Psi Pay Discusses the Future of Payments

The variety of alternative payment options keeps expanding more and more and some of them are pretty interesting. While paying for your transactions with a watch or a smartphone has been around for a while, PSI Pay is working with Kerv Wearables to introduce a new type of payment method. This new type of payment method is known as the Kerv ring and it is the first of its kind in the form of a ring. Not only is it stylish coming in different colors and sizes, it also makes it so consumers don’t ever have to carry cash or even a plastic card ever again.


The world is constantly changing with the times and things seem to be getting smaller. We now turn to our smartphones not just for communicating, but also to browse the web, get our news, run games, and take HD pictures. The ways that we use technology will continue to evolve and change with the times to make everyday tasks and processes more and more convenient and faster.


The Kerv Ring by PsiPay is completely unique and is accepted at millions of retailers around the globe. With this technology, PIN numbers are a thing of the past as well as having to give the merchant any of your banking information.


Alternative payment methods are becoming more and more popular and there are many reasons why PSI Pay sees them as being the direction transactions are taking. People are carrying cash less and less with the average being only a few dollars being kept in people’s wallets. In just the last 2 years, almost half of all people polled said that they don’t carry as much cash as they did just a couple years before. This is most popular among millennials where 32% of those polled thought that we wouldn’t be using wallets at all in the future. Not only are these alternative payment methods like Psi Pay’s Kerv ring more convenient, they have great security features that traditional cards do not offer.


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