per share. The firm has 17.7 billion in assets, and specializes in floating loans, and floating rate investments. The goal of the fund is to preserve capital while supplying income through dividend payouts for shareholders. Visit to know more.

The fund is based out of Dallas, Texas, and there are also offices in London, New York, Singapore, and Seoul. The fund is based primarily on the credit sector, with leverage in the emerging markets and long/short equities, along with natural resources amidst other sectors such as alternative markets.

This dividend news was released on April 2nd, and the payouts were made on April 30th 2018. This dividend increase was important to both shareholders and investors alike as it signals the steady growth of the company in its aim to manage capital and secure it as a long term investment solution which then becomes a steady source of income for many of its shareholders.

Highland Capital Investment’s Clients:

  • High Net Worth individuals
  • Public Pension Plans
  • Foundations
  • Endowments
  • Corporations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Fund of Funds
  • Governments

Overall, this fund has been a solid, wise, and practical investment for many of these types of institutions to maintain wealth while generating income. Since November 3rd 2017, Highland Capital became a closed end fund and started trading with the symbol HFRO.


Since then, with more room for leg work, and more time for investment planning; now the fund seeks to steadily increase dividends for its shareholders while also increasing the value of the fund per share. The leaders and innovators behind this fund based in Dallas, TX have a great capacity to see opportunity as it arises, in many areas of industry. Therefore, it may be intriguing to consider what this fund does for it’s shareholders so well now, and into the future. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.


Having a great credit score is very important if you want to qualify for any quality loans out there. If you don’t have a good credit score, you may not be able to get the house you want, the car you want, or even the apartment you want. Your credit score simply shows how well you pay back borrowed money. If you pay back everything when it is scheduled, you will most likely have a great credit score and vice versa. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans are impulse spenders and the total credit card debt shows this. The good news is that if you are in credit card debt or have no credit card whatsoever, there are ways that you can obtain and maintain a great credit score. In this article, I am going to be going over some of the ways that you can do this.

  1. Pay off all debt

If you are already in debt, your first financial goal should be to get out of it. You can either use the debt avalanche or the debt snowball to pay off your debt. The debt avalanche is where you pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first. If that is a fairly large debt, I would recommend this method. If you have smaller debts, I would recommend the debt snowball as this will give you confidence moving forward.

  1. Only put on credit what you can afford

For beginners, I would recommend putting minor expenses like gas and grocery bills on credit. This way, it won’t be hard to pay off and you will still be building your credit. Another way to build your credit fast is to get a cosigner for an auto loan.

  1. Check your credit report

Sometimes, credit card companies may mess up your credit report. There may be an error somewhere in it. Combat this by checking it.

If I was to choose a credit card company to go with, it would be GreenSky Credit. At GreenSky Credit, there are over 12,000 active merchants ready to help you. GreenSky Credit has also loaned over $1 billion dollars since it has been founded. GreenSky Credit also has 1.6 million satisfied customers with them. All in all, GreenSky Credit is the right choice.

Roberto Santiago and the Features of the Manaira Shopping

Manaira Shopping was dubbed his most significant achievement by its founder Mr. Rberto Santiago. He strived towards the creation of the Manaira Shopping for many years before he was finally able to lay down its foundations in 1987.


In early November of 1989, the Manaira Shopping opened its doors to the public and achieved immediate success. The highly anticipated mall was not only a shopping center but also put a strong emphasis n entertainment. It has been dubbed as the future of entertainment centers by many publications across Brazil. The mall was the only one of its kind in the country, but Roberto Santiago has established at least one other similar mall, though not as vast.


Located in the state of Paraiba, Brazil, the mall is currently taking up an area of almost 100 thousand square meters. It has 3 180 parking vacancies as well as gardens and outdoor parks. Inside, the Manaira Shopping has 11 Cinepolis movie theater rooms, and two of those are fully catered to the 3D experience. In addition to that, the mall also has a large food court with dozens of restaurants, cafes, and bars. It also has a gourmet area for fine dining.


In terms of games, visitors can go to the Bowling Gold Strike and the Strike Bar. Video gamers can visit the large Gaming Station that has both retro games and new stations and consoles. The collection of games available is expanded regularly. The Manaira Shopping is equipped with a gym and a pool, it has banking facilities, children’s parks, and buffets, as well as a college filial, The College of Higher Education of Paraiba.


Over the years, the mall has been expanded and updated every year or every other year. The last expansion was made to the inside parking lot which got another level to fulfill the growing demand. One of the largest expansions of the Manaira Shipping was inaugurated on its birthday in 2009. To celebrate the milestone, Manaira Shopping established the Domus Hall. It is a vast structure on top of the Manaira Shopping.


The Domus Hall is a dome structure. It is an air-conditioned concert hall that can fit 8 thousand people. Ther than concerts, the Domus Hall is used for fairs, theatrical performances, art exhibitions, receptions, and various other events. The Domus Hall can also be rented for large parties and important events. There are two floors. The ground floors house the mezzanine while the second floor includes a mezzanine with cabins, a music lounge, bathrooms, as well as a handful of bars.


Mall founder Roberto Santiago spends most of his time at the Manaira Shopping. In his 80s he enjoys soaking in the atmosphere that visitors create in the mall, achieving his goal.



Lawrence Bender Brings Horror Fans Back to the Drive-In with From Dusk Till Dawn

Vampires were once ominous and scary creatures of the night. In the silent classic Nosferatu (1922) and the seminal Universal Pictures film Dracula (1932), vampires presented a dark, supernatural menace. The vampires of From Dusk Till Dawn certainly were menacing. They definitely embodied the supernatural. The creatures, however, seemed to relish in the hyper-action somewhat similar to what is found in the Evil Dead sequels. Director Richard Rodriguez, writer Quentin Tarantino, and producer Lawrence Bender apparently wanted to go in a more action-packed direction with this film.

From Dusk Till Dawn seemed to deliver on what horror fans wanted: a good time at the movies. The title of the film not only refers to when vampires emerge from their coffins, it pays homage to the old drive-in era of years past. “From dusk till dawn” meant the drive-in would start showing movies the minute the sun went down and would stop once the sun rose. A drive-in could run five different movies throughout the night during a dusk till dawn marathon.

The cinematic From Dusk Till Dawn tried to capture the old magic of the old drive-in movies. Producer Lawrence Bender isn’t as known as a drive-in movie fan, but Rodriguez and Tarantino are. Lawrence Bender was able to help craft a movie that truly looks like an old B-movie film from the glory days of drive-in cinema. Perhaps Lawrence Bender put his civil engineering degree in a roundabout way by carefully overseeing the art direction and production management of this unique film.

The Texas setting at the beginning of the film further establishes the drive-in connection. At one time, the highways in Texas were known for a burgeoning drive-in movie industry. Sadly, those days are long gone and nearly forgotten. The entertainment industry has moved on from the days of the drive-in theater.

While not typical of most vampire films, the film did hit a mark with horror fans looking for something a bit different. From Dusk Till Dawn does maintain a decent enough fan following to support several sequels. Clearly, the name of the film on follow-up features means something to those who enjoyed the first film.