Papa John’s CEO Apologizes and Vows to Move the Company Forward

Steve Ritchie, CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, has stepped up to the plate to offer an apology for its past leadership. He makes it clear that offensive and insensitive language have no place at the company. Papa John’s has 120,000 franchise team members and corporate employees. The company’s employees come from all backgrounds and are committed to making sure the company provides the best pizza service.

These owners and employees are also active in their own communities. This is why rallying everyone around a common cause of customer service is so important to Steve Ritchie as per As a result, the following actions are taking place.

  1. Papa John’s will rely on the insights and advice of outside experts who can help audit the company’s culture. This can help identify strong or weak areas of the company.
  1. Papa John’s is sending their senior management team on the road to listen and learn. This is a major attempt to keep the company moving in the right direction.
  1. Papa John’s will embrace transparency at every step along the way. The company wants everyone to know what happens when it happens.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s will lead the efforts to regain the nation’s trust. He knows that earning damaged trust is always a challenge. Steve Ritchie also knows that Papa John’s is only in business as long as they can continue to provide stellar services to customers. Steve Ritchie feels that an apology works best when it is given point-blank. People like to know that an apology comes from the heart, and there is no better way to give one than to give it directly. Ritchie said that he will be rolling out a diversity training to its employees.

Steve Ritchie has also made it clear that Papa John’s is far bigger than just one person. Ritchie believes in accountability and is committed to leading the way. His actions mark a turning point for the company. Hopefully there will not be another misstep that takes the company off track.

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