Regime Change Likely in Venezuela

As recently reported by The Financial Times, Venezuela is in the middle of a seriously tumultuous political situation. President Nicolas Maduro is facing calls for his resignation and may possibly be the subject of a political coup. The general circumstances in Venezuela are grim right now. The inflation rate is one of the highest in the world and continues to rise according to Open Corporates. The country’s economy is projected to shrink this year.
Venezuela has been dealing with food and energy shortages for months now. The people are hungry and angry says expert Jose Figueroa. Because President Maduro has not been able to get the situation under control so far, more than a majority of the population is calling for a change in regime. Even though President Maduro’s presidential term is set to end in 2019, it is very likely that there will be a regime change before then. One of the likely scenarios is that there will be a military coup to overthrow the government of Venezuela. Given that the country does not have the type of constitutional safeguards of other established democracies, experts expect that President Maduro will stop at nothing to make sure that he retains power for the rest of his term.

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